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Marvel NOW! Point One #1 - NYSE; Guardians of the Galaxy; Diamondhead; The New World; It's Art!; Crazy Enough Review


Six stories giving us a look at what's coming up in the Marvel NOW! comics. This is where it begins.

The Good

This is about fifty pages of comic book stories. Similar to the previous POINT ONE issue, this packs in the content. The stories feature Nick Fury Jr and Agent Coulson, Star-Lord, the new Nova, Miss America and Loki, Ant-Man and Forge. Each story features the creators that will be working on the upcoming titles so it's a great sample to help in making the decision of which titles to add to your pull list.

I wasn't thrilled over the idea of Marcus Johnson turning into Nick Fury Jr. The same goes for having Agent Coulson appear in comics. But their interaction with Maria Hill works. Marcus Johnson hasn't been elevated to the ultimate soldier just yet. He is new to this world and it's great to see Nick Spencer make him more believable. There were moments in BATTLE SCARS that he appeared to be able to do too much too soon. Throw in a man from the future and you have an intriguing story.

The Star-Lord story gives us a glimpse at 20 years ago. We get to see how the craziness of his life began. The story hasn't changed but we get to see how the events unfold courtesy of Steve McNiven's art. This will lead into the upcoming GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY series.

The Nova story features the new Nova, Sam Alexander. I think we all agree that we'd rather have Rich Rider back but I have to admit I'm intrigued to see what Loeb and McGuinness have planned for the character. We don't know much about him and it's hinted that he has been active since before his first appearance in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN.

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie give us a short featuring Miss America and Kid Loki. It's a lead in to the the upcoming YOUNG AVENGERS. It offers enough of a tease to get us even more excited for the title.

Would it be surprising to say that I loved the Ant-Man story by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred? One of the questions many had when FF was announced as part of Marvel NOW! was which Ant-Man would this be. This is where we find out. We also see that he has a major bone to pick with Doctor Doom that will definitely play a role in upcoming issues.

Dennis Hopeless and Garbriel Hernandez Walta give us a haunting early look at CABLE AND X-FORCE with a focus on Forge.

This comic also features the AR app. The cover gives us Marvel EIC, Axel Alonso, explaining what Marvel NOW! is all about. Despite their announcements, people have been wondering if it was a reboot, a relaunch or what. It's only used a few times inside. The best use was during the Ant-Man story showing new readers why exactly he has a grudge with Doom.

The Bad

Even though it's close to fifty pages of story, it still has a $5.99 price tag. This book is an important piece for each title but looking at the cover, I can't say it's overly compelling for new readers to pick up, especially at that price. Many readers already struggle to buy all the comics on their pull list.

The stories are all tied together in a way through the Nick Fury Jr. story. We're to assume that they are being told the the other stories contained here. It's a little awkward and doesn't always flow properly. The ending is a cliffhanger and will leave you scratching your head a bit.

The Verdict

There's a lot of new titles coming under the Marvel NOW! banner. This oversized issue gives us a taste of six upcoming titles. It's a cool look at what we can expect but there is also the $5.99 price tag to consider. It is worth it if you break it down but it might be a little much for some readers to spend on stories where they're not quite sure what they'll get. Some of the characters might not be appealing to everyone. If you do plan on reading any of these series, you would definitely benefit to seeing what goes down here. They may not be absolutely crucial to the enjoyment of those series but it will enhance your reading experience. As the story focuses on taking a look at the future, this does feel like we are doing just that, peeking into what's coming up. This is a great sized comic and will give you a good chunk of material to let you spend some time kicking back and reading. If you're curious what is coming up in Marvel NOW!, you'll want to check this out.

Posted by Chaos Burn

wait, so it's meant to be a new era for Marvel, but this 'point #1' book doesn't feature any of the staple characters?

We have the poor excuse for a Samuel L Jackson Fury and 'Cheese' Coulson (wtf)

Starlord, because everyone's looking forward to GotG movie (not)

Nobodies favourite Nova

and Miss America and Loki - neither an original Young Avenger...

This isn't a new era for Marvel, it's a cheap gimmik to sync their movie success to their comics which are failing in substance

Edited by Mini_Bat

Well I can't wait for Young Avenger, I was already sold but, now I'm just made I got to wait till Janury. I never read anything on Nova before so I can't say I'm mad they change the character but the story look intersecting and I might pick it up. As for Cable and the X-Force I was almost sure I wasn't getting it but the story with Forge was great in my opinion, I'm going to at less get the first issue

Posted by mattwing87

@Chaos Burn: I guess it is can't please everyone

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I hope that kid pretending to be Nova dies... horribly 

Posted by mjbiebs

At my comic store they were giving out a free issue that had samples of the all-new x-men, iron man, captain america, ant-man, hulk, fantastic four, thor, and a couple others. They all look decent except the art for Captain America is awkward, everybody has square jaws and faces. The all new x-men concept is interesting but I dont know how long they can keep the plot line going

Edited by JMLG

the art for that ant-man story is the wackest one EVER, seriously...

and Nova is what 15?! foh.. art sucks too

Posted by Shamelesslysupportinaznballers

Enjoyed all of the short except for the Nova. Not that it was bad but it just didn't convince me that I should pick up the upcoming ongoing like the rest of the stories did.

Posted by Grimoire

Does this show any necessary information about The Hulk since he is on the cover?

Posted by tomlikesfries

@Grimoire: The Hulk is not even mentioned

Posted by NovaNow

it's the same price as 2 beers, so chillz outage and have one. ;)

Edited by badgame

Don't like the idea how they try to make comics "movie-ish" instead movies "comic-ish"

Posted by Sifighter

Nova was pretty cool.

Young Avengers is something i can't wait for.

Never was a cosmic reader but Starlord is really cool so I might read it

Overall pretty cool one-shot

Edited by neiliusprime

bought Point One today. Actually not a bad story/set-up for the Marvel Now stuff coming out in 2013. I also just hated it for being $5.99.

Plus that Nova preview was definitely what you would expect from Loeb....*sigh*

Posted by sho3s22

FF is the only one I will be picking up

Posted by Lokheit

So that's how Forge returns to sanity then?

And isn't Peter Quill dark haired? Why is the kid (and the starlord on the revealed cover) blonde? O.o

And how will they explain how Peter and Thanos are returning, but not Nova (Richard) who were with them on that lost dimension?

Posted by G-Man

@Grimoire: Hulk is on the variant cover. The main one is the one with Nick Jr. It's been set as the main image on this page now.

Posted by Grimoire

@G-Man said:

@Grimoire: Hulk is on the variant cover. The main one is the one with Nick Jr. It's been set as the main image on this page now.

That bites since I really wanted to read what they are going to do with him and explain his appearance with armor. lol Have to wait. Thanks.