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Justice League of America #8 - Paradise Lost Review


The Justice League of America is dead, right? Then what kind of an issue will this be? We're starting to find out what happened after Trinity War.

The Good

As interesting as FOREVER EVIL is, there's been a big sense of the unknown. It's a common practice to jump forward a bit and reveal the details as the story moves forward. With this issue, Matt Kindt jumps on board and begins giving us the answers we've been waiting for.

We know at the end of Trinity War, the Crime Syndicate arrived and things didn't go well for the Justice League. We're starting to see what happened to the members and why they haven't been seen in the pages of FOREVER EVIL or select Villains Month titles. With Martian Manhunter and Stargirl as the leads, it's an interesting direction for the story. There's plenty more to see about these two and how they'll continue to evolve in the New 52. We also get an interesting look at some other characters and it'll be worth thinking about what their situations reveal about them.

Somehow I had forgotten Doug Mahnke was doing the pencils on this issue. I can never get enough of his art. There's some really cool situations and locations created here and seeing the different characters in Mahnke's style is always fun.

The Bad

With some of the other characters here, it's understandable that they'll be behaving a little differently due to the situation. Some of them felt a little off. Clearly we need more information to find out how and why they ended up where they did and what other factors might be affecting them.

It's also unclear why the Syndicate would allow these individuals to live. They've proven to be completely ruthless. They're claiming to have killed everyone yet we're seeing some characters locked away. This could just be another bit we'll have to wait to see explained further.

The Verdict

If you've been wondering what happened in between Trinity War and FOREVER EVIL #1, we're starting to get some answers. Matt Kindt takes over the title and puts Martian Manhunter and Stargirl front and center in this big mystery. Doug Mahnke's art is always great to see. I love a good mystery and the idea of these two trying to crack this one sound pretty cool. There are some questions why certain things have happened so we'll have to remain patient to see how everything unfolds.

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Edited by Superbat420

Who set up said prison? And what was with that Ronnie?

Edited by Booster_Bronze

I'm guessing they claimed the Justice League is dead because "The Justice League is dead" sounds a lot more ominous and "do what I say or else"-y than "The Justice League is locked up in a prison we made for them."

Edited by JLDoom

Great issue, but it ended up replacing questions with even more questions! With that said, I'm glad I decided to stick with this book until Forever Evil is over.

Posted by Captain13

Best issue of Justice League since before the reboot. I like all of the prisons. Superman's held back by his guilt. Wonder Woman is split between two worlds and has a hard time with emotions even though she's the strongest woman there is. Flash is concerned he may have done everything possible in one morning and has nothing to look forward to. Jason lost a piece of himself and is a little more Ronnie because of it. It's great seeing the psychologies of these characters.

Posted by Master_Thief
Posted by darknightspideyfanboy
Edited by arnoldoaad

I had soo many problems with this issue

for starters I HATED the Wonder Woman bit, so the way to lock her up is basically putting her to choose between Superman and Trevor, what is wrong with DC?

really, this is Wonder Woman?

However I really enjoyed the Flash bit, the idea is really good and even reading about it was extremely interesting

the rest were just boring but maybe it is because im not invested on any of the threads for the characters like Superman feeling guilt over the death of Dr Light for example, I dont care.

but the one that takes the cake is Baz's

without spoilers, it is just such a terrible idea, it is not entertaining and it isnt dramatic or interesting for the character and I hope it is never ever brought back again.

the ending was extremely underwhelming and even confusing because I have no idea how the hell Stargirl escaped but I think it was suppose to be very dramatic and impacting by the ending bit that says "Things get worse" or something.

Posted by scouts1998

I like Doug Mahnke's art on JLA but i like his green lantern even more.

Posted by manwithoutshame

This was a perfect score for me, the way Kindt uses these JL characters is spot on, the 2 page Flash scene had me laughing my ass off!

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

@master_thief: He survived. As seen in the end of last issue of forever evil.

I really liked how they paid homage to superman movie. IT was hilarious!

Posted by ColaNicole

So how did Superman have his cape when it was tossed into the crowd in Forever Evil?

Posted by detective38

This issue sucked. If this is really how forever evil is going to go then it isn't going to be nearly as good as I first thought

Posted by EnigmaLantern

Great cover and it's nice to see Martian Manhunter and Stargirl getting some solo (team) action. Love it

Edited by Primebonnick

did not like the fact they made wonder woman's prison be choosing between two guys. As much as i ship WW/SM i think her thinking about her inability to save the mother and fellow amazons should have been the guilt prison.

Posted by noj

@arnoldoaad: It wasnt just her choosing between Trevor or Superman it was symbolic of her being torn between two worlds the human and the superhuman. Baz's fear is becoming what he perceives people see him as. It makes sense.

Posted by lifeboy

@primebonnick: I thought that it would have been better if they made wonderwomans dilema to choose being with her amazons or having to choose superman. The catch would be that shes *thinking* she wants to be with superman. Lol