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Ms. Marvel #5 - Part Five of Five: Urban Legend Review


Kamala has to save Vick but also has to figure her powers out.

The Good

If you haven't been reading this book, you're either silly or simply can't add anything to your pull list, which is also silly. This issue of MS MARVEL is an utter delight as Kamala tries to become the hero she's always dreamed of becoming. MS. MARVEL is a fun book, full of whimsy that will put a smile on anyone's face.

Issue #5 has Kamala facing off against some folks working for The Inventor. She's trying to rescue her friend Vick from these thugs and she doesn't really have what it takes to do it, yet. What really sets this book apart from the others is that the reader is on the journey with Kamala. There are plenty of new characters at Marvel right now, but none of them really make the reader feel part of the adventure of their books like writer G Willow Wilson does with Kamala. We're treated to a montage of Kamala trying out her powers to become a hero, which really could use a sweet backing track. (Suggest your own in the comments. I say Paul Stanley's "Live to Win" would work)

It's exciting to watch this character grow into her new mantle and not just know how to do everything right off the bat. We get a lot of not just Kamala trying to become a hero but her figuring out that juggling her life at home, as well as her life as a hero can be a daunting task.

Another aspect of this book, which readers will get to see every month in this series, is Kamala's home life. It's cool to see into another culture's home life, and this part of the book is something that has me coming back month after month, aside from those other aspects of the book, like a compelling character, solid story telling, and the wonderful art.

The art is another aspect of this book that's full of win. Artist Adrian Alphona with Ian Herring on color do a great job here, and their style lends extremely well to the tone of the book, which is a bit more upbeat and fun. The final splash page of this issue, which is a reveal of a new character, is pretty awesome and has shades of Rob Guillory's work on CHEW.

The Bad

There's little to dislike about this book and series, which I hate writing in reviews, but as far as new characters and new series go, this is full of win.

The Verdict

MS MARVEL #5 balances new characters, new powers, and intriguing stories insanely well. Where most books tent to struggle, MS MARVEL stands high. Kamala is a character who is easy to connect with, since most folks reading comics all dreamed of being a hero one day. She's a great driving force of this book and Wilson has crafted such an exciting and fun book to read. If you haven't read this book yet, catch up or pick up the trade when it's released. I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by Catriona_Knightfall

This is one of my favorite books to come out of Marvel in a long time

Posted by Maddpanda531

I'm loving this series so freakin' much. It's just so much fun to read!

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Posted by johnny_blaze

It's okay. A little too "kiddie" for my taste.

Edited by Egie_Asemota1

I have said before(on other sites atleaset) and I'll say it again. This is how you do diversity right! Thumbs up Marvel and Willow for this amazing comic. Kamala Khan, Miles Morales and Robbie Reyes are three of the best things ever to come out of Marvel and comics in general. Well developed and written characters, great story telling, superb art and dedicated teams behind them. Thanks for the review. :)

Posted by The Stegman

I didn't like the first issue, but I stuck with it, and now it's my second favorite Marvel title, besides Black Widow. So glad I didn't give up on it!

Posted by Fenderxx

I find this book quite charming, and brings a smile to my face, and thats all you can ask for.

Posted by ripcurl

All the positive reviews in the world can't wash the stink off this turd...

Edited by Owie

This is a great series. I agree with the review and the positive comments above, it's a great example of showing a character's private life in a fun, enlightening way, and doing diversity right, so it doesn't feel forced at all, it opens up a huge window into new possibilities in character and storytelling.

The only issue I has this week was that Vic was apparently totally fine after continuing to be left alone in the house for however long Kamala left him there while she was training. I got the impression that it was maybe only a day, but the training itself looked like the kind of thing that would take a week. Either way I find it hard to believe the Inventor wouldn't have done whatever he was going to do to Vic by then.

Posted by Child_of_the_Past
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Love the art on this book

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When I first started to read this book I HATED it, but I'm starting to really love it... I think the issue I had with the book was I could relate to it way too much. I'm arab and from Bayonne(I could literally walk two blocks into jersey city growing up) and grew up with stupidly strict ed parents who I kind of think ruined my youth(And still kind of resent into adulthood), so it kind of stirred up some unpleasant feelings for me... but getting past that this book is actually a really great thing.

I know it wont happen because what this book is trying to promote but I would love it if she kind of rejected her culture and kept rebelling to just be an american with no connection to any culture or religion. Simply because that's what I did and she really does remind me of myself when I was young and in her shoes.

That being said the art is impressible horrible. It makes it hard for me to get through the book when it looks so bad. If the cover artist started doing all the art I'd enjoy this a lot more, or maybe something simple like the hawkeye art.