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Mind the Gap #15 - R.I. Peterssen Conclusion: The Escape Review


Jim McCann has been weaving so many twists and turns in this series. Even as we get more answers, there's no telling what might happen next.

The Good

This has been quite a series so far. Thinking back, it's amazing how far it's come. From the very first issue, we've had one giant mystery after another. The past few issues, we have been getting major answers to the complete story. That doesn't mean we know everything just yet. It's almost surprising to see so much of the backstory revealed.

As this series has proven, having answers doesn't stop the story. Jim McCann has added layers upon layers. Now that we have a pretty strong idea what happened before, we still need to find out what's going to happen next.

The issue is broken into two parts. We have the present day story drawn by Rodin Esquejo with colors by Jessica Kholinne and the past by Dan McDaid with colors by Lee Loughridge. Not only do we have a captivating story but the art is a sight to see.

Perhaps the biggest twist is when you get to the end of the story in this issue and McCann reveals even more.

The Bad

There's always the fear once you have all the answers. Will the story continue to keep you hooked. Chances are, it will.

We have quite a supporting cast here. There are those trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Elle and the number has increased as all the different players have found themselves coming together. The problem is some of them feel like they get in the way. There's almost too many vying for the spotlight. Not all characters can or should be likable but it's sometimes a minor distraction.

The Verdict

MIND THE GAP is more than just a comic book. For the past fifteen issues Jim McCann has been unfolding this epic yarn. While some may feel that's a long period, each issue has added to the overall story, creating an even bigger picture. This issue marks the end of the first act. What it comes down to is people really should be reading this series. There are two trades already with a third due later this month. That gives readers plenty of time to catch up for the beginning of act II in December. It's a wonderful thing to be able to read a comic that is so driven by the story and also contains great art. You don't see this sort of thing everyday.

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