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Kick-Ass 2 #4 Review


Get ready for more insane action as Mark Millar and John Romita Jr deliver the most intense comic of the week. Each issue pushes the envelope as far as it can go and this one is no exception.

The character formerly known as Red Mist has targeted Kick-Ass in his plot of revenge. With an army of his own, be prepared for a lot of over-the-top action, violence and foul images you've come to expect and look forward to in this title.

The Good

There's no holding back when it comes to this comic. People often complain that comics are unrealistic with the way events are handled. In the first volume of Kick-Ass, Dave and Red Mist grew to become great friends but it all went sour. Now Red Mist, under his new name, has vowed revenge against Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl because his father is dead. Knowing the kind of character Red Mist is and the level of insanity we've come to expect, you know it's not going to be a pretty sight when Mist begins the next phase of his plan.

Mark Millar doesn't hold back when it comes to his characters. We thought we'd seen it all in previous issues but Red Mist continues to find ways to send a message to Dave and the world that he is not taking this lightly. This level of violence is what you would expect if evil supervillains were real. Too many times we see the bad guys get defeated and it's all because they don't act as evil as they pretend to be. If a villain is truly evil, they will go to any means to accomplish their goals. Red Mist is a little $#!@ but he out-evils many of the great villains we've seen in comics. Kick-Ass and his new superhero friends thought they understood the hero game and knew what to expect. They have just entered a whole new level and it's not one they may survive.

Romita Jr's art with Tom Palmer's finishes continues to make the comic shine. Whether it's seeing Hit-Girl in her civilian identity or innocents getting brutally...injured, it's a good looking comic. Only it's completely full of disturbing images.

The Bad

How much violence is too much? We've sometimes seen other comics include intense violence just for the sake of pushing the boundaries. The violence here does fit with the story and characters. You have to be sure the comic doesn't fall into the wrong hands. There are some disturbing images but just keep in mind, it's a comic book. This isn't the 50s and we shouldn't have to worry about comics being influential on the youth of today.

While the story is moving forward, it's getting pretty dark. Kick-Ass previously had those awkward humorous moments where things got crazy. We're going into dark territories and you have to wonder how everyone will survive. I feel I almost need to read something bright and cheerful after this. But that's the aim of the comic so it really shouldn't be a complaint.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a comic that isn't going to hold back...on anything, this is the one for you. The character formerly known as Red Mist has an army and has targeted Kick-Ass and his friends and family. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr continue to push the story into dark territories. You know a giant blood-soaked final battle is coming and it's going to be surprising if anyone can survive. Comic book villains usually come across as silly and pathetic. They are willing to do dark and evil things but they never completely go all the way. Millar is showing us what a truly evil and whacked out individual is capable of. Heroes and villains trading blows with the bad guy going to jail and the hero waiting for their next encounter seem silly compared to this. Just be prepared for some graphic scenes and violence. This comic is not for everyone. The Mature rating makes that perfectly clear. We'll have to see what Millar and Romita Jr have planned for the next issue to top this.

Posted by Standurd

yup after reading it I needed a shower but in a good way ha

Posted by danhimself

I can't say I didn't like this issue...I did....but man some of the stuff in it was just way to much.....this is the book that you give to people when they say that there's no such thing as unnecessary violence cause this book is full of it

Posted by ninjadude853

Alright, I'm out. I'm sorry, i may seem like a jackass or a moral guardian but after that part with the kids... no, just no. I'm out.

Posted by Nefilim927

I'm a big dog lover so I the last issue was a little rough for me and now this...I had to take a break after reading it too. Still good stuff though.

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Me before reading this :) "yay it's here"

Me after reading this O_O "what the h*ll did I just friggin read Oh......Uh My........God"

it was good but Jesus Friggin Christ

Posted by danhimself


@G-Man said:

The character formerly known as Red Mist has targeted Kick-Ass in his plot of revenge. With an army of his own, be prepared for a lot of over-the-top action, violence and foul images you've come to expect and look forward to in this title.

I read this but with all of the events to go through, you know the new DC line-up, Fear Itself, Spider-Island, ect, and my indy books I can't for life of me remember what his new name is? Nor the character formerly known as Red Mist's new teams name? Any help from the G-Brain of comic wisdom? ;)

not sure what his team is called but he changed his name to Motherfu##er

Posted by midnightmare

The put an advise on the cover.

Posted by KRYPTON

Cool review, can't wait to see this in the movies

Posted by Eyz

This won't end well...

Posted by darth bul

love the issue

Posted by BadassAquaman

Kickass sucks so much. I mean, dude, it's JRJR "art"! It's awful as default!