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Justice League #6 - Justice League, Part Six; Pandora Review


The Justice League lies nearly defeated and are facing the biggest threat they've seen. Could this be the end of the team?

This is the final battle between what's left of the Justice League and Darkseid. This will determine the future of the team as well as the DC Universe.

The Good

Throughout the first five issues, we've seen the different characters come together. This hasn't been the typical Justice League story. There's been fighting between members as well as characters getting thoroughly defeated. Jim Lee has given us plenty of big epic battle scenes while Geoff Johns has subtly laying out the groundwork of what the team (and DC Universe) will become. Many have asked what happens to change the atmosphere between this story taking place five years ago and the present. A lot of that is answered here.

I've applauded Johns' gathering of heroes in this arc. The heroes are not used to working with others and they've never faced a threat of this magnitude. In order to save the day, they can't and won't simply hold hands and defeat Darkseid together. Each plays a different role in the battle. Each character has their own strengths. It's up to them to use their abilities and figure out how to combine them in order to end the battle. As for Darkseid, wait until you see what his true intentions are. We get to find out what he's really after.

This issue also begins a little differently. It starts out with a narration from an outsider. We know the general populace isn't completely used to or comfortable with superheroes. They've never seen this level of destruction and witnessing the gathering of these powerful individuals is something to see.

One complaint I've heard about this series is the price and the amount of content inside. We know we're supposed to be getting back-up stories and we do get one in this issue. It wasn't announced before and you might have heard the information as it was leaked out but we get a heck of a back-up. 

The Bad There's always the trade off with the layouts Jim Lee uses. It's great seeing big panels to show off the detail in his artwork but sometimes combined with the frantic pace of the story, it makes it feel as if it flies by. There was one panel that bothered me. Wonder Woman is taking a turn at Darkseid and has a big smile on her face. A couple pages before, she's showing a tougher warrior's grimace. That felt more fitting with the tone of the story and with what was at stake.  

The Verdict 

The new status of the DC Universe has been established. Questions are answered and at the same time, others are raised. Darkseid was an interesting choice as the first big villain for the heroes to face as they gathered together to form the Justice League. His threat level has been raised and his reasons for being on Earth plants the seeds for what's to come. Because we have Johns and Lee, we expect some big moments and they deliver.  There are some really great moments with each member showcasing their individual talents that will remind you how much potential they all have as a team. The back-up story was a welcome and long awaited treat. Those seven pages made a great issue even better. If this is just the opening act for the Justice League, I can't wait to see what Johns and Lee have planned for us next.
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Edited by microwave25

Honestly Comicvine gives out the easiest 5 stars on the internet. This series has been so average yet it is constantly given it 4 or 5 stars! I mean 5 stars means the perfect comic book, it has everything! I havn't read this issue yet but I have a feeling it won't have everything I look for in a comic.

Posted by Top Flight Security

Grrrrr.....I might add this to my pull list now.....

Posted by Billy Batson

@microwave25 said:

Honestly Comicvine gives out the easiest 5 stars on the internet. This series has been so average yet it constantly give it 4 or 5 stars! I mean 5 stars means the perfect comic book, it has everything! I havn't read this issue yet but I have a feeling it won't have everything I look for in a comic.

What else is new.

Posted by shrmntnk62

I thought this waqs great. Fast paced action, great Jim Lee art, what more could anyone ask for?

Posted by foxandwall

I do not think David can represent the general populace. 
If I guess right, he must be the one who wrote the book 'Justice league: Gods among us'. 
Before that book, he also wrote some books about Atlantis, the seven wonders of the world and so on. 
I mean, it is seems that he is a kind of person who usually interested in mystery or supernatural stuff, therefore, it will be easy for him to accept the concept of "superhero" or something.

Posted by G-Man
@microwave25: See, to me, five means it was extremely fun and enjoyable. Keep in mind, we don't have half stars. There's a difference between four and five. Read my reasonings for the five. You get all the main characters, there's story developments, the back-up was great and I'm a fan of Lee and Johns. I read comics for the enjoyment. Don't just look at the rating. Read the justification. That should tell you whether or not it'll have "everything you look for in a comic."
Posted by Batcrow

Wonder Woman enjoying a fight and doing something besides being eye candy bothers people? There are soooo many other things to worry about in the comic, honestly speaking. The series has been very mediocre yet THAT's the biggest issue.

Posted by CODYSF

Hell yeah can't wait to get the comic.

Posted by microwave25

@G-Man: Well I suppose thats the main answer is that you enjoyed it. I'm not trying to attack your review or anything, I just personally have been let down by Justice League so far. I know ratings aren't everything but when I see like 75% of books on Comicvine given 5 stars it's just hard to gauge which ones are really good because I do look to this site for tips on what to buy.

Thanks for replying man.

Posted by kennybaese

I've been loving this comic too. I understand why people don't, or think it's meh, but I dig the popcorn blockbuster feel of the book. I do think, though, in the interest of my budget, I'm going to drop this from my pull and pick up the trades that look interesting.

Posted by CODYSF


Well it looks like a lot of people are enjoying the comic maybe is not your comic you should try something else.

Posted by G-Man
@microwave25: Also look at how many comics we review compared to everything that comes out. I only do 5-8 a week. If you listen on the podcast, there's plenty of comics we do NOT care for. We're pretty vocal about what we like and don't like. But I do understand where you're coming from. A lot of it is, we review what we like as well as try to review the titles people want to see reviewed. I don't want to try to seek out bad titles to review just to have lower scores pop up. But I have given a couple two's in the past few weeks. They do happen!
Posted by scuzz2.0

this ark was terrible. the writing felt amateurish. jonns doesnt seem to get these characters at all. i can no longer trust your reviews G-man. you seem like just another DC fanboy.

Posted by cacarl

That Combo-Pack cover is the best one.

Posted by Cosmic_Hobo

Out of curiosity, why don't you use half stars? It would surely make for my nuance in the reviews?

I love this site for the news, blog posts and the forums, but I do go elsewhere for reviews, as I also seem to see a great many 5 stars here. Which is great, since it means the reviews are being done by people who really love comics, but it does also seem to mean a blind eye gets turned to a lot of the issues in these... erm...issues

Posted by mbembet
@scuzz2.0: agreed it's ridiculous when people are easily blinded by the names of geoff johns and jim lee
Posted by kingjoeg

The main story was terrible, it was resolved by deuz ex machina. Even Jim Lee's art was messy and hard to understand. The only thing that was good about it was the pandora story at the end. I'm dropping this book.

Posted by G-Man
@scuzz2.0: So are you saying only DC Fanboys are reading and reviewing this? Looking at the ratings here, issue 1 had an average of 3.9 from users and I gave it a 4. Issue 2 had an average of 4.5 and I gave it a 5. Issue 3 had an average of 4.2 and I gave it a 4. Issue 4 had an average of 4.0 and I gave it a 4. Also, doesn't being a DC Fanboy mean you like everything DC does? Again, I have to bring up our podcast. I get the feeling you're not listening when we point out which books are great and which are not.
Posted by Obsidian307

Like all the JL books of this run, i felt like the book flew by. The action was fast and the art was great by Lee. But, i do think the book (and series) lacked something. What that is, i don't know yet. The back-up though was great. Have a good feeling about Pandora and where this is going for the DC MULTIverse :P

Posted by Or35ti

I'm so excited! I think the series is great but it's way too little content for a book like this. Just a few more pages of story would be amazing instead of the character models we get each month. Shazam should be cool tho.

Posted by dadarkknight36310

@microwave25:Dude if he thinks the book is a five out of five its his opinion, why do people on the internet constantly get mad at people when they feel differently about something. If you think other wise thats your opinion.

Edited by scuzz2.0

i dont listen to the podcast so i dont know what you say on it. maybe just a goeff johns fanboy then. it honestly seems like johns has tricked everyone into thinking he is a good writer. his stuff is just sooo bad its ridiculous. it makes me want to laugh until i look around and realize everyone is eating it up, then im sad. can someone tell me what he has written that stands out? anything that will be remembered in twenty years? even Bendis who is arguably worse has daredevil. what does johns have?

Posted by microwave25

@dadarkknight36310: Take it easy. That's all I gave was my opinion. I'm not tearing his review to pieces or anything. The reviewer has given his reasons why he likes it and I respect them. I just feel that it seems too easy to get a perfect rating on this site. Compared to some of the other really good stuff coming out of DC this has been distinctly average in my opinion.

Posted by Gordo789

Every time I see the review for new JLA I get excited. Then I read new JLA and that excitement dies.

Posted by the_fallen11

I did not like this issue.. This is supposed to be the flagship DC Comics title? The art is fantastic but that's about as far as it goes, it is MY opinion that ppl give these issues way too much credit b/c it IS DCs flagship. I feel like nobody wants to admit when the Justice League title is not good...if this were a 'Year One' or as story that takes place outside of continuity more ppl would be tearing this story that being said, maybe with the jump to the present with issue 7 there won't be as much foolish banter and villians who aren't as shallow as a puddle of water...I still hold hope for this book but these first six issues have given me no reason to keep reading.

Posted by HolySerpent

I enjoy the issue,

Posted by Primmaster64

Question....Does Superman kick a$$?

Posted by Afro_Warrior

I enjoyed it. One of the fears i had going into the title over how powerful Darkseid would be. I'm glad to see that he was defeated without being made to look like a punk.

Really interesting back up as well, should be interesting to see where it leads.

Posted by Outside_85

If this book was a movie...then it would be the Armageddon/Transformers variety.

Posted by TheOptimist

Tony has a right to his opinions in a review... and I'm rather grateful for those opinions, to be frank! He explains the things he enjoyed, comments honestly on his belief on the quality of the work... and most of all, he lets himself be excited! Reading Tony's reviews, whether gushing or negative, clearly reflects his deep appreciation of comic book work and really highlights that he is a fan first, a critic second, something that more of us should aspire to be.

I personally agreed completely with the rating for this book. There are others who do not, of both critics and fans. Another reviewer gave it 4 out of 10. Someone else may label it abysmal. Enjoy the book for yourself, not because of how someone else reviewed it.

This wasn't a super-enlightened book... but it was an incredibly enjoyable one for me, that had strong moments... a blockbuster piece that didn't need to be any more complicated than it was.

Well done Geoff and Jim... and thank you Tony for your review!

Posted by goldenkey

this book was good. No way in hell 5 stars. No way in hell. The story was more less a "Hi, lets fight these guys" for 6 issues. No much story. Nice art. New looking Darkide, that's it. Hope Johns delivers more in the next story.

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

I personally enjoyed the issue and agree with Tony on much of the stuff he brings up, thanks for the review. Also I love the homage to the Justice Leagues first team up in Brave and the Bold #28.

Posted by Reality

@microwave25 said:

Honestly Comicvine gives out the easiest 5 stars on the internet. This series has been so average yet it is constantly given it 4 or 5 stars! I mean 5 stars means the perfect comic book, it has everything! I havn't read this issue yet but I have a feeling it won't have everything I look for in a comic.

I can see why they warrant it a 3.5 stars and they always round the stars up.

Posted by tensor

Man this issue was darn good, an it was not even talking about the jla or darksied i want to know what happens next so bad darn it

Posted by stormtrance1618

Sigh. I had high hopes for this series. Unfortunately, the Pandora back story has been better than this opening Justice League story arc. Let's hope it gets better SOON!

Posted by Kallarkz

I'm not expecting much from this series...but ate the discount I get it at I'll pick it up. After seeing doom last night I am really liking cyborgs character.

Posted by DMC

The backup feature really saved this issue for me. Sure there were some good moments and the art was great. But......

I think anyone who has watched the animated Superman (Apocalypse Now!) and Justice League cartoon should be upset by Darksiedes portrayal in this issue. He's nothing like the calm, calculating and articulate character I know and love, the one seemingly shown of the cover of this issue.

But back to positive, the backup story had enough interesting details that might make me continue picking up this book........maaaybe.

Posted by The Stegman

Ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion first and foremost, some people love the book, some hate it, but it's not ok to belittle others and call them "Dc fanboys" or whatever just because they have different thoughts on a title than you, is this the best book out of the New 52? nope, but I DO enjoy it, and agree with what G-Man says 100%. Not every book has to be ground breaking or have elaborate twists and turns, there's plenty of that on the market, sometimes I just want to sit down and have good ol' fashion Superhero stories, good vs evil, large battles and nice art, and that's what this book is, a good time. So chill out and hop off G-Man's back!

Edited by coldmaster61342

This is an awesome issue. Everyone who is a fan of dc should buy this comic. It makes the whole dc reboot idea worth it.

Posted by zackattack529

@Primmaster64: i wouldnt say "kick A$$" but he has a very nice spread page that youll enjoy.

the book has top quality art. and as far as the story its definktly the best out of the last 5. but if your looking for alottta superman in it you might be bummed. .. its a team comic afterall haha

Posted by ltbrd

I do think this was the best issue of the series so far but it felt very rushed and really made little to no sense. They've turned Darkseid into a daddy looking for his little girl? Weird and to be honest a bit lame.

I did like the fact, though, that none of them (except Flash) were actually keen on the idea of keeping a team together. It was good that they didn't suddenly become best friends, hang out, and share their secret identities (well, I guess at this point only Superman's is actually a secret) in a new clubhouse. At this that part of this arc felt genuine in how these seven would interact the first time.

Not liking the new revelations in regards to Pandora....or even the Phantom Stranger. For starters it looks like they changed Pandora's look a bit. Gave her a softer make-over and got rid of the claw hand and more demonic look. Which is a shame because I thought it worked better for the awesome power she seemed to wield. But now we know this is the Pandora of myth and in a way her character has been brought down a lot now by just being a sad girl that wants to change her life at the expense of others.

Plus I don't like the loophole Geoff has put in on the "new 52". If all of this was just so Pandora can get her way than that means it can be changed at any time. So all this big hype and re-numbering could count for nothing at the drop of a hat. Lame and in a lot of ways feels like DC is trying to give us a Fourth Crisis so they can change everything around again. Sort of like right now is a test to see what the public wants and in a year or two we'll get a new universe with old elements brought back in with the new elements that readers enjoyed remaining. I guess its a good way to give some feedback but it seems far too elaborate and with a weak plot to do so.

And please Geoff (yes I am in the camp where I think Geoff is overrated in his writing) don't tell me who the Phantom Stranger is. I don't want to know. He works so well with the mystery that even letting me know another character is aware of it just feels like a dagger into the heart of what makes that character great. Plus the way he was represented was horrible. The guys all about magic and you make him lunge at Pandora? What's up with that?

Posted by zackattack529

@scuzz2.0 said:

i dont listen to the podcast so i dont know what you say on it. maybe just a goeff johns fanboy then. it honestly seems like johns has tricked everyone into thinking he is a good writer. his stuff is just sooo bad its ridiculous. it makes me want to laugh until i look around and realize everyone is eating it up, then im sad. can someone tell me what he has written that stands out? anything that will be remembered in twenty years? even Bendis who is arguably worse has daredevil. what does johns have?

well, green lantern: Rebirth wasnt bad.. he did what he said he was gonna do, make green lantern(Hal) cool again.

but everything else he has written isnt anything to rave about. his most recent green lantern stuff has been OK. you see what happens is geoff johns is always lucky to have good artist and the editors let him go the direction he wants to go. so when he gets the characters he gets to write about he's like a 12 yr old in a toys r us without his parents. he lets his imagination run wild and does not give a rats @#$ what his fans want, but rather whats in his mind. sorta like a director. and he used to be assistant director before he was in comics, so that could be why when he writes it would seem like something in a Michael bay movie. it shows even with these last 5 issues of this new justice league. hopefully, if DC has any integrity left in them theyll get someone else to write this JLA, but the last few pages of JLA shows something epic is about to take place in the book and that pretty much STAMPS geoffs position on the book for the remiander of this year, at least. which is ridiculous. he should just put his mind completely on aquaman (which is actually something good he has going if you havtnt read it yet)

but if theres 3 things DC loves. its geoff, batman, and grant morrison. and at least when grant morrison is GOOD,, HES GREAT! haha

wow...i kinda went on a rant here ? 0.o lol i apologize..but just get used to geoff johns. cause DC his not letting him go anywhere.

Posted by JairamGanpat


I will give Geoff Johns a golden star for the Sinestro Corps War.

Posted by scuzz2.0

i do read aquaman and it is only slightly better. the writing and dialog is clumsy and obvious. he is trying to shove the idea that he is a badass now down our throats instead of actually showing it. and they should have changed his costume, there was a design in the back of an issue i thought was cool but they didnt use it.

Posted by jrock85

When is Batman gonna get to do know...meaningful?

Seriously, I think this book is more style than substance.

Posted by DarthShap

I liked the ending and the way the team started to form progressively, although we could have done with less Batman-GL scenes, especially the whole revealing your secret identity to a complete stranger thing, and more use of other characters.

The fight scene was well written and the art is awesome as always but why use Darkseid as the team's punching ball? This was probably THE worst use of the character in forty years. When there is no difference between Darkseid and Doomsday, you are probably doing something wrong.

Posted by feargalr

Good issue, but I was really hoping for Batman to do something to prove to everyone else why he should be in the team, and earn their respect and he didn't... I also think this issue started a lot stronger then it ended and I think maybe this opening arc could have done with another issue, but like I started with. Good issue.

Edited by UltimateSMfan

@Primmaster64 said:

Question....Does Superman kick a$$?

you would think right,but he has his moment (singular).

he shouldve kicked darkseids ass n pushed him into the boom tube opened by cyborg(after all he's the only one that can do it), but i dont know wat johns is doing i dont think he caught the last episode of JLU,but still this issue was pretty ok.just wanna see how geoff writes the modern justice league and superman,Please be awesome!!

Posted by Gordo789

I take back what I said about this book. I did actually enjoy this issue despite a few silly moments and my determination to not like it on the back of how awful this series has been. This particular issue managed to be exciting in and of itself, builds interest in the upcoming story arc, and is a great place for new readers to jump on. So, you don't have to suffer through the first 5 abominable issues of JLA to get in on the series. Pick this one up and see where it goes from here. It can only get better.

Posted by psynetrix

I loved issue #6, it is what I had been waiting for since #1, and it finally came. It should not have taken this long though; but i loved everything about it; the art, the story, the dialog, the subtle hint to Earth-2, and the back up as well... I love the Phantom Stranger.

Please check my mini-review here:

Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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