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Justice League Dark #5 - In The Dark, Finale: There Was A Crooked Man Review


It's funny what a nursery rhyme can do.

The Justice League Dark tries their best to stop the terror in front of them.

The Good

Tough issue. It's a down the middle of the road issue and overall book for me. The first story line wraps up as Enchantress is put back together again, and all the craziness is wrapped up. It's a very satisfying conclusion to the story arc, but it wasn't anything to get too excited about.

I enjoyed the art and the overall writing in the issue, but more than anything, I just like seeing John Constantine back in the DC Universe after being just a part of Vertigo for so long. On top of that, I love seeing Deadman have a bigger role is DC books. I've always felt he was an under-rated hero, and he makes an excellent addition to this team.

The Bad

Madame Xanadu is extremely whiny and pretty naggy. The differences between her in JLD and Demon Knights is night and day.

I don't care too much for some of the members of this team. I like Constantine, Deadman, and Zatanna, but everyone else on Justice League Dark is not my cup of tea, especially Shade, a character I have never liked. The idea of the team is cool, but I'd much rather see some of these characters replaced.

The Verdict

Like I said, it's a middle road book. Nothing really bad about it and nothing really great about it. I'm hoping the next story line will offer a bit more, especially to new reader, since I don't feel this is a new reader friendly book. The issue wraps up the story pretty well and the art and writing are pretty solid. However, Xanadu is annoyingly whiny and naggy and I just don't care for some of the members of this team. Overall, I'll say you may want to skip this issue unless you're a fan of one of the characters in this book or a fan one of them members of the creative team.

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Posted by Sharkey

I agree with Madam Xanadu being a bit whiney! 
Constantine continues to be ever the great character to read about, not afraid to do what needs to be done! 
I don't know why the surprise on the last page has to be hidden, anyone who reads the solicitations knows what's coming up! :p

Posted by Outside_85

Would go in the other direction and suggest people to drop Justice League and pick up the superior Justice League Dark.

Posted by TheHood

Hey, this isn't a review for Justice League #4 at all!

Edited by moywar700

there's is nothing great about this book nor it isn't bad. I stopped buying it because they were other better titles to get.I had high hopes for this title, being one of the few books that focuses on magic but it didn't meet my expectations

Posted by fodigg

@TheHood said:

Hey, this isn't a review for Justice League #4 at all!

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

To be fair, I'm not surprised there's a sizable difference in Demon Knights' Xanadu and JLD's Xanadu, there are a few centuries between the two.

Posted by TheHood

@fodigg: Now they've changed the front page to say "Justice League Dark #4". They've almost fixed it!

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

I hope to read more about Zatanna and Constantine as they are a couple of my favorite characters. Also what Zatanna did to Shade this issue made me lol.

Posted by JonesDeini

@The Mighty Monarch said:

To be fair, I'm not surprised there's a sizable difference in Demon Knights' Xanadu and JLD's Xanadu, there are a few centuries between the two.

Yeah. Personally I'm very much enjoying this series. Especially this issue. My only remaining problem with the book is I still don't get Mindwarp's deal. Like I know the same amount of info I knew about him from issue two at issue 5. And in all fairness he wasn't given much panel time. And the next arc focuses on him, but yeah. I just don't get the guy and what makes him tic. Anyways I think this issue ends the first arc on a high note, I think the title over all is a very good book and makes for one of the better reads in the DCnU, especially if you're a fan of the early Vertigo books and that style of writing.

Posted by BlackArmor

I really liked this issue, it deserves more stars.

All Your Stars Are Belong To Us

Posted by Ganthetsward20

@The Mighty Monarch: agreed that's why im not to disappointed, there is bound to be some change over a few centuries.

I really liked the overall feel of the book, its not drenched in magic and the art is neat. I'm not a huge fan of the Shade either. I thought it wrapped the current little crisis nicely. I wonder if Enchantress will be a friend of the team and Xanadu being the secret evil they must fight.