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Justice League #23.2 - The Last Paycheck Review


What is going on? Who is Lobo? We've seen him already in the New 52 (or have we?). Now we get to see him for the first time (again?).

The Good

The Villains Month issues are meant to give us a look at who these villains really are. In some case we see their origins or just what they're currently up to. With this issue...we're not quite sure.

You may have heard some controversy or outcry over the new character design of Lobo. That is a part of the story. What we discover is the Lobo we've seen in the New 52 just might not actually be the true Lobo. Hence the introduction to the proper one. For those concerned with the movement away from the leather jacket and chains look, keep in mind that was a far departure from Lobo's very first appearance in 1983 debut.

Setting aside the change (which does look better here than what we first saw), we get an interesting situation. The question is raised, if we didn't see the real Lobo before, who exactly was that and why was he masquerading as Lobo? It's this shake up and question that makes you wonder, regardless of how you feel about the change.

Maguerite Bennett does a good job introducing this Lobo to us. We don't get a typical flashback origin. It's actually better to not be subjected to that as we are being inundated with several decent and mediocre origins this month. Bennett's task is to show us what makes this Lobo tick and why we should have any interest in him. This is exactly what she does. In some obvious and subtle ways, she makes it clear who he is and how he operates. I didn't think I'd say it but I'm actually really interested in finding out more.

Ben Oliver's art (as briefly mentioned) makes this Lobo look better than the first redesign images. It will still take some getting used to but that isn't something to be placed on Oliver (or Bennett for that matter). The key to keeping my interest in sci-fi comics is depicting interesting-looking aliens. Too often attempts fall flat in comics but Oliver succeeds here.

The Bad

Obviously the verdict is still up in the air for these changes to Lobo. We will have to wait for more on his story to find out what is going on and why one of the higher ups decided to go in this direction. Bennett does a good job in fleshing out this character but being a one-shot, the story feels deeply incomplete. Instead of getting answers about this particular villain, we're left with a doorway to more questions. Not necessarily a completely bad thing but it doesn't seem what these books were supposed to do.

Minor thing, why was this in the JUSTICE LEAGUE title? Are we to assume this Lobo or the battle between the Lobos will take place in future issues. Some of the others have been a little odd but this is pretty far out there.

The Verdict

Welcome to the New 52 Lobo. Just when we thought we knew who the character was, we discover that wasn't the case. With new true Lobo, Marguerite Bennett has the task of introducing him to us and showing us what he's about while telling a compelling story at the same time. Ben Oliver takes the redesigned take on this Lobo and makes it work in a cool sci-fi setting. This may not be the Lobo we knew or the one we asked for but Bennett definitely makes the changes intriguing. We'll have to wait to see where this Lobo, or the other one, will turn up next.

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Edited by comicfan11

@monkeytoe: The main problem is that this new prissy, pretty Twilobo b1tchboy is not Lobo. He could be an interesting character on his own, but he has nothing to do with Lobo.

It's like making Superman a mage from the age of Camelot and instead of his normal powers he gets elemental powers and an axe or something, fighting dragons all while making him look like Jim Carrey in Batman Forever. Sure it seems he can be an interesting character, but he is no Superman.

Also the dialogue is 2 levels below amateur. Saying "sorry. not sorry." like it means something to the reader without a context is some of the worst sequences of words ever printed on a DC comic. Especially since we are supposed to buy that this fragile looking cutesy little dark elf prince is the most infamous bounty hunter in the DCU.


The dialogue in this issue was so bad it made some Extreme Justice comics from the 90s read like poetry.

Posted by pauatt

I've been a fan of Lobo since I first read the Paramilitary X-mas Special 20 years ago and I can say I actually kind of liked this book. I wonder if there being two Lobos has to do with his replicating power he used to have. I haven't read any of the previous New 52 Lobo so I'm not sure if this power has been brought up yet so don't tear me a new one. That being said is Vril Dox in the New 52??

Posted by TheFirstLantern

After reading it, I agree with you G-Man.

Posted by Superbat420
Posted by Dstick88

I liked this. Sorry. Not sorry

Posted by comicfan11

@superbat420: That's OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course.

But IMO the new Creeper's design is terrible compared to the original and it seems they turn him to a flat out villain.

Creeper is a wildcard and an antihero (sometimes even a flat out hero like in Outsiders), not a villain.

Also the tied him to Katana for some reason and it further takes away from his character.

In short the characteristics that made Creeper unique (design, dark humor, unpredictability) are gone.

Like Lobo.

Edited by Herokiller12344


It's not even about the original costume, it's about sending a message.

If they can change Lobo like THIS and people actually like it, then what's to stop them from screwing over everything else.

How long until they reduce Darkseid into some Goth Kid at a High School or make Superman full on Punisher?

Edited by RelloMan

I hate his new look... I mean, I'll get used to it I guess, I mean I have no choice... But when I think of Lobo I think of a combination of comic relief and unending badassery... When I see this guy, I see Japanese Yakuza wannabe...

The scene where he SPOILER ALERT saves that family, then tells them to get back in the cage... It didn't look cool... He doesn't look imposing at all, the original Lobo looked like a savage, the new one is too lean, too sleek... And dare I say? Too hansom... Its not Lobo

I liked Superman's non-underwear outside look... I was really looking forward to Wonder Woman wearing pants... I don't even mind Shazam's new hood...

But this is too much