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KISS Kids #1 - You Wanted the Youngest, You Got the Youngest! Review


This adorable new series takes the band KISS and makes the all little and cute.

The Good

What would happen if the members of the legendary rock band KISS became kids? What adventures and hi-jinks would ensue? Well, there's no need to wonder any more because IDW's new series KISS KIDS is exactly that.

KISS KIDS is a pretty out there book. It's two concepts (the band KISS and a children's book) that shouldn't work. It just seems way to crazy; however, it's actually a ton of fun. Writers Tom Waltz and Chris Ryall put together a delightful issue. It really does a great job at keeping both adults and children entertained, much in the same way TINY TITANS did it.

This first issue is great at keeping a smile on your face. There's tons of humorous KISS-related puns and quick wit going on here. Also, there's KISS robots. Who doesn't love the idea of KISS robots? Hardcore KISS fans will love the little references here and there. It's a book for KISS fans written by KISS fans that really does have mass appeal.

The art on this book is fantastic. Artist Jose Holder and colorist Jeremy Colwell do an awesome job. Their art really puts out a sense of fun and makes you feel like a kid inside. It's cartoony and fits the tone of the writing very well. Holder does a great job with over-exaggerating facial expressions for comedic effect.

The Bad

The title of the book is KISS KIDS. That's a bit of a head-scratcher. Why not call it Li'l Kiss or Tiny Kiss or Baby Kiss?

The only real problem with the issue, which by the end of the book works in its favor, is the fact the majority of the issue is broken up into one to two page stories. It's a bit jarring at first, since comic book readers are much more used to around 20 page stories, but by the end of the issue, it reads a bit better.

The Verdict

Whether you're into KISS, trying to get your kid into KISS, or you're bored, KISS KIDS is an incredibly fun read for all ages. The creative team on this book is fantastic, and while it's a bit jarring that these stories are only one to two pages long, in the end it's a very strong all ages book. However, you don't have to be a KISS fan to appreciate this title. If you're looking for a fun read, then this is the book for you.

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Kiss comic? Really? And I don't think there is any kid who even heard of KiSS.

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Kiss comic? Really? And I don't think there is any kid who even heard of KiSS.

My niece and nephew know who they are.

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You're about 35 years late to be incredulous about KISS comics. They're also had books produced by Archie and Todd McFarlane Productions over the years. And I'm not even a fan of the band.

Marvel got to freak out parents the most, by adding the band's BLOOD to the red ink.

Posted by McG

@galacticpunt: I remember seeing that in some tv show, some guy brought in a Kiss comic with the blood mixed into the ink... imagine that, HIV or anything mixed up in there.

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