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Larfleeze #4 - Revolt of the Orange Lanterns Review


It's Larfleeze vs. the Orange Lantern Corps! Will they eat orange axe or can they actually overpower the selfish character?

The Good

Larfleeze is a character who could be a total annoyance in the wrong hands. Luckily for us, the Orange Lantern is in the very capable hands of co-writers J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen. Under their direction, Lafrleeze is a massively entertaining and obnoxious yet lovable character. We're now four-issues in and the duo still manages to keep me laughing every step of the way with their sharp script and thrilling course of events. Unlike the prior issues, this one didn't really have a standout line for me, but the quality of the dialogue is consistent and full of levity along the way.

This issue is also packed with very fun cosmic action and it does indeed move the plot forward. What may come off as nothing more than an extended brawl sequence concludes with a very promising result and, at the current rate of things, is sure to expand into something truly wild. It definitely seems like the end of Larfleeze's narrative in this chapter is setting him on a course that's sure to intersect the Wanderer and Stargrave's journey.

Artist Scott Kolins and colorist Michael Atiyeh are an excellent fit for DeMatteis and Giffen's offbeat story. Atiyeh's colors are wonderfully vivid and truly bring a ton of energy to the explosive action sequences and various settings we visit in this book. Meanwhile, Kolins totally nails it with each and every expression, giving so much more depth and appreciation to every piece of banter that spews from the characters' mouths. Long story short, they're a great fit for the book.

The Bad

It's understandable that the focus has to shift to Stargrave and the Wanderer at some point, but it does so at a time where things are particularly exciting and the pull from the madness is unfortunate. The script remains strong between the two but being removed from the energetic and entertaining events with Larfleeze is indeed noticed.

The Verdict

The amount of enjoyment packed into LARFLEEZE #4 is just absurd. Just like the previous issues, the writing is consistently superb, overflowing with creativity and loaded with wit. Everything the two writers put on the page, Kolins and Atiyeh bring to life in such a fantastic fashion. The cosmic slugfest is a real joy and the book ends on a note that makes me more than anxious to spend $2.99 on the next one. This is without question the most enthralling book from the New 52 for me. It's not often I love a cosmic book, but I absolutely love me some LARFLEEZE.

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Posted by RedhoodFlashLantern

I couldn't agree more gregg love this book great review

Posted by Superbat420

Def my favorite book besides red lanterns

Posted by Ando123

Great book

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

I read the first three and simply do not care for the book (which is sad because I LOVE Larfleeze). But, I have to buy this one, because that cover looks fantastic.

Edited by k4tzm4n

I read the first three and simply do not care for the book (which is sad because I LOVE Larfleeze). But, I have to buy this one, because that cover looks fantastic.

If you don't care for it then sadly, I imagine you'll be disappointed with this issue as well.

Edited by Life_Without_Progress

@k4tzm4n: hey Greg , what r the chances that this issue will end up in Best Battles ?

Posted by k4tzm4n