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Justice League #27 - Forever Doomed Review


We're introduced to some new players but the Crime Syndicate's reign continues to devastate the DCU.

The Good

This issue is showing us that there is more to the Forever Evil arc than just the Crime Syndicate trying to take over the world. We saw mention of the Doom Patrol last month and find out more here. As we've been watching the New 52 Universe unfold, there has been a feeling that the DCU is a little on the small side. We've only seen characters and events as they play out in the comics. Hearing about groups such as Doom Patrol already having their start gives the DCU a bigger feel.

The main focus on this issue is Cyborg. We've seen Cyborg pretty much wiped out by the fact that his body was really under the control of Grid. It's no secret that Cyborg's body will get rebuilt and it's pretty cool to see this part of the story play out. The Crime Syndicate may be ruling right now but this might be where things start turning around. Maybe.

Ivan Reis provides the layouts with Joe Prado, Jesus Merino and Vicente Cifuentes doing the finishes. There are some cool scenes here and seeing the beginning of the next phase for Cyborg is very interesting.

The Bad

It's great seeing more of the DCU but it's also kind of a weird feeling. Suddenly we're finding out about Doom Patrol already existing and previously we briefly saw the appearance of Patrick "Eel" O'Brian (with no immediate follow up). There's also another mention of other characters at the end.

Last issue was heavily based on Forever Evil but this feels less so. It's a little unbalanced.

There were some moments the art felt inconsistent due to having three different artists work on the finishes.

The Verdict

Forever Evil is still happening but Geoff Johns is busy fleshing out other areas of the New 52 DCU. We may be wondering what the Crime Syndicate is up to but we're also discovering there's more going on in the background. Fans of Cyborg will need to check this issue out. It's the dawn of a new beginning in the DCU. Make sure you don't miss a moment of it.

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Posted by MrTummyTumms

Can't wait to pick this one up!

Edited by ColaNicole

Love seeing the CS wreck everyone with ease.

Edited by Saren

This issue is a pretty good argument for a Johns Cyborg series.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

@g_man: Was Patrick O'Brian in this issue or before?

Edited by wbr17

They are using the wrong formation of DP

Posted by GrenadeFlow

Finally Johns does something with Cyborg and it was nice to see him look more human

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

I must say, cyborg is looking pretty good. Now he just needs more white and blue.

Edited by patrat18

Pretty solid issue.

Edited by micah

@colanicole: Can't wait to see how they deal with them. Especially since Ultraman KO"ed both Black Adam and Metallo

Posted by G-Man
Edited by TheManInTheShoe

@g_man: Must have missed that, thanks

Edited by mightyrearranger

@wbr17: Well, um...after reading this, I think we'll see a different lineup if the Patrol surfaces again. >.>

Posted by Black_Claw

Well I'll be damned. It looks like Johns is finally doing something with Victor other than making him the team bus.

Posted by asjmooney

Haven't been enjoying all of the flash back issues but felt like having an entire issue back in real time picked up the pace again

Edited by ravisher

lets call him "cyborg slim"

also one of the artist messed up and added the old suit in one of the panels some how

Posted by rodreis

@ravisher: Actually the idea is that he can bulk up during the battle...

Posted by manwithoutshame

agreed, also I'm really excited about the Doom Patrol coming back.

Edited by OutlawRenegade

Hey, Jim! That's a bad out-fit. Whoo!

Good issue. Finally some development for a certain someone.

Posted by Outside_85

Thought DP was already formed before it, or rather Niles Caulder, ran into the Ravagers?

Posted by wbr17

@mightyrearranger: I didn't read it. I only look the characters listed. I hope you are saying the are dead so we can have chief, cliff, larry and rita. I would like to see Dial H as part of DP.

Edited by wisesonAC
Edited by jaybake724

@saren: exactly what I thought when I was reading the issue. I would pick that up.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

I liked it a lot.

Posted by Captain13

All i have to say is "finally!" Good work, Johns. Good work. Not perfect, but i still liked it. Good week for Cyborg.

Posted by OutlawRenegade

Much better, eh?

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Almost made me care about Cyborg.


Posted by Scantenii

Yeah I am hoping for a Cyborg ongoing too.

Posted by BlackLight135652

Almost made me care about Cyborg.


lol thats a good start at least right? Hopefully he will continue in this direction with Cyborg

Posted by Sovereign91001

@saren said:

This issue is a pretty good argument for a Johns Cyborg series.

I'd be on board for that.

Edited by feedonatreefrog

Cyborg and Daddy Stone.

oh them feels..

Posted by timelord

Dam it my Artfx Statue is now out of date. But really great read like every one else I am sold on Cyborg solo series.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

Was it just me but without the appearance of Atomica and Johnny Quick in this issue would it have not felt like a tie-in. I liked the character development with cyborg and his father. I can relate since I'm half machine and half human.

Posted by BillyFamine

It was soooooo cool to see the Doom Patrol! Sad what happened to them though.

Posted by TheFirstLantern

@g_man do you happen to have any idea who that guy that said "looks like I'm going to have to start over" was?

Posted by SmashBrawler

@thefirstlantern said:

@g_man do you happen to have any idea who that guy that said "looks like I'm going to have to start over" was?

Niles Caulder.

Edited by TheFirstLantern

@thefirstlantern said:

@g_man do you happen to have any idea who that guy that said "looks like I'm going to have to start over" was?

Niles Caulder.

Oh thanks it felt odd. i was a bit confused

Edited by War Killer

Much better, eh?

Love Cyborg's new look. Much slimmer, much sleeker and overall looks epic.

Now hopefully we'll get a Cyborg series following Forever Evil.

Edited by Twentyfive

I'll be checking this issue out. I hope at least he still has a jetpack lol. Nice to see Cy stepping up.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Reading this issue really make me wish we had a Cyborg solo series! This was a very good issue and I love the new tech design on Cyborg. It looks like a nod to the old school Cyborg.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg
Posted by admwriter

Overall I loved the issue.

Couple probs though. First off, the scene with Niles should have been explained. Those of us familiar with the Doom Patrol would know who he was; to anyone else that was probably a big WTF moment.

Secondly... Geoff has introduced Plastic Man, the DP and Metal Men back into the DCU... But is anyone going to pick up the ball and run with it? It seems like he is forever launching ideas and characters out there that end up going nowhere.

I lost total interest in The Ravagers before it was unceremoniously cancelled; does this DP jibe with that version or is this yet another retcon?

Posted by Shika1Dude

After reading this issue, I feel I have become a bigger Cyborg fan, he got some great well-deserved character growth in this issue. Geoff Johns continues to surprise me with how well he handles people in his books, makes me wish for more Cyborg, either on his own or with a metal men team or a Shazam team up!