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Minimum Carnage: Alpha #1 - Minimum Carnage; Part 1; Alpha Review


Venom, Scarlet Spider and Carnage...this should get crazy.

The Good

This is an event I've been waiting for ever since we saw Flash Thompson become Venom and the return of Cletus Kasady. With Kaine now under the guise as Scarlet Spider, it was inevitable these three would clash. The only person missing is Spider-Man but it's better this way. We now have more a sense of the unexpected.

The story begins on a great note with Venom investigating the escape of Carnage from Thunderbolts Mountain Maximum Security Prison. Who better to bring Carnage in than the person in possession of the Venom symbiote. Kaine being thrown in is a nice touch and adds a wildcard factor to the story.

As the events unfold, there is a sense of mystery as we don't get all the information immediately. This might be a little frustrating but offers the opportunity to keep readers guessing what might happen next. By the time the issue ends, the set up is complete and we're left with a typical cliffhanger that will fill you with anticipation for the next issue.

The Bad

I was torn with the art. Venom looks great. I love the spikey shoulder pad look. Cleatus looked a little odd. It might be that we've gotten used to Clayton Crain's take on him. When he first appears, he's almost unrecognizable. As Carnage, something felt off as well. There's almost too much red and he seems to be missing that horrific touch (plus his first full appearance as Carnage has him missing a foot).

How Carnage escaped and who helped him is the big mystery. I was stumped for sure. There wasn't really anything appealing about the individuals involved that got me excited to find out more about who they were.

The Verdict

Carnage and crossovers feel like a natural fit. With the new VENOM and SCARLET SPIDER series, it's great to pit these three against each other. The decision not to included Spider-Man here was the right choice as well. It's hard to say what will happen next and that's important to get readers to want to come back for more. There were some issues with the art, in particular the way Carnage himself appeared. We also have some mystery characters that looked a little familiar but will leave you scratching your head. There definitely is the potential for this series to blast off. You'll want to see what happens next to see how the coming encounter plays out.

Posted by spinningwebs

I did not recognize Cletus at all either.

Posted by ccraft

I think i'll pick up this issue

Posted by WWAJfan

Dude pardon my opinion but how can you give this issue a 3/5, This was as epic as venom 22, Lan Medina is a Beast, dear God this issue is just epic. Symbiote fans this is a must read, in my opinion: 5/5 X)

Posted by G-Man

@WWAJfan: I don't understand why you're asking me to justify my rating and opinion when I made it clear in the review. It didn't work for me. The potential is there. Carnage looked weird but Venom looked cool. A bunch of nameless generic looking characters didn't get me excited. We'll see what the next issue has to offer. First issues sometimes suffer the problem of having to set it all up.

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Posted by Cavemold

Cletus was designed a little different but I was ok with that. Gave it 4.5/5 I really loved the set up with pit and dialogue between the reporter and scientist.

Posted by Cavemold Here's my review. I hope you pick up scarlet spider/venom and review them g-man!

Posted by MisterKetch

I enjoyed it, I've been reading Scarlet Spider and really enjoying that so when I saw this I figured why not so I'll be reading Venom for the full effect as well.

I like the venom suit, the spiky shoulder pads don't do it for me though I think the Black Ops agent look would be better without them, give him a more streamlined look. But its such a small issue and they really don't bother me when there on panel.

Cletus didn't look great but I liked Flash and Cain, even the doctor from Scarlet Spider has a slimmer look to him which was nice (though his face didn't look entirely human) There was a scene with Flash's face exposed with the venom suit still around his head, I really liked the art here.

Interesting design on the "antagonists" using the term loosely until more is revealed about them, based on what was stated about the Prometheus pits alleged purpose they might turn out to have a benevolent purpose (though of course they did murder plenty so far and recruit cletus)

I thought it was only going to be a month long crossover but I'm hopeful over all I'll enjoy the ride.

Was surprised (pleasantly) by Marvel not including Spider Man, He would have an obvious place here but this way The Venom and Scarlet Spider titles have a chance to develop.

Posted by Cavemold

I'm glad there's no spider man either , I would make no sense , since he's dealing with his own problems right now. I do want to see all 3 of them meet at the same time at some point.

Edited by WWAJfan

@G-Man: ah dont worry man i respect your Opinion, next time i'll be more specifics in my commment ; )

Posted by thenexusrebound

I have never been a fan Crain's art. Somethings look amazing with his style and others are just horrible. I can't wait to read this issue.

Posted by WWAJfan

I really like how Lan Medina drew Kassidy, he looks so real, so sinister, really awesome art by him, this issue was just awesome X)

Posted by Jawshco

These types of issues are tough to rate. It's a set up into a larger story, so my grade on this one might change if those mystery characters don't pan out into something great. I'm giving it a 4.5/5 based on the potential of this series. I loved the dialogue, loved seeing Flash & Kaine together, and I'm excited to see more.

Posted by pulseangel666

Good issue,

the part where Kaine snapped Carnages neck was awsome.

Posted by Scantenii

I am still very disappointed that this series is not about the Carnage Symbiote joining with Warwick Davis...very disappointed...

Edited by zackattack529

I actually really liked this issue, it set up plenty of things to get me interested in the series, unfortinatley i havent read Scarlett Spider in months! so i wouldn't know how this will affect his series. but i like the little revelation for venom how he realizes now that the symbiotes can bond with the host...which has been happening for a while now in flash including with the demon he has in him. I can't wait to see how this is all going to play out and end. also next issues we get Venom vs Scarlett spider. that outta be good!

Also i have to agree with G-man, I wasn't too excited about the tiny new villains helping Cletus out. I hope that we don't get too much focus on them, Id much rather have all the focus on Venom & Scarlett Spider vs Carnage :p

I gave this issue a 4/5

Posted by SavageDragon

Meh, I dunno what i was expecting. I dig the look of Scarlett spider and his attitude is cool, but i dunno this book didnt do it for me, ill buy the next issue...Hope issue 2 is really good.

Posted by ssj2DeadPool

If you havent been reading Scarlet you need too.

Posted by Danial79

I really liked Carnage USA, but this issue left me feeling indifferent. I think I'll pass.

Posted by Cavemold

@SavageDragon said:

Meh, I dunno what i was expecting. I dig the look of Scarlett spider and his attitude is cool, but i dunno this book didnt do it for me, ill buy the next issue...Hope issue 2 is really good.

next issue is scarlet issue POV then venoms the last issue of this series will be in November.

Posted by Reuelthomas

I want to like this series, but this was not a stellar start, in my opinion. I was intrigued with the search for Carnage, but the reveal of the group that is teamed up with him does not excite me. I prefer Carnage as a serial loner, not beholden to some odd group of…bugs?

Posted by Duke_Nasty

It was an average issue for me. Hopefully Scarlet Spider #10 picks it up.