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Justice League of America's Vibe #4 - Illusions and Disillusions Review


Vibe has another mission after his last 'failure.' Will he do the right thing if that means putting himself at risk with Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S.?

The Good

Let's start out with the obvious - Batman on the cover. Too often when he is used, it's a forced feeling. You can say that he does appear here for a reason. At first it did feel odd but it will end up making perfect sense.

Last issue we got to find out a little about Agent Gunn and there's a pretty big revelation here. In the first couple issues, he felt like a simple/generic government soldier. Sterling Gates is now giving him more of a purpose and is defining what his character is about. It's a great surprise to see another layer added to this series.

Vibe continues to be a puppet for A.R.G.U.S. We know this can't last forever and we've already seen him disobey orders last issue. With their target being Gypsy, we're finding out more of what Vibe is and isn't willing to do. This adds a feeling of the unknown to this series. We're only four issues in and the direction is already being questioned a bit. You also start wondering what A.R.G.U.S.' overall plan is with the breachers and you can't help but want to find out more.

Manuel Garcia and Fabiano Neves handle the art in this issue and while I'm not completely crazy about Vibe's costume, his look really is starting to grow on me. It's always cool when artists are able to show a masked character expressing their emotions despite their face being covered. There's also about three pages with no dialogue and you can follow the story just by the panels. It does make you really slow down and appreciate the art. I also really dig Brad Anderson's colors, especially when Vibe is using his powers.

The Bad

We're now four issues in and there's still a feeling of not knowing what direction this title will take. Vibe is being forced to hunt 'breachers' for A.R.G.U.S. but that can't continue forever. We're already seeing Vibe starting to think for himself. The problem is if he rebels too much, that affects his position on the Justice League of America, and we can assume they'll want him there a bit longer. Vibe is going to need a different sort of problem to deal with so the issues don't feel redundant.

Batman's 'appearance' was justified and handled nicely but after you read it, you'll know it really wasn't necessary.

The Verdict

Vibe's adventures continue and we're starting to see things aren't going exactly according to A.R.G.U.S.' plans. Throughout the story, Sterling Gates is also developing Agent Gunn's character instead of just focusing on Vibe. Manuel Garcia and Fabiano Neves' art along with Brad Anderson's colors really works here. There is some concern with the direction of the book. There's a slight feeling of redundancy with Vibe going on missions for A.R.G.U.S. At least now he's starting to have some doubts. I'd like to assume there is a big overall plan and direction for this title. Vibe is an underdog in the DC Universe. He's a rookie. It's great seeing a 'new' character develop and try to find their place among everyone else. With Sterling Gates now on board, we are seeing more development in the series and I will continue to root for Vibe and this comic.

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Posted by The Stegman

DC: " Okay, we've already cancelled even more titles...we need Vibe, how do we keep him selling??''

"We could add "Justice League of America" to his title."

"Not good enough, what else?"

"..Erm...Batman? Batman's always the answer.

"GENIUS! Put Batman on the cover, stat!''

Posted by jstndmnd

I HOPE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE READING THIS COMIC. I find the Vibe fun and charming,and iwould hate to see it on the next list of 52 canceled books. Thanks for the review.

Edited by V_Scarlotte_Rose

@jstndmnd: Apart from the titles that have been announced as cancelled, in April, Vibe was the fifth lowest selling New 52 titles, outselling All Star Western, Katana, Stormwatch and Batwing. I think it could be at risk of cancellation next time, as low selling titles with great reviews seem to get cancelled quite often.

Posted by rjohnson89

loving vibe and was really curious how batman fit into this story. now i understand that its annoying that "batman sells" but at the same time not only does this in a way help push sales for this issue but it was also meshed well with the story line. I really didn't find it that forced at all

Posted by DCVibe

Loving the development of the character. He is starting to become his own character which includes making his choices his gut tells him.

Enjoyed the Batman cameo, even if it wasn't what I was hoping.

I really appreciate supporting characters that are developed that help make the main characters have to carry the heavy load less. As long Agent Gunn stays strictly with Vibe then Vibe's universe is getting bigger.

Gypsy costume had minor changes, that's a good thing!

Edited by Cavemold

Adding batman is sales necessary move.. if it works guess well find out....

Posted by Cavemold

They will give at least 15 issues regardless of sales. Its geoff Johns project and they cant cancel it in 8 issues and not take PR hit

Posted by DarklyDreamingDeadpool

i'm really enjoying vibe since issue 1, it's fun, looks great and i really like the character.

Posted by SupBatz

I agree that the series does feel a bit directionless. But I think it fits (for now) with the idea that Vibe is still trying to figure out where he stands and who he wants to be. So as I'm not too bothered by it feeling a bit up in the air so long as it doesn't stay that way for too much longer.

That being said, I've very much enjoyed this series thusfar. It has all of the right ingredients for a successful series except for a well-know and well-liked lead. I'm hoping sales take a turn for a better because I'd rather read this than most of the comics outselling it any day.

Posted by bladewolf

Dropped it after the last horribly dull issue. I thought the first issue was great, the second was decent...but the third made me feel like this title isn't really going anywhere and is just a gimmick. I read the preview of this issue, and it made me even less interested. I get the feeling we'll hear about its cancellation within the next 2 months...

Edited by Rich711

Geoff Johns said he would make the comic book world love Vibe but even he lost interest after 2 issues and leaves one of their D-List writers on it. Vibe is a complete dud.

Posted by sterlinggates

Thanks for reading!

Posted by ThatOneKidWhoLikesComics

So Batman wasn't even in it at all? That's just sad...

Posted by XSpectreGreyX

The thing with Batman felt like a cheap ploy to get people to read this. However, as someone who has followed this book, I like this issue. Nice progression in Vibe's character with a nice cliffhanger (although, as someone who has been putting off reading issue 20 of Suicide Squad, it felt spoiler-ish).