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Justice League United #0 - Justice League Canada, Part 1 of 5 Review


There’s a new Justice League in town. Actually, it’s out of town. Up in Canada.

The Good

This definitely looks like it’s going to be a different sort of Justice League comic. This is a good thing. Just as the previous JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA had a different vibe and reason for existence compared to the team in JUSTICE LEAGUE, this looks like a different take on the idea of the team as well as a different tone for the New 52.

This is one of those stories where we’re completely thrown right into the middle of the action. A team is formed and we have absolutely no idea how and why these here’s have gathered and where they’re fighting. It’s a strange mix of characters and not knowing why they’re together adds some fun and mystery to the book. The action does jump back three days prior and we see Animal Man and Stargirl at a celebrity convention up in Toronto. Again, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it sets the stage for these two heroes to meet Adam Strange.

Soon they find themselves in the middle of a strange fight with some other heroes joining in on the fun. Throughout the comic, we get moments of humor that lightens up the tone. This is welcomed, especially after how dreary things got for everyone during Forever Evil. We even seen that part of the team dynamic will include certain characters bickering a bit with each other. That’s always a nice touch as it’s hard to believe that every member of a team can immediately get along with everyone else. We also meet a new character that has been described as being highly important.

Mike McKone’s art really shines here. It’s great to see him in this book as I’ve been admiring the art and sketches he’s been posting on his Twitter page. He does the characters justice and helps add to the change in tone during the fighting and afterwards.

The Bad

There’s quite a bit of confusion here. Part of it is we have no idea how FOREVER EVIL ends and why Animal Man and Stargirl are in Canada. We get a glimpse of a non-Red Lantern Supergirl (am I behind on RED LANTERNS?) and another former JLA member. Both of their appearances are not explained just yet. We also see a couple other characters seemingly randomly thrown in towards the end. Long time fans of Alan and Alana might have concern over the changes made to them as they are introduced in the New 52. It’s possible we haven’t seen all there is to them just yet.

We’ll have to wait. Some of the confusion can’t be helped with FOREVER EVIL pushed back. The rest is just part of the storytelling. The action and humor will set your mind at ease if you must have answers right away.

I wasn't quite sure why this was a zero issue instead of #1. Obviously, not a big deal.

The Verdict

Jeff Lemire has delivered a new Justice League team. Having a Justice League team in Canada does help to give this title a different feel from the regular JUSTICE LEAGUE team. There are some nice little references Canadians or friends of Canadians will appreciate. Mike McKone’s art also plays a part in making this a great looking comic that is sure to be fun to read. We may not have all the answers as to why and how all these heroes have come together but it’s going to be a blast to find out. You should definitely check this out.

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@hempknight757: Well that's your opinion. Completely disagree with nearly everything you said.

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