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Journey into Mystery #640 Review


A war has erupted between the Manchester Gods and Otherworld, and of course, Loki is stuck in the middle of it all.

The Good

Ever since his run on THOR, I have felt that writer Kieron Gillen knows how to capture the essence of Asgardian characters; and he proves that to me once again with the latest issue of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #640. Gillen does a phenomenal job capturing the language and the eloquence of Asgard in this issue; this title is really very well written.

The art in this issue is absolutely stunning; Richard Elson definitely knocks it out of the park. There is an incredible amount of attention to detail in each panel of this issue; something that really helps tell Gillen's story. There is a panel that focuses solely on Loki's piercing green eyes, and even in this simple image it's evident that he has something else he is plotting and he can't be trusted. Both Elson and color artist Ifs's Ifansyah Noor do a fantastic job with the art in this issue.

This issue features a lot of mystical Marvel characters; from Daimon Hellstrom to King Arthur, as well as some new characters which you will meet towards the end of the issue. The best part is that Gillen gives each of these characters a very unique and interesting voice -- each one of them is very unique. The opening scene between Daimon, Leah and Loki is fantastic; although why Daimon would agree to work with the trickster may not be the smartest move; but time will tell.

Gillen does a great job tying British mythos into his story and giving each character in the book their own voice. I really like the premise and I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.

The Bad

Gillen is working with a big concept here, and there were times when I had to go back and re-read some of the pages. Some of it is a little bit difficult to understand at first; but not impossible if you pay attention.

The Verdict

It's pretty evident that Gillen's British heritage played some role in the weaving of this very interesting and entertaining story. If there is a war between Gods to be had, then its no question that Loki would most definitely be there to meddle in other people's business. Instead of just meddling though, Loki is bringing all these characters together; weaving the plot the way he wants to. It's a great story paired with some really gorgeous art. It's also a fantastic jumping on point; Gillen practically holds your hand through the first few pages of the issue, so if you haven't been reading JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY, this isn't a bad place to start.

Posted by NyxEquitis

Sounds pretty good, will take a look at it.

Posted by TheWitchingHour

Kieron Gillen is criminally undervalued in the industry and he has done great work with Journey Into Mystery. I love the concept of Otherworld as well and it's nice to see Loki stretching his legs a bit.

Posted by jubeiyagyuX

One of Marvel's best book along with his Uncanny X-men and Hickman's Fantastic Four

Posted by JonesDeini

Been loving this series. Holding off on it and a few others til payday next week. Looks like this issue more than surpasses my expectations. Thumbed through a bit in store and saw that my man Hellstrom was back an involved, that alone got it an auto 3.5 in my mind.

Posted by Augment

Would you guys recommend this? I'm a big fan of Loki and a lot of the Asgard settings.

Posted by TheHeat

I almost picked this up today. Perhaps I'll pick it up next week.

Posted by Jodez

Am I the only one who thinks Loki and Hellstrom make an awesome duo? Also I wonder if by the end of this arc Loki will make himself another new enemy (along with Surtur and Mephisto) so he'll need an ally like Hellstrom when the time comes

Posted by Dernman

Nothing bad to say. It's all good.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

art looks great, combining that with some british stuff and its a buy for me.

Posted by Deadcool

GOD!!! I love this series, they deserve more love, WAY MORE LOVE.

Posted by jubeiyagyuX

@Augment said:

Would you guys recommend this? I'm a big fan of Loki and a lot of the Asgard settings.


Posted by LordRequiem

Manchester? That's a fairly big city in the UK, ha I could never have imagined a pantheon to be coincidentally given the same name.

Posted by halfpastwhenever

Manchester gods eh? Led by Ian Curtis I hope.

Posted by Green ankh

I picked up 639 and it was one of the worst books i have read in a while. I have been a huge fan of Thor for 30 plus years and have loved much of the JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and other Asgardian tales. but i reall did not get into 639.

Posted by Owie

I have been a big fan of what they've been doing with Kid Loki in this series, but this new arc isn't as interesting to me.  It's a bit like what the Books of Magic got like towards the end, which for me was a bit too twee, I guess.  But I am holding on and will see what happens.

Posted by fps_dean

I have not read 640 yet but, but I have high hopes as this series has been great. Gillen is quicky becoming one of my favorite writers and has taken an idea that I had initially thought was an incredibly stupid idea and has literally made me eat my words. With kid Loki, you are always wondering if his actions are for good or for evil, and sometimes they straddle the fence. And Gillen has done such a great job with Loki's schemish nature -- I do not think I have seen Loki ever written so well.

I thought he did a great job ending JMS's Thor run too, but it has been Journey Into Mystery that really made Kieron Gillen one of my favorite writers. I have since picked up Uncanny X-Men too, but I really believe Journey Into Mystery is a real underrated gem and one of my favorite reads each month.

@Augment said:

Would you guys recommend this? I'm a big fan of Loki and a lot of the Asgard settings.

I would recommend this if you are not a Thor/Loki/Asgard fan too. It's rare that you get character development at the same level in any series ever.

Posted by MarvelMan1985

Very true, an amazing comic. Truly something different, and with a killer artteam and writer on top of it! Keep up the good work!

Posted by BKole

Gillen is an incredible writer. His work on Phonogram is trendy, hip intellectually engaging and immensely satisfying to read. In fact, I've not read a bad Gillen comic - He seems to understand not only what he can get away with in comics, but isn't satisfied producing the same punchy-punchy violence violence that a lot of comic creators get away with these days. He fights your brain with his brain, instead of your chest with his fist.

And that should be appreciated, because JIM is possibly THE best book Marvel is producing.

Posted by Fabled_Phoneix_Rising

seems interesting