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Justice League #12 - The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within Review


Besides the big moment seen on the cover, we actually see the conclusion of the attack against the Justice League by their new deadly enemy. There are plenty of BIG changes happening here.

The Good

Should we start with the obvious? There's a kiss happening in this issue. This is what everyone will be talking about, which in some ways, is a shame. This is the last part of the previous arc with Graves attacking the team. There is a lot happening including a pretty big change for the future of the team. But everyone will be talking about the kiss. So let's start there.

Some are for the kiss and some are against. What happens here and the events leading up to it makes sense. I've seen the argument that Superman and Wonder Woman have tried being together several times in the past and it never worked. What people need to think about is this Superman and Wonder Woman are a little different. I won't go into the whole structure of the events leading up to this moment (we can save that for a separate editorial) but reading this entire arc plus knowing where these two are coming from in the New 52 makes the moment work.

What about the rest of the comic? This is a big issue, both in size and developments. The League are at the mercy of Graves. They are pretty much defeated. Not only that but there are other circumstances building up and working against the League, which if you've been reading the series, you already know.

How the battle ends, despite their apparent defeat, is fitting. The elements of the story falls into place just right. It won't be a happy ending for the League, regardless of what's on the cover, and this changes the future of the series in a pretty big way.

What about the art? Have I mentioned before how much I love Jim Lee's art. Simply put, I'm a fan. I enjoy seeing his big comic book-y action scenes. It's a treat having him on this series because it means we get to see him draw so many different characters. The art, of course, is complemented by several inkers and colorists this time around. And if Jim's art wasn't enough, we also get two pages by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and three pages by David Finch. Included here is similar to what we saw in the Grant Morrison's early BATMAN AND ROBIN or BATMAN INCORPORATED series with a tease of what's to come. If the big things happening in this issue weren't already enough to make you look forward to the second year, these scenes should definitely impress you.

The Bad

I'm still not sure how I feel about Graves as a big time Justice League villain. His motive and way he took the team down almost felt too easy.

The public reaction to what happened last issue seems a bit much. In issue 7 we saw that even after five years, the public was still in complete love with the team. There is some suspicion in the government and the public disagreement last issue shouldn't completely turn the opinion of the team. But we haven't fully seen what the team has been doing in those five years and how many public appearances or battles they've taken part in.

Too much emphasis will be placed on the kiss.

The Verdict

The Justice League have been utterly defeated but what are the chances that this is the end for them? What makes them a remarkable team and the greatest heroes in the DC Universe is that they will be able to overcome their obstacles. It won't be easy and there will be casualties but it's a glorious issue.

What really won me over here, besides my love for Jim Lee's art, was some of the dialogue from different characters. We're seeing some big changes here and it's all building up into something big. In past issues we've been treated to big action scenes that almost filled entire issues. While this one does have some grand fighting, we also get a look into the characters of several members. This is a game-changer issue. Decisions are being made along with sacrifices. There's a big feel to the issue without it feeling too contrived. There's a huge mix of big time action mixed with character development that you wouldn't expect to see in a series full of so many characters. This issue reminds me why I enjoy Geoff Johns and Jim Lee so much.

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Posted by shrmntnk62
Posted by cc1738

I should never have dropped this comic. I'll have to wait and get the trade.

Posted by TinyGrenade

I think I like the Aquaman cover more only because the kiss has been hyped up to ridiculous proportions. Plus, Aquaman is pretty rad.

Posted by zackattack529

@TinyGrenade said:

I think I like the Aquaman cover more only because the kiss has been hyped up to ridiculous proportions. Plus, Aquaman is pretty rad.

and because of the Hype there are many Comic Stores that are pricing the Variant WAY over what it really the fact that aquaman is highlighted(which he hasnt really been in this series other than issue #4 cover ) is cooler than seeing superman and wonderwoman kiss.

Posted by sethysquare

love this issue

Posted by JayMar89

no shazam back up this month?

Posted by sethysquare

im totally team superman btw.

Posted by elayem98

@JayMar89 said:

no shazam back up this month?

Posted by Nerdsterrr

This issue rock and ya what happend to shazam ?

Posted by Sovereign91001

@sethysquare said:

im totally team superman btw.

FTW lol.

Posted by Nantucket

I'm still waiting for Comixolgy to make it available on their site!

Come ooooon!

Posted by Booster_Bronze

@Nerdsterrr: It looks like the Shazam arc will be finished up in September's Issue 0.

Posted by mattydeNero

@elayem98 said:

@JayMar89 said:

no shazam back up this month?

If there would've been one, a lot of folks would've rioted..myself included. Agreed. Too much emphasis on the cover. Can't wait for 2013.

Posted by Sixsoda

I have been buying but I haven't been reading Justice League so when I tried to read this in the shop I did not buy it. I have no idea wha'ts going on. Judging by everyones reaction that may have been a mistake I will try the next story line. I have just been reading the Shazam backup. I think it's a shame that we still have such low sale series that everyone seems to pull for but CaptainMarvel/Shazam as he is written now deserves his own series. I can't wait for the #0 issue to come out lot of things happening all at once so I'm excited. I want to know though seeing Black Adam in the trinity wars previews does this mean he will be joining the team?

Edited by Booster_Bronze
Posted by Twentyfive

I have mixed feelings.

I LOVE Lois and Diana, and I'm glad that either pf them can be Superman's mate. I just don't know who I like for that role more than the other. I guess Lois, though, but I'll wait and see.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
@shrmntnk62: HELL YEAHHH!!! I hate HAL!
Posted by Nerdsterrr

@Booster_Bronze: OOOO ok Thanks !!!!!

Posted by doordoor123
@MadeinBangladesh said:
@shrmntnk62: HELL YEAHHH!!! I hate HAL!
LOL He WAS the worst one on the team. He was SO annoying in this book. 
Edited by lifeboy

Yeah we all love Lois, but think about it, wonderwomans vag-j-jay is the only one that can take that much power!!!! Oh lifeboy, you are incorrigible:)♥♥♥♥
Posted by Funrush

This was definitely my favorite issue.

And about that page that told what was coming next in the series, what intrigued me most was the second panel, and the fourth. The second with Aquaman in front of an army screaming "The Justice League may be the only ones who can stop Atlantis!" was pretty interesting. I know very little about Aquaman, so what I am about to say may be completely wrong, but does this mean Justice League vs. Aquaman and Atlantis? And the Fourth with Cyborg looking at his computer and Batman in the background when Cyborg says that, "When they opened up the ranks, they brought in a traitor.", I'm assuming means that soon, the League will expand their roster to what we saw in that promo image, and that one of those members will be a traitor.

Very interesting stuff.

Posted by longbowhunter

Hated the first arc of this title and decided to skip this. Would have liked to have read the Shazam backup but other than that JL doesn't hold much interest for me. I do read JLD and plan on picking up JLA, so once Trinity War starts I'll jump back on this series. I just hope it's worth it.

Posted by x_29

Replace superman with batman and everything will feel just right.

Edited by Dernman

It seems the book is getting better but I'm just not connecting with it. I'm not sure why. I missed the Shazam backup this issue but it was nice getting a larger JL story without it being cut in half.

Edited by Zoch81

I enjoyed this issue very much the Superman and Wonder Woman kiss was very well done looking forward to their relationship, another thing I like Aquaman wants be the leader of the group the art was great overall thought this was great issue.

Posted by cincyducksfan35

best issue so far by far. getting to see the team talk and debate at the end was the best part

Posted by kennybaese

It bums me out that I'm not going to have time to pick this up until tomorrow. Still glad to see that I'm not the only one still enjoying this series.

Posted by sora_thekey

I haven't been reading this series... Is this a good jumping on point?

Edited by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

All my hopes for the New 52 reside in this series and I have yet to be disappointed. Great art, but the story and character building, watching the formation from the ground up, is exciting to me. Get rid of the history and cluttered continuity and just throw down some new perspectives. The final couple panels between Superman and Wonder Woman is something I've advocated for since I first became a comicbook fan. And although I hate Hal Jordan and the GL Corp, this issue elevated that dude in my opinion.

Posted by GalacticPunt

If there's going to be a Twilight-esque debate about Lois Lane vs. Wonder Woman... well, I'm a grown man who's Team Diana!

It seems Mark Waid and Frank Miller each came to the same conclusion. Humans are too fragile, the Golden Age God and Goddess belong together. Their relationship would have a dynamic and tensions that aren't possible with any other coupling.

And there's far more interesting possibilities for the Lois Lane character when she's not stuck being Superman's girlfriend, much less his wife. The newspaper business is dying, she has family in the military, she's learned a lot about metahumans, and the government wants that knowledge to keep superheroes under control...

Things would get interesting if Lois Lane and Steve Trevor... collaborated.

Posted by Sovereign91001

@sora_thekey said:

I haven't been reading this series... Is this a good jumping on point?

Not really. Issue 7 is a good jump on point if you wanna skip the first arc.

Posted by GTG12

This was a fantastic issue.

Posted by JayMar89

It was a good, best so far hmm im not sure but they gave away two of the big reveals before it came out and the third one wasnt that much of a surprise regardless i still enjoyed the issue its one of the best so far

Edited by BlackArmor

This issue was amazing. The only question is why the frick Johns hasn't been writing like this the whole time

Posted by SandMan_

So it was cool? LOL Suck it haters!

Posted by SoulTakerX

@x_29 said:

Replace superman with batman and everything will feel just right.

I was thinking the same thing. lol

Posted by x_29

@sora_thekey said:

I haven't been reading this series... Is this a good jumping on point?

Nope. Best start with the beginning.

Posted by TheMightyHerc

The Best issue, simply Amazing...

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

Solid issue overall

People are too hung up on romance, really ? move on

I'd say 3.8

Edited by mrtrickster

superman kissed wonder woman? 
that's the best thing happened since reboot
seriously supes too good for lois anyway

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

Why do people want Supes to go with Lois??? she's been such a bitch to him in this and his ongoing... forgetting Clark during Lunch time in issue 9,10 or 11 got me really pissed =D

Posted by Mutie199

i dont like Wonder Woman in the Justice League books. She acts very womanly. I mean the wonder woman i like its the sort of woman that fights and doesnt make out with half the men she meets. In her solo title she is so much awesomer!

Edited by UltimateSMfan
Posted by Outside_85

While I did intend to fire a long sequence at this I wont and just settle with this request:

Get Johns off this book before he ruins any more characters!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Well at least Geoff will stop fu(/ng Hal over.....well at least until he kills Hal off and makes him a villain .uggggh. That being said, I'm not going to read any of the new 52. Especially not this

Posted by jojobinks70

I give this issue a 4.5/5. Jim Lee's art was stellar, and Johns is finally writing at level he displays in his other assignments. I'm definitely intrigued with how Superman/Wonder Woman will play out, and the panels working up to "The Kiss" are instant comic classic. My only issue is that I agree that this villian, Graves, took the whole team down much too easily, and I'm not thrilled to see the tease of his return. I'd prefer he just go away.

Posted by ComicMaster

It was amazing.

It leaves you wondering what will happen between Wonder Woman and Superman.

Also, I personally think it was too easy to take down graves. So, I'm pretty sure he might come back even stronger.