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Justice League Dark #18 - The Death of Magic, Part 4: The Last Stand Review


The Death of Magic story line wraps up here.

This review contains spoilers

The Good

Constantine still can't lie, Xanadu is progressively aging, and Timothy Hunter is leading mystical beings on a war against science.

By far, the best part about this book, during this story, was the art. Mikel Janin (art) and Jeromy Cox (colors) do a stellar job on this issue. It's really the stand-out for the issue as a whole. From start to finish, Janin and Cox's art is beautiful, and it truly stands out in the action sequences, which is the majority of the issue. Cox's colors during these fight scenes are awe inspiring. There's a lot of mystical elements to this sequence and it shines through as magic meets fire and lightning.

By the end of the issue, it seems the world is and will become a bit more aware of the Justice League Dark. In no way are the covert justice league, but they do keep in their own little pocket of the DCU. After they turn down A.R.G.U.S., it seems they may have a new enemy, and therefore, will be a bit more in the spotlight.

I'm a little bummed out with where this ends with Timothy Hunter, but it's for the better. His story comes to a close and this team can move on. Timothy's story, from average boy to powerful magician, throughout this arc, was an interesting one. The character was developed very well, especially in this issue, as he goes to war. Once Timothy realizes the pain and suffering war causes both sides, he no longer wants any part of it. It's something he no longer wants. I really hope it's a character we get to see again in this series.

The Bad

Overall, this hasn't been my favorite story, and I'm glad it is over with. It's a fine introduction to Timothy Hunter, but the war between magic and science just wasn't doing it for me. The things that were at stake didn't really feel at stake. In addition, it felt a bit anti-climactic to me. Lots of good storytelling for almost no payoff. The only thing we get out of this story is that this team refuses to work with A.R.G.U.S. at the end of the story. The whole arc could be plucked from the book and it really wouldn't make any difference.

I'm being a picky jerk about this, but in previous issues, within this story, it's clearly stated that Constantine can't lie. In fact, he's giving away information to the enemy while talking to them instead of not saying it. However, after the team falls towards the Earth. Constantine jokingly says he thinks he sees an angel coming towards him to Black Orchid as Deadman floats towards him. I thought he couldn't lie though and joke or not, it's still a lie. I know it's nit-picky, but it really rubbed me the wrong way.

The Verdict

Even a mediocre issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is better than any other book with "Justice" in its title. It is still a very good issue, but the ending was a bit of a let down. I'm very excited to continue on with this series though, and Lemire and Fawkes has done a great job with the writing so far. Janin's art is amazing here, and we get treated to some beautiful fight scenes.

Overall, I give this a mild recommendation.

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Posted by longbowhunter

I liked this issue ok. The science based warriors of Epoch seemed a little cookie cutter. No real motivation. I really loved Janin's fantasy creatures.

Posted by The Stegman

I disagree about JLD being better than the other "Justice" titles, I've been enjoying both JL and JLA.

Posted by Ben3000

I had the same thoughts about this issue. I just didn't care about the Science Vs Magic story arc and for me at least it's better than Justice League. I can't compare it to JLA since it's only had two issues so far but JLD has been a book I always look forward too each month.

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

This story arc may have it's faults, but the idea of the battle between science and magic being a LITERAL one is just too awesome for words!!!

Posted by doordoor123

Nice catch with the lie. I didn't notice it.

Posted by lifeboy

I agree with you on the art. Amazing! Janin /cox do a beautiful zatanna. Also the story did have its short comings. On 17 frank escaped the science lab to easy. Issue 16 and 15 were tops though. The zatanna /harbinger guy fight was quite the sight.

Posted by JV

I loved the Science vs. Magic concept. I thought the setup and the background that brought us to this point were great. I jumped on JLD in the beginning just to add something different to my pull list and now it is one of my favorite reads.

Posted by arnoldoaad

I agree that the ending was extremely anti-climactic and it brought basically no pay off from beginning to end other than getting rid of Timothy Hunter which is a shame

very disappointed with this issue and arc as a whole

Edited by kantrip

The only part that really rubbed me wrong was when it was revealed that Tim's dad was also heir to the same vast power Tim had. It was a detail that was never explored in previous issues. I like how Lemire has revitalized the title and given it a far more interesting line up and purpose. I think Frankenstein is one of my favorites now next to Zatanna. He still has yet to stick an ending tho. Both the previous arc and this one closed up nice and quick in one issue with previously unrevealed Deus Ex Machina just fixing things.

Posted by manwithoutshame

I thought the first issue of this arc was the best of the series, but it lost focus shortly after. I'm still hoping this series gets in a groove and tells the great stories we've seen glimpses of.

Posted by secondfallen616

I'm not sure it's really a lie. I could call Mr. Elfring an "angel" for bringing me breakfast in bed or for helping an elderly person get that last bag of Werthers' Originals on the bottom shelf waaaaayyyy in the back. It's a figure of speech so theres the loophole and we all know how much ole' Johnny likes holes and loops.

Awesome book, awesome review, i could feel the inner conflict you had giving this 3 stars.

Edited by sswang

I liked this story arc ok, but I really loved the quality of the art. JLD is one of the few of the New 52 that has consistent good quality art since the beginning.