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Iron Patriot #2 - Unbreakable, Part II Review


Chaos breaks out across the United States as Rhodes sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

The Good

Ales Kot's first issue was all about the man inside the Iron Patriot armor, James Rhodes. It showed his struggle to bond with his father and niece, the new direction he's taking as a hero, and made sure to remind us that the man is still incredibly patriotic. We did, however, also get a glimpse of a darker road that lies ahead. There's a dying Rhodes, a new armored villain, and, well, monsters of some kind prior to that. Needless to say, the debut issue wasn't about selling us on the threats and instead focused on showing us who James Rhodes truly is. Now that he's established the protagonist and introduced his supporting cast, Kot dedicates a fair amount of this second issue to shining a little more light on Rhodes' opponent while also giving little hints about what his objective is. He doesn't reveal the big picture yet; just enough to hook our curiosity and make us want to see what else is part of this grand plan and why it's being put into action. As stated above, the last issue revealed a future where Rhodes is seemingly going to meet his end. In this issue, Kot reveals how the hero winds up in that position, and I'll admit it's a path I'm pretty sure no one guessed. However, there is a bit of dialogue right before this cliffhanger which makes the next step seem somewhat predictable. Only time will tell though, right?

For me, artist Garry Brown and colorist Jim Charalampidis' pages were a bit of a mixed bag in the premiere issue. The armor and settings looked enjoyable unique, but close-ups suffered from fluctuating detail and facial features (most notably the eyes). That said, I have nothing but love for their artwork in this issue. From the superb transition in the beginning to a wonderfully clever panel layout of Iron Patriot underwater, this issue was a real delight for my eyes. Major praise is also deserved for an especially powerful set of panels which focus on Rhodes as he faces an immense challenge. Plus, isn't that cover so appropriate and awesome?

The Bad

I'm curious to see where this series will go next, but for $3.99 an issue, this hasn't pulled me in quite like its competition has. This is partially due to the fact that these first two issues have to establish so much (his family, the threat, etc), and, to be totally honest, I don't feel that strong of an emotional connection to his family. Now that a lot of the basics are out of the way, hopefully things will get a tad more alluring as we move forward.

The Verdict

IRON PATRIOT #2 steps up the excitement and offers some legitimately praiseworthy and creative pages. It's by no means one of the most engaging new Marvel titles around -- at least not yet -- but this chapter definitely feels like an improvement over the first. Considering the book's about to dive into some heavy political themes, it has me interested in seeing where it'll go next and how Rhodes will handle the subject.

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Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

I like it when you include the price in the review, and whether or not you think it's worth it. Makes the review much more applicable.

Posted by daredevil21134

He better not die

Posted by flameboy298

didn't know Rhodes had his own series...Interesting.......

Posted by ZbvmX

There must be a good pay-off in this somewhere along the line... I could just feel it :P

Edited by daredevil21134
@zbvmx said:

There must be a good pay-off in this somewhere along the line... I could just feel it :P

Hopefully the payoff is he become War Machine again

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Stuff like's this interests me, but I hate the fact that Marvel is shoehorning movie stuff into the comics and don't really want to support any of it. Rhodes should be War Machine, Nick Fury Jr shouldn't exist, so on and so forth.

However, all of Marvel's B and C-tier character books have been awesome, so I want to read this.

Posted by sparty-dbq

The far-reaching threat of the antagonists, and the fear that no one may be who they say they are, reminds me of a certain organization that's been getting some attention in movies and TV lately.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18


Agree wit both parts that their comics have been great lately but especially the non A list books (also known as characters who aren't well known or don't typically have solo series) But it pisses me off that the movies (which i love) have that much control over the comics.Costume changes and overall characters shouldn't change just because of the movies they are two different things. Star Lords outfit shouldn't change to fit the movie, There should be no Nick Fury Jr i have no problem with Rhodie as Iron Patriot I actually prefer Rhodie as Iron Patriot i think it's cooler then War Machine but i also didn't read the arc where Norman Osborn was him so i don't have the same connection to the character. But i do like how the movies let characters like Hawkeye,Black Widow,Winter Soldier, and now Iron Patriot have solo series. Also the inclusion of Coulson in the comics is cool they need more named actually mean something Shield agents like Maria Hill and Coulson. But that's where the movie and comics tie in should end no changing outfits to fit the movie.