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Larfleeze #1 - The Extremely Large Dog on the Edge of Forever Review


Get your greedy hands on this all-new Larfleeze solo book.

The Good

The team behind LARFLEEZE saw the challenge of "create a solo book centered on a breakout character from another series, but make it interesting enough to stand on its own" and said "MINE!" Everyone's favorite avatar of avarice from BLACKEST NIGHT is surprisingly good at making a solo debut that doesn't lean on its origin point.

It's great to see Larfleeze's New 52 origin story with no mention of the Green Lanterns. There's a passing remark about a Guardian, but this book is distinctly Orange. I enjoy seeing how all of the various corps interact with each other, and I'm sure we'll see plenty of that as the series goes on, but for the beginning, it's great to just focus on Larfleeze. The series is set in space, after all, and there's a lot going on in the universe that allows for the various Lanterns (especially the one who operates alone!) to have some independent adventures.

Since it's a series debut, there's plenty of backstory catch-up. It's done via flashbacks, but sprinkled with cheeky banter between Larfleeze and his butler (Yes, he has a butler! Bruce Wayne isn't the only guy in the DCU that gets one!). We get all of the need-to-knows about Larfleeze, and head right into action, setting up for next month's battle with no time wasted. One of my favorite things about his New 52 origin is that Larfleeze is so much more than just "the guy with the orange ring that says 'MINE!' all the time" -- he's still very centered on greed (like a more articulate Gollum), but he's decisive and in-control, and he has a stronger sense of identity (even if that identity might be embellished, by his own admission).

I'm not going to lie -- I had to double-check that the Lanterns were a DC property. This book feels very Marvel in tone, in a good way. Little details, like the quirky, footnoted credits page, make this book feel so much more fun than most of the New 52. Even the title of the issue is whimsical. There's still action, there's still a dark, ugly backstory, but there's also a sense of humor. (It's possible that Larfleeze has been hogging all of it. I wouldn't put it past him.)

The Bad

The colors are a little bit glowy for my tastes. I dig the neons when Larfleeze is doing his Lantern thing, but the emotionally darker flashbacks are rendered just as bright. I'd like to see the orange pop more against everything else that's going on -- let Larfleeze be greedy with the glows.

The Verdict

Count me in for this series. Giffen and DeMatteis tell a refreshingly fun story, and make the solo Orange Lantern anything but one-dimensional. I'm looking forward to a fierce battle next issue, and curious about the "Revolt of the Orange Lanterns" that's teased for later.

Posted by Blue_Lantern_Franko

Do I need to have read all the Threshold backups to understand whats going on?

Posted by MissJ

@blue_lantern_franko: Nope! It's a really great #1 issue in that regard -- totally fresh and self-contained, gets you up to speed on who Larfleeze is and what's going on.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

@blue_lantern_franko: No. I didn't read Threshold at all and still understood what happened in this book.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

His butler? Is that the guardian guy that promised to serve him if he helped during Blackest Night?

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

I was worried that this book was going to be a miss, but I guess I'll pick it up now.

Edited by Dark_Guyver

I would really like to pick it up. I just don't have enough room on my pull list.

Posted by stevencarver_

Man, I really liked this. I was doubtful that something like this could be funny, but man, it's stellar. I would have given this a 5 myself because I love that art a ton. I'm really excited about the future of this title, especially that "Revolt of the Orange Lanterns" tease in the back.

Posted by sagejonathan

I laughed so much with this book :D

Posted by Mercy_

Shame on me for forgetting this was coming out this week.

Edited by JamDamage

He's DC's cosmic Deadpool. Gotta Love'em. Waiting for Larfleeze variants.

Posted by danhimself

I didn't enjoy it at all...don't know why either..I usually like Larfleeze but I just couldn't get into this book at all

Posted by CommanderShiro

I liked seeing more details about Larfleeze's origin

Posted by BATMAN9797

so.... larfleeze gets his own series yet red robin and captain marvel dont

Posted by batmannflash

I like this one. funny issue.

When Larfleeze is born:

"That one's ugly even by our standards. Do we have to keep it?" haha

Posted by TheShutup

@batman9797: Come on! What you are implying is unfair!

They had there chance pre-52, Larfleeze was a breakout character pre 52 and didn't have his own series he was pretty popular too! way more back then., Now in the New 52 Larfleeze is getting his first chance at a solo series. I say give something new a chance.

If you want pre 52 they have it all in trades.
And Captain marvel and Red robin had there solo series, now in trades.

If you commented on this review just to air out your frustrations i think a better place would've been the fourms.
just saying...

Edited by Misterwizz

"It's great to see Larfleeze's New 52 origin story with no mention of the Green Lanterns".

Green Lantern didn't get affected by the new 52. Giffen and DeMatteis most likely created a new origin just for the sake of it.

Also he's a character from the Green Lantern comics, his origin probably would have something to do with the Green Lanterns, or the Guardians.

Posted by Moonman78

I'm going to check this out, but IMO larfleeze doesn't need his own book.

Posted by millennium

@batman9797: will theirs 5 more books that dc hasnt announced for oct so you could get one of those most likely it will be shazam and as for red robin i dont see him having a solo run anytime soon

Posted by Booster_Bronze

This was a funny a quirky book. Loved it myself, although I am disappointed that they didn't explain (at least in editor's footnotes) important details like how he lost his orange battery, where the butler came from, and how he lost his treasures to those of us who didn't read Threshold. Great book though and very entertaining.

Posted by ewcharmon

I was actually positive I wouldn't like this book. Like a lot of people I thought the idea of the muppet orange lantern getting his own book was insane considering all the characters DC could have gone with. But I had heard some many positive things about this issue that, against my better judgment I picked it up.

It was a fantastic read. It's been a very long time since a book made me laugh like this. It a awesome combo of cosmic comic hero adventure and humor.

So....somehow, against all odds this book has found it's way on to my pull list.

Edited by Ashr

I enjoyed the book and it's a refreshing break from the gritty, realistic and dark tone of so many comics of late. The banter between Larfleeze and his butler were a lot of fun.