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Lumberjanes #4 Review


Things get weird when the 'Janes find the neighboring lads' camp, and the girls earn a badge for (good-natured) thievery.

The Good

This month, the Lumberjanes make headway on their next great adventure, bringing the politely cautious Jen around, and keeping up with the hijinks and fun language that readers have come to expect. There are yetis and there is danger; it's a hike, after all.

LUMBERJANES is a consistent, good-natured dose of girl-power that is neither afraid to hide its fierce lady friendships nor willing to skip out on adventure in the process. The 'Janes are confident, strong ladies, something that is immediately more evident (but no less cool) once the neighboring boys' camp is introduced. We're treated to a series of fantastical but emotionally authentic moments that show the girls as resourceful, caring, and clever -- and, above all, a team.

As always, there are so many awesome things going on visually with this book. From the careful hand-lettering to the lush colors to the inventive panel shapes and totally dynamic art -- this book is well-crafted and full of energy.

The Bad

The yetis and the tower adventure were all too brief; those yetis were super cool.

The Verdict

LUMBERJANES is pure fun; it's the summer camp story that young readers can aspire to (minus, perhaps, some of those supernatural elements) and that older readers can wish they'd experienced. The Lumberjanes deal with wild situations in unpredictable yet delightful ways, and it's a joy to read whether you're camper-aged or slightly beyond.

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