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Justice League of America's Vibe #3 - Trial by (Flash) Fire Review


Vibe is being groomed to take on the Flash. Why not test him out against Kid Flash?

The Good

Vibe is the newbie on the Justice League of America. He's only had his powers for a little while and isn't an expert on how to fully use them. The fact that he has the potential to be "one of the world's greatest heroes" makes him that much more interesting.

Sterling Gates takes over writing duties and he does so seamlessly. The dialogue between Vibe and his brother feels natural and adds another layer to the comic. Vibe needs someone to talk to, especially when out 'patrolling' on his own. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea of his brother being involved like this but here, you can really see how it can work.

What makes this issue truly fascinating is having Vibe face off against Kid Flash. The idea is to test him out as Amanda Waller's plan is to be able to unleash Vibe against Flash, if need be. He has the potential to be able to cut off Flash from the Speed Force only Vibe isn't quite sure how his powers exactly work.

With Kid Flash, there are still a lot of questions that haven't been answered yet in TEEN TITANS. During their interaction we do get to find out more. It's a moment I've been waiting for since his appearance in TEEN TITANS #1.

The art by Pete Woods and Fabiano Neves fits this book nicely (with one exception listed below). We get some impressive displays when Vibe uses his powers and how he perceives Kid Flash is interesting.

The Bad

We see Vibe almost bonding with Agent Gunn. It's nice but the timing was off. Then again, it shows that Vibe is still new to all this and hasn't really thought about the right time to ask personal questions.

Unfortunately, Kid Flash doesn't look quite like a kid. Yeah we have artistic interpretation but he should be slimmer and maybe even shorter. I tried not to let it get to be but it was a little distracting.

If A.R.G.U.S. is going to try to use the same 'reason' on Vibe when they need him to take on a threat, it could get a little old. The way they set up this confrontation does provide an interesting twist but it could also mean that Vibe might start questioning things.

The Verdict

There have been those that have questioned the nature of this book due to Vibe's previous portrayal and the title but the series continues to be interesting. With Sterling Gates on board, you know he will give the character the enthusiasm he usually pumps into his writing. Vibe is meant to be a threat against Flash and seeing him 'practice' against Kid Flash is a great angle and also serves to give us some answers as to Kid Flash's origin. With so much deception in the book, you get the sense that things could explode at any moment. That's part of the charm of this book. You don't necessarily know what's coming up next. As there is a lot of potential in Vibe and his powers, there is a lot of potential in this series. With Sterling Gates taking over, you should definitely check this out.

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first time pick up for me and it was a good issue

Posted by TheRobberBarron

@urbanchill: Just because your down with Torquise Jeep i have to follow !

Posted by UrbanChill
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Please no... Why is Vibe back??

Posted by bori22


Vibe is a good character in New 52. Even if it gets cancelled because of people that wont give something new a chance. So just go read your "many" batman/superman & X-men/spider-man/wolverine book's.

(darn it made an account just to reply to this stupid quote)

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I see Geoff Johns has jumped off this sinking ship. I feel like this whole thing is a gentlemen's bet where Johns tried to prove to Jim Lee that writing is more important than art and to prove it he will take a complete turd like Vibe and make it successful. You lose, Mr. Johns, you lose.

Posted by Raw_Material

This issue was really great and shows quite a few of Vibe's awesome feats as he's able to take on Kid Flash's speed.