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Justice League of America #60 - Adjourned Review


We know this is the end of this volume before the relaunch. How will this incarnation of the Justice League go out? Also, pay close attention as one line a character makes completely sets up one of the big changes we'll see in September.

It's time for the Justice League to say goodbye. As the DC books prepare to close this door before the next opens, you might find yourself a little surprised at what happens.

The Good

I never thought this team was given a fair chance. From the onset, I saw comments about none of the 'big guns' being on the team. What I felt was brilliant was seeing all these characters graduate into becoming members of the Justice League.

How will this final issue end? With all the current final issues, we see either a flashback, a random character spotlight (that feels like a filler) or a simple adventure that doesn't acknowledge the end. This issue does acknowledge that end. It would feel like a disservice to end the series with this team without giving them a send off. I had high hopes from them but once it was announced that we would be seeing the new old team starting off the DC's relaunch, the chips were getting stacked against the team.

This group always felt a little odd together but Robinson made it work. We saw the team that no one expected to be together work as a team. This issue does give us scenes of what we could've had if the relaunch wasn't happening right now.

The Bad

As much as I liked the ending we get here, without trying to give anything away, I was a little surprised by some of the decisions some characters made. In particular, it's Dick Grayson who makes a great comment and also a surprising one. When you read the issue, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I liked the art with the slightly darker colors but I actually thought there was more than one artist here. There were times some of the characters didn't quite look consistent in the face.

The Verdict

It was a fun ride but this is the end for this Justice League. It was an odd choice to have a team consisting of non-original members (or the big guns) but James Robinson made it work and showed it was a great idea. Some of DC's final issues have felt a little flat but this is clearly a fitting end. We get little nods of what could have been if the series didn't have to face the relaunch and one line in particular clearly sets the stage for them in their next book. The art was a tiny bit inconsistent at times but the team looks great with the darker colors and gives it a feel of elegance. It's a shame to see this team go but next month it will be a whole new world.

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Posted by carnivalofsins00

For someone like me who isn't going to read this issue, could anyone tell me what that one line that Dick says that Tony's talking about in here?

Edited by zzax

I am glad some people liked this run, but for me Robinson's run was probably one of the worst on the book in 10 years. Starting with the dreadful Cry for Justice into his disjointed run on the main title, it was painful. Bring on Geoff Johns please!

Posted by longbowhunter

I stopped reading this along time ago. I just thought I'd check in to see if Robinson's JLA ever got any better. Being a HUGE Starman fan I cant express the utter lack of care I had for his run. James Robinson writting Mikaal Tomas again was supposed to be great!

Posted by Scodiac

I totally need to go pick up this issue.

Posted by Mucklefluga


Posted by Outside_85

Thats probably the only thing i like about the reboot; the end of a number of truly awful books.

Posted by Nwing77

There was alot to like about this version of the JLA.  There's was also alot to feel kind of 'meh' about.
Robinson's run truly started off on a bad foot with the early roster changes caused by editorial blocks on characters.  Its hard to say what the original potential his JLA could've reached.  The first few issues alone were spent trying to solidify a team WHILE telling a story.  That's difficult for even experienced plotters, but for Robinson, I don't think his writing was ever charismatic enough to carry it forward through those types of hurdles. 
However... I really did like the end result of this team.   IT WAS UNIQUE.  IT WAS DIVERSE.  This roster can boast to having more female heroes than males, a good selection of fringe characters getting panel time, representation of ethinic and LGBT heroes.  It even had intellectual gorilla as a member.  
This is enough to get my attention with a book, because I've become disenchanted with the Big 7, and don't really care about their team dynamic past the stupidity of Identity Crisis.
Sadly, though, for Dick, Donna, and the others, the plotting for JLA this past year was too lukewarm, and a good team with great potential never got the spark it needed to really take off.
Posted by SpiritGoat

It has the panel and lines:

Posted by danhimself

wow 4 stars really?  I really don't think it was all that good....JLA deserved a better ending than this

Posted by ecm1285

I've really been enjoying Robinson's run and this was a great ending to it.  It sucks to see he's not doing anything with the reboot.  Speaking of him...when is he gonna be back on the podcast?

Edited by hpwaz

I feel that this had alot of hints about the new universe. Bill talking about heroes in Africa, and then we're getting a Batwing book. Dick's comment, and then we're getting a Nightwing book. Finally Donna's comment, which is they most eerie for fans of hers 
Edited by Hyperion322

A teary farewell since none of us are sure of the fate of any of the heroes (other than Dick Grayson) in the upcoming reboot, but I thought it served its purpose by highlighting just what a great team these characters formed. Writer James Robinson even threw in some flashback adventures we had never seen to show his audience he could have kept these version of League going indefinitely. Before reading this issue my greatest concern was the fate of Donna Troy, but after all has been said and done, I thought this was fitting goodbye and a perfect explanation presented to her fans. I'll miss this Justice League of America.  ~ Hype

Posted by Darkmount1

I thought the issue was okay...I'll admit, there was only one thing I absolutely did not like about this: one of Donna Troy's final lines--it just felt like a big cop-out from James Robinson. He should have stood up for himself and tried to do the League HIS way, without executives meddling. We could've avoided a travesty like Cry for Justice if that happened. I thought this team had great potential--and you know what, if I had been in that position, I'd have said a figurative "screw you" to the sycophantic editorial and domineering executives, and done things my way in defiance. It'd be my story, undeferred, the way it was meant to be told. Creators these days should grow a spine and fire back.
Posted by labarith

This issue was just a "I wish DC didn't reboot us" issue.  And that's sad.