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Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 - 99 Problems... One of Five Review


Marvel Knights returns and Spider-Man has 99 problems. Get ready for a different sort of Spider-Man story.

The Good

It's great to see the Marvel Knights imprint back. While you're not always sure what you're going to get, it's a great way to allow other creators to give their take on the characters we know. Those takes often go in interesting directions.

Matt Kindt, Marco Rudy and Val Staples are giving us a Spider-Man ride we haven't really seen before. In a story that takes place whenever, we're allowed to escape from the current continuity and dive right into a pure Spider-Man story. Not meant as a knock against the current continuity but we don't have about Spider-Man in the Avengers, Infinity or even Doc Ock. This is a Spider-Man story taking place a bit ago. That's all you really need to know and worry about.

Essentially what the story is about is Spider-Man finds himself in a strange state. This allows for Kindt to unleash several familiar foes into the story and Rudy and Staples to give us a crazy and amazing visual production. Get ready for some interesting page and panel layouts. You won't be able to stop yourself from looking over every little detail. The story really allows Rudy and Staples to show off. There is a great mix in style thrown in here and it really spices up the pacing the of the story.

The Bad

As great as the visuals are, there is the likeness given to Peter Parker. We can accept artist interpretation and all but this Peter resembles his big screen counterpart more than what we're used to in comics. That's fine.

We have an interesting choice in the first batch of villains. Looking forward to seeing who's next.

The Verdict

For those wanting to start or get back into reading Spider-Man but aren't sure how far back to go, this is a miniseries you can easily dive into. With the Marvel Knights imprint back, Matt Kindt is allowed to venture off and tell a Spider-Man story that doesn't have to rely on anything else going on in the Marvel Universe. That allows the story to stand on its own. Marco Rudy and Val Staples have a deeply vast and rich playground to cut loose on. Due to the nature of the story, there is plenty of room for them to shake things up and give us a story that doesn't have to play out in normal fashion. This isn't the regular kind of Spider-Man story we've seen for the past fifty years and that's a great thing. This is the time to check out something different in a glorious package. Current, past and future Spider-Man fans will enjoy this.

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Edited by Hawkguy

I haven't been reading Marvel long enough but I know Marvel Knights is a part of the Marvel Animated universe. Are these stories labeled the same way just to be out of continuity or are there animation plans for these upcoming books?

Posted by theFantasticFudge

Can't wait to pick this up later today, been excited since it was announced!

Posted by G-Man

@hawkguy: It's not tied to the animated universe. These are completely separate. There's a tiny description on the Marvel Knights page.

Edited by dagmar_merrill

Was sold out at my comic book store.

Edited by KingdomCome

I found the issue to be overly abrupt, and, somewhat purposeless. Marco Rudy's artwork was sublime, bearing slight resemblance to that of Dave McKean's within the pages of "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth". Unfortunately, despite this, the writing felt desperately flamboyant and shamefully unstable, as though Matt Kindt was writing a series of events the second they came into his mind, without considering their necessity. His characterisation of Peter is great, with his inner-monologues making me remember why we miss Parker's presence within the 616 Universe, I just can't find anything story-wise that could be remotely considered gripping or memorable...

Posted by tparks

Looks like maybe Arcade and Werewolf by Night will be villains after looking at the cover. Not usually a Spiderman reader, but I'm intrigued.

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

Really hope people dig this and buy it! LOVED Rudy on this issue, he's gonna make your eyes bleed! The story has a very interesting premise, I was left wanting more which is always a good sign. Good to have ol peter parker back

Edited by JakeN7


Those layouts. They blew my mind. Such an incredible surprise. Loved the issue!

Edited by hufnagel0

@kingdomcome: Art and panel layout was killer, for sure. But I enjoyed the story a lot, too. I guess I'm just not quite sure what you mean by it being purposeless. I thought it did a great job of throwing Spidey in a purposely unstable series of events. The uncertainty that he (and I) felt definitely have me intrigued to see the story play out. I'd call it a page turner, but the art is so captivating that I didn't want to turn the page until studying it more. So at the very least, we can agree that it was gorgeous.

So is Mysterio too obvious for who's setting this all up?

Posted by longbowhunter

I loved Marco Rudy on Swamp Thing. He looks even better here.

Posted by evilvegeta74

@hawkguy said:

I haven't been reading Marvel long enough but I know Marvel Knights is a part of the Marvel Animated universe. Are these stories labeled the same way just to be out of continuity or are there animation plans for these upcoming books?

Um it's more adult! Not tied to the animated universe in any way!

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Nice. I'll try to read on it later.

Posted by Protoflash

I thought the art was amazing, but I had no idea what the hell was going on at all. It had a good reason too, I just found it a little too jarring for the first issue, mini-series or not. I would've given this a 3 but maybe I'm just an idiot and didn't pick up on something. So far as I understood Madame Web just popped up and said, "You gotta survive a fight with 99 villains Spider-Man", and then the art just took a crazy loop.

Posted by BadLuckCoderre

I just picked it up and it's visually stunning! More of a indie feel to it. But it can be a little hard to follow, especially when the words are backwards and upside down. Still can't figure out what Spidey is saying but over all, I like it.

Posted by jstndmnd

@g_man: So I'm I getting this right in say it is not a Superior spider-man, but good old Peter Parker? If that is the case I might look into it.

Edited by PunyParker


@badluckcoderre: Sweet Christman bro,this avatar is fenomenal.

Posted by BadLuckCoderre

@protoflash: Yeah good point, I think Madame Web was just an illusion maybe by one of the bad guys but that wouldn't even make sense. Why just appear and then leave while he gets his ass beat. She told him what Arcade told him. Wait... If she never had made that job posting in the newspaper then he wouldn't of been there. Im so confused now lol

Edited by BadLuckCoderre
Edited by Sammo21

@hawkguy: This has nothing to do with the animated universe of any kind. Marvel Knights is their way of saying "this will be a darker story in tone" opposed to the "this is for adults only" tone that Marvel's MAX line offers. Typically the heroes associated with Marvel Knights are Daredevil, Punisher, Blade, Ghost Rider, etc.