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Justice League of America #3 - World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Three: The Forest and the Trees; Missing Pieces Review


Is there a traitor on the team already? Let's just say things don't quite go according to plan for the new JLA.

The Good

We're just three issues in and already we're seeing several fronts where things might explode for the team. This isn't your typical team. There are different layers to it with the idea to have a team able to take down the other Justice League team along with having certain members they want to have in or out of the spotlight as well as in or out of the action. With the team members not knowing the complete story, you can see how could go the wrong way.

Last issue we also saw the opposition this team has to face and while we know it's not who they appeared to be, there is still fun in seeing how the fight goes and the team's reaction. This is setting up the inevitable clash between the Justice League and the Justice League.

Geoff Johns pays attention to the little details. This is a team that hasn't even had a proper training session. Most of them are experienced heroes but members like Vibe are still completely new to this. Working alongside others also adds another element. And of course there's the possibility of a traitor being on the team. You can't have a team book without the potential of drama and disaster.

Aside from prepping the team for possibly taking down the Justice League, we also have the need to figure out who and what the Secret Society of Super Villains is. Now that this organization is on their radar, Amanda Waller and Steve Trevor need to figure out a way to get to them as well.

There's another Martian Manhunter back up by Matt Kindt. Martian Manhunter is proving to be more and more an interesting and complex character. This story allows us to see a little more into his past.

The Bad

I assume the issue was delayed because it's been seven weeks since issue #2.

The art is kind of all over the place. There are some pages and layouts that look really great - the stuff we expect from David Finch. There is a wide shot that is cool but other panels had bare backgrounds and there was the occasional facial expression that looked a little off.

The Verdict

The new Justice League of America team is seeing some serious action here. The team's agenda may not be known to the actual team but with the discovery of the Secret Society of Super Villains, we're seeing another group for them to try to take on. Hopefully the team will get some actual training before things get really bad. Geoff Johns is giving us an atypical team book. The fact that the members don't even know why they've been brought together adds a different dynamic compared to all the other team books we have. There were some unfortunate concerns with the art this month but the action is heating up and there's no telling what Johns has planned next.

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Posted by Hawkguy

Not too excited anymore when it comes to JL comics but I did pick this up, this review just makes me all the more curious.

As a side note, I did see Finch at my local comic store on FCBD and he "modified" my JLA issue one flag with a Canadian maple leaf.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

We need a new artist on this book.

Edited by The Stegman

I loved this issue, especially the Catwoman/Martian Manhunter backup.

Posted by Xaa

I'll have to pick it up tomorrow or later this week since I'm following this series, finally action! Glad to hear it.

Posted by adamcrouch

So i Mahnke just a fill in for Trinity War or is he staying. I know Johns said they would be working togethor later this year so i figure its just a fill in.

Edited by Reignmaker

I'm actually pretty happy that I kept with Batman & Robin instead of dropping it for this book. Geoff Johns hasn't wowed me on the main JL title and I just don't see him doing differently here.

That being said, I'll certainly take a look when Trinity War starts up. I like that DC is doing that within the mainstream books so we can check out what's currently being put out. The Age of Ultron model where there's a new $4 book every other week is just all kinds of fail.

Posted by bob808

I love the art in this book

Posted by longbowhunter

I was hoping for more with these MM backups but so far they're pretty lacking. The main story I like a lot. Johns writes a good Waller, you can really see Ostrander's influence in this issue. Three issues in and Vibe's even growing on me.

Posted by tec79

I am really enjoying this book and feel since the thirteenth issue Justice League has continually improved. I am also hoping that there will not be to long of a wait for Martian Manhunter solo title with a quality writer and artist. The Secret Society may play an important role in what co es after tne Trinity War.

Edited by BlueLantern1995

When the graphic novel of this series comes out, I can guarantee I will buy it as soon as I can.

Edited by Jmenna07

I've been loving Justice League of America. I especially loved Catwoman's funny remarks here and there in this issue.

Posted by Zeeguy91

This issue was amazing!!...story wise.

The art...was a bit wonky.

But still....easy 4.5 out of 5 in my book.

Posted by Ghidoran

I don't why. I hate Johns' Justice League. But JLA is probably my favorite New 52 series at the moment. I don't think it's the absolute best of the New 52, but it's the only comic where I actively think about reading the next issue immediately after finishing one, and then being sad because it's a month away (longer in this case...).

Posted by Bogey

So they are basically the suicide squad for superheroes.

Edited by The Stegman

@bogey said:

So they are basically the suicide squad for superheroes.

Ehh, not really. They are a team formed by Waller to take down the JL if they ever go rogue, she also wants the JLA to have as much of a positive public view as possible so if they DO take down the League they won't be labelled as villains..they're kinda like the Dark Avengers only...not evil.

Posted by detective38

This series really isnt impressing me so far. I like the idea of introducing the secret society in the new 52 but the rest of this book hasnt grabbed me. @tec79 I love MM too but its not likely we'll be seeing a solo ongoing for him any time soon because apparently DC thinks we should be more interested in a Vibe ongoing...

Posted by Saren

DC seriously needs to replace Finch with a better artist. His style is inconsistent and distracting. It didn't help that this issue had some appalling coloring decisions as Martian Batmanhunter.....

Posted by TDK_1997

DC seriously needs to replace Finch with a better artist. His style is inconsistent and distracting. It didn't help that this issue had some appalling coloring decisions as Martian Batmanhunter.....

Same here.When I saw that shot I was really confused if that was really Martian Manhunter or Batman.

But apart from that picture,I really think that JLA is so far a better book than Justice League.It is nothing special or new but the whole characterization and the way Johns handles things is better.

Edited by Agent_Prince

Sad to see David FInch's art deteriorate. Usually very consistent and superb. Not as bad as the script and story though; massively predictable, and obviously this book is just an excuse to throw failing DC characters together to save on separate titles. The Martian Manhunter back up was much more interesting. Book dropped. Sorry Geoff.

Edited by Rich711

Yay! Doctor Ivo is back, maybe history will repeat itself and he will kill Vibe again and we wont see that lame ass hero for another 25 years.

Remember when David Finch's name on a book was a positive? Those were the days.

Posted by Grimoire

Waller is DC's Nick Fury it seems with the blackmail that's a easy as breathing. lol

Posted by mickeymayhew

Signalman?! had to do a double-take at the last page