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John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1 - The Gods of Mars: Part 1 Review


The first issue of Marvel's John Carter mini-series opens where the film ends: this is the story of Carter's return to Mars.

The Good

The first issue of this series opens where the movie ends. Years have passed since John Carter left Mars, and this first issue recounts his return. Rather than going into the story of how he was able to transport himself back to earth, writer Sam Humphries focuses on the story. Initially we see Carter adjusting to the gravity on Mars, a seen that will be very familiar to anyone who has seen the recently released Disney movie. However, the story moves quickly and the pacing picks up. Rather than dwelling on the story we saw in the film, Humphries pushes his own story forward within the first few pages of the issue, presenting the conflict (a missing Dejah) and the reunion of Carter and Tars.

Penciller Ramon Perez and colorist Jordie Bellaire make a fantastic team, too, delivering some really stunning artwork in this first issue. Following a slow start the pacing remains consistent throughout. The adversary we see at the end of the story is well presented and appears to be a formidable threat to Carter, and it's an interaction I'm interested in seeing flesh out.

The Bad

If you've seen 'John Carter' the movie you might have noticed that Dejah is a character with the ability to defend herself, and that's one aspect of her character I really enjoyed. I hope that Dejah maintains that same spunk and independence we saw in the movie and that she won't be used merely as a plot device/damsel in distress.

Aside from that, the pacing wasn't the best towards the beginning, although it certainly did pick up after the start.

The Verdict

The first issue of this mini-series is perfect for those who may have seen the recently released Disney film and are seeking more John Carter. It's a fun book that tells an entertaining story and is complimented by some really beautiful art. I definitely recommend it to both readers who are unfamiliar with the character as well as those who saw the recent film. This is definitely a fun adventure and I look forward to seeing more.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Damn! I should've picked this up! I loved the movie and I didn't know it was a direct follow up to the ending :(

Posted by sho3s22

Loved the movie and was curious if the ending meant he lived happily ever after, hopefully this series will answer my questions. This was definitely a good start to the series. Although the action felt a little rushed and condensed, but it is a mini-series to be fair.

Edited by bobtv

I loved the first mini-series (A PRINCESS OF MARS) which is practiclly the adaptation of the book in which the story of the movie was based. And I was looking forward to this one. Let me say the art is stunning, hope they continue the adaptations of the books, and with this quality, cause Dynamites's interior art for their take on the adventures of John Carter, WARLORD OF MARS, has recently been a frustrating experience, due to the fluctuating, and sometimes plain bad rendering of the ilustrations. But I don't hava a single complain with this one, only that I have to wait an entire month to get next issue.

Posted by greenenvy

I have to disagree because dynamite's john carter is the real shit not this kiddy Disney stuff except the movie tie in series as well as the movie itself was surprisingly good. This series has yet to impress me so sorry marvel for trying thou but I like the 70s run. But like I said dynamite is on top in my book.

Posted by Apothecary2

The pacing was too rapid-fire for me but I like the art more than the Dynamite series.