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Mighty Avengers #7 Review


The White Tiger has a link to the man who murdered her family. Exactly how far will she go to track it down?

The Good

Mighty Avengers takes the idea of an entire team of street-level heroes and makes it official in a big way. When this title was introduced with the Superior Spider-Man in it, I was hesitant as Spidey, street-level though he is, is a massive A-lister who would potentially overshadow EVERYone else on the roster and risk it becoming “Spider-Man’s Mighty Avengers,” but it was clear that Al Ewing knew what he was doing and didn’t let that happen. We’re already plunged headlong into a very personal story about a very obscure character: Ava Ayala, the White Tiger. Ayala is tired of being held back by her teammates and, even, by herself and so she enlists the help of the Tiger God that gives her her powers. The rest of her team has to stop her before she does something she, and they, will regret. We get a great cross-section of characters here, from Iron Fist and the new Power Man doing what they do best to She-Hulk, or rather Jennifer Walters, throwing around her weight as a lawyer to try for as much damage control as possible. We’ve got Falcon on recon, Jessica Jones on support, while Spectrum pulls some distractions and WHAT A GREAT ROSTER THIS IS! I love it, you’ve got SO many different personalities and SO many different kinds of powers all under one banner and all meshing perfectly. Ewing gives everyone a chance to shine and makes sure the vast cast all have their own unique voices.

You guys remember when I hoped Valerio Schiti landed somewhere good after Journey Into Mystery folded? Spoiler alert: HE DID! I’m thrilled to see him on this title as its one that requires his unique touch of incredibly diverse facial expressions. Few artists do as much with eyebrows and upper-lips as Schiti does and the minutiae of expression he’s able to achieve is something else entirely. We also get Frank D’Armata on colors and they’re surprisingly subdued and toned down for an Avengers title, even one that features either non-powered or minimally-powered team members, and that perfectly fits it. This is a dark, rainy night in New York, and the colors never become gloomy nor grim, this is actually a very fun book despite it being about vengeance for the murder of a family.

The Bad

This is an odd thing to quantify, but if you’re not a fan of Ava Ayala in the first place, it’s difficult to become emotionally invested in her struggle here. Don’t get me wrong, the basic human urge to sympathize is still there and is communicated very well, but this is the A-plot in this book and there is NO B-plot, you either care about this dynamic or you don’t, and if you don’t there’s no much for you here. The characters are all well-written, but as someone who isn’t terribly familiar with the core, I found a lot of the emotional moments ringing a little hollow and since there’s no B-plot to fall back on, the entire issue lost a very specific something.

The Verdict

This isn’t to say the issue isn’t worth reading. I’m going to take a very strange stance and say that, despite my above complaints, this is still a great book with some amazing writing and some incredible art, the fact that I still enjoyed it as much as I did despite knowing very little about its core character is a testament to how well it does. And those absolutely carry this into the realm where it can be recommended as I still care about the group as a whole and I care about, and am invested in, their dynamic and their future stories.

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I don't know a damn thing about White Tiger and I thought this was a great issue, easily continuing to be the best Avengers title. @movieartman You're crazy (New Avengers is the WORST Avengers book, next to Secret).

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I don't know a damn thing about White Tiger and I thought this was a great issue, easily continuing to be the best Avengers title. @movieartman You're crazy (New Avengers is the WORST Avengers book, next to Secret).

New Avengers is the best Avengers book Marvel are publishing. It might even be the best book overall

I enjoyed this issue a lot. I really liked the art on this too

Posted by JLArturo

I gotta be honest, this book had me at "meh" for the past 6 issues. I want to be into this title because I enjoy Luke Cage, Falcon, and Jess Jones but I also wanted to be introduced to characters I'm not familiar with at all like Spectrum, Powerman, Blue Marvel, and White Tiger. But I just can't love this book and was struggling with keeping it on my pull list. But I kept telling myself to hold on to it because I will love it. Then I read this issue -and I think Iron Fist + She-Hulk are going to be full time members so that makes me really happy- and I fell in love. Not sure what it was but I really enjoyed this issue. It was really fun, had great action, and I really enjoy the art. This may not have been the best issue but it definitely convinced me to stay on board.

Posted by HillbillyMorangie

Your bad is a bit unfair, basically it sounds like your saying the characters are not well known enough to pull of a series?

I loved it, I had no idea about Ava but it made me want to find out, so I did. I am sure they characters will develop as you say they are really well written, so I think your bad wont make sense in ten issue time.

It's like saying you don't care about the lead in a movie when your only ten minutes in.

Anyway I'm being far to defensive, your reviews really good and mostly I enjoyed reading it.

Posted by DCWarFan73

I too got into this series based on Luke Cage. I was very interested to see Blue Marvel and some other lesser heroes brought into the fray. The first five issues of this series were great in my book. The writing and even the art worked well. I read number 6 knowing it would be slower paced. It wasn't bad and I hoped the subsequent issues would continue to be interesting. I definitely will get this issue as I enjoy this group of heroes.

Posted by JeanRalphio

I'm a big White Tiger fan,even without that bias,this was a good read.

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pity Superior Spidey didn't stick around, you need a loose cannon to keep things interesting