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Moon Knight #7 - Blackout Review


There’s a new creative team. Time to get over it. Moon Knight is still a butt-kicking character here.

The Good

Yes, we have a new writer and artist on the book. The truth is, the new creative team is continuing the vibe we’ve all come to love and expect in this series.

Brian Wood follows the one-off formula we’ve seen in the first six issues. There’s a threat to the city. Moon Knight is there and does what he does best in his own special way. There’s an appealing factor being thrown in the middle of events. We have one individual targeting another and its causing a risk to innocents around them. We get to cut to the chase and simply enjoy the action. Moon Knight has been portrayed as a silent but formidable…knight seeking justice for the innocent. He’s deeply immersed in his role as a protector and doesn’t have the time or patience to put up with those seeking to cause havoc or danger. This gives us the opportunity to see Moon Knight fighting another bad guy.

Greg Smallwood’s art captures the mood and vibe of the character. We have variations in the page layouts that reflects the chaotic nature of the events going down. His style fits nicely with what we now expect in the series. Jordie Bellaire continues to make everything gorgeous. The story takes place during the night in the rain. The contrast between the dark and Moon Knight’s costume along with the other characters, explosions, and locations across the city all look fantastic.

And there’s also another slight twist at the end that will make you smile. I didn't see this coming and I can’t wait to see where this development will go.

The Bad

There's not much to nitpick over. The new creative team and Jordie Bellaire did not disappoint with this issue. The only thing that caused me to think twice was Mr. Knight’s white suit staying completely clean in the rain while he was fighting and tussling with his foe. Perhaps his suit is dirt resistant. Obviously this is a very minor concern.

The Verdict

Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood are continuing the adventures of Moon Knight admirably. Moon Knight has long been an intriguing character that sometimes lacked the proper guidance with the right creative team. Fans can rejoice as the series gives us what we’ve grown to expect. We have another self-contained story but there is an interesting twist and tie to what’s happened before. Smallwood’s art along with Jordie Bellaire’s colors look great and you can’t help but want more. Moon Knight is clearly in safe hands.

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Posted by The_Tree

This issue met the bar Ellis and co. established, so I'll still be reading. Bellaire's colors and Smallwood's creative panel layouts help make this a smooth transition.

My only minor gripe is that I want Smallwood to work on Mr. Knight's eyes, I don't find them as menacing as when Shalvey did them.

Posted by tparks

Loving the series, and it hasn't changed with the new team. Moon Knight is still the best ongoing currently at Marvel IMO. :)

Posted by Darthkostis

I had a few doubts but after this, damn! MK is in good hands. The cinematic feel was still there, Marc got more lines but without changing the character Ellis "created" for this new run and the story was both a one-shot and a part of a bigger story. I hope this book runs for a long time.

Posted by SilverPool

Still sucks that I have to wait until like late October for the first trade to come out...

At least it's not DC where I'd have to wait another 6 months.

Posted by yambaron

So glad that Moon Knight is still in good hands. I did notice that Mr. Knight's eyes are a bit off, but otherwise the art was great!

Posted by DrellAssassin


Yeah considering the last book came out a month ago, that's not too bad of a wait.

Posted by 8008S

I liked this. Good follow-up to Ellis' issues.

Posted by bobgillinger

The one thing that really threw me off was MK referring to himself as "Mr. Night" rather than "Mr. Knight". Hopefully that was just a typo. I don't want the name to be changed for no reason.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Gotta love that part when MK is solving crimes while on the run lol

Edited by SilverPool


Yeah considering the last book came out a month ago, that's not too bad of a wait.

I don't read many on going Marvel titles and they have the better trade schedule :(

I don't understand why it takes DC a significantly longer amount of time to release their trades, they're usually only 20 to 30 pages longer than a Marvel trade.

Posted by KouNurasaka

Not a bad book by any means, and I certainly understand why it got a 5/5, but I felt the art was a bit washed out at times, almost as if you scraped your palm across the lines while drawing. Plus, the story felt a bit slow to come to a head.

The reveal at the end is hilariously awesome and caught me by surprise. Still, a very good book. I'd give it a 4/5 based primarily upon the slowness of the startup and my gripes with the art, but the reveal itself will bring me back for another go around.

One of the books that I refuse to go without.

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

If there's one complain I have about this, it's that Brian Wood always turns whatever he's writing into some political mumbo jumbo. Otherwise it was damn good. I have absolutely no complaints about the art.

Posted by Cap10nate

Who is that at the end?

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Hmmmmmmm.....might check it back out. Big shoes to fill, and sounds like the new team stepped up.

Edited by Fenderxx

Really good issue, so glad this new team is on rather then canceling, excited to read more.

Edited by Weddep

@cap10nate said:

Who is that at the end?

It was his psychiatrist.

I loved the issue, Moon Knight is my favorite Marvel character and in my opinion he's one of the most consistently well written characters in comics. This is no different and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully, they stay on a while, because Moon Knight really needs his break now. He deserves to be an A-lister and he will be if this series keeps going the way it has been.

Posted by eamon542000

VERY HAPPY, nice to see Moon Knight get some praise for once

Posted by MoonKnightRunner

YESSSSS love it, one gripe though, the mask and the eyes look weird but other than that LOOOOOOVED IT

Posted by rac_shade

A major step down IMO, the writing was passable but the art was awful, glad I dropped it.

Posted by RoboShark

I was afraid Ellis wouldn't stay on this book long...Shame. He was killing it. #5 is one of the best issues of 2014.

Edited by F_Trunks

Love it!!!

Edited by Teerack

I didn't like the paneling in the book at all. It was just way to many close ups so you hardly get to see the environment. I hope the new artist stops drawing Moon Knight's nose. Looks dumb.

He spelled Knight wrong twice on the last page lol.

Posted by Owie

I wasn't so excited about the art. And the story, in which Moon Knight is somehow totally against the idea of a vengeance-motivated killing, seems to go quite against his character. I was glad to see the last page though. Hopefully it improves a bit, I didn't feel like this was quite up to par.

Posted by TDK_1997

I really like what Brian Wood is doing. He managed to make the book seem like it was still written by Ellis and to make the change feel normal. It looks like I will continue reading this book.