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Magneto #2 Review


Magneto hunts down those who would hurt mutantkind.

The Good

Is it weird to say that MAGNETO is one hell of a detective book? Sure, it's not on the same levels of "detective-ness" as other, but Cullen Bunn has crafted something incredibly brilliant here. There have been so many times in the past where an X-character has tried to carry their own book but failed miserably. This may only be the second issue, but the direction of MAGNETO is dark and gritty and gives readers a new insight into this character who has been around for decades.

Bunn lets readers see this character in a new light. In the past, Magneto's was overly ambitious with his plans because most of his plans were very large scale and pretty ridiculous. With Bunn's Magneto, he's more of a street "hero" and cunning. He's less about theatrics and more about getting the job done.

Frankly, the best part of this issue is the flashbacks to Magneto's childhood, during World War II, when he and his friends were on the run from Nazis. These are moments that very obviously shaped who he is now. We see Max and two of his friends, with stolen food, on the run from a group of nazis. The decisions and choices made in this scene ultimately affect who Magneto is now and how he treats his enemies. The juxtaposition between these scenes is utterly fantastic and gives the reader a broader understanding of Bunn's version of Magneto.

If you enjoy dark books, then the last few pages of this are where it's at. It's tough to watch as Magneto becomes incredibly brutal with some of the men he faces here, but that's the type of character he is. Everything about this scene fits the book and the character.

On the art side of things, Gabriel Hernandez Walta (art) and Jordie Bellaire (who pretty much colors every awesome book on the shelves), provide an art style and color palate that truly fit the tone of the book. It's the perfect compliment, complete with its own distinct style.

The Bad

No real problems with the issue. This book is different in all the best ways possible.

The Verdict

MAGNETO is a book you don't expect but one that you need. It's so different from the rest of Marvel's books, as it comes off as a street-level, gritty, detective book and not the super-hero/villain book fans would expect this character to star in. Cullen Bunn has crafted something special here that is far more appealing than the solicits make it out to be. Walta and Bellaire do a phenomenal job with the art. This is quickly becoming one of my top reads at Marvel. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I hope this book lasts a looong time because I'm really enjoying it.

Posted by LiveForever

Nice! I hope the quality keeps up. HUGE Magneto fan, but the creative team did not inspire me. I did like the first issue however.

Posted by TheCheeseStabber

I'll never look at nails the same >.>

Posted by longbowhunter

A friend of mine bought the first issue and I gave it a read. Shocked at how much I loved it. Really want to checkout this second issue.

Posted by ZbvmX

I would even buy this just for the cover alone :D

Posted by TheBlackHood

This is simply my favorite book in quite some time. There are no words for how excited I get for this book. I hope this book has a long long run.

Posted by Spideysense44

This book really makes me root for Magneto but at the same time go against him

Posted by KidChipotle

Matt's right. There is nothing bad to say about this issue. It was great. I hope this series lasts long with Cullen Bunn.

Edited by judasnixon

Does anyone else hears Fassbender as Magneto in their head when reading this?

Edited by Moonie

This may be my favorite X-book that's out, right now. Bunn writes Magneto extremely well, and gives the book an enjoyably different and darker feel. It's also complimented very well by Walta's art.

Posted by HAWK2916

This book has been great so far. In fact this is the tone and concept I envisioned when I first heard about the outlaw uncanny team.

Edited by Cuboid

Just finished reading and it's the best single issue I've read in awhile. It really got me pumped. I love the character of Magneto and I'm loving the direction they're taking him in this.

Edited by GhostRider2

This is good, like i said Magneto is great.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Does anyone else hears Fassbender as Magneto in their head when reading this?

I here this music:

Posted by Mapuia_Ralte

Wow Magneto looks a lot like Prof X here

Posted by Bezza

So Dark, but so cool, love it!!!

Posted by MixMastaMicah5

Man this book is solid. I was thinking of making some cuts recently and I think this going to have to stay. Kudos to the team

Posted by Owie

Really great. I liked the first issue, but this really pulled it together. Still, I think this is kind of a big character change from what he's been like in X-Men recently, even after his apparent epiphany in Madripoor.

Posted by amaltheias

I'm absolutely LOVING this book so far. Definitely one of my favorites.

Posted by KEROGA

Loved it .Wasnt a fan of the art at first but it grew on me. the flashback scenes were pretty emotional. Great cover......I love covers!

Posted by Alak

Finally got around to reading this issue. I really enjoyed it and that ending was pretty chilling. It sort of makes you wonder how Scott and the other X-Men would feel about Magneto's behavior if they had ever found out.