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Iron Man #9 - The Secret Origin of Tony Stark Prologue Review


Iron Man teams-up with Death’s Head to hunt down 451.

The Good

Marvel is boasting this issue as the lead in to Tony Starkbiggest story this year, and based on the ending, it certainly has the potential to be just that. I obviously won't dive into specifics, but just as the solicitation implied, the conclusion here brings us way back to Tony's origin and it looks like there's some massive changes on the horizon. What they are has yet to be revealed, though... and aiming to change a character's origin is a risky move -- one which is capable of generating praise, but is far more likely to stem outrage. In the meantime, we'll have to wait until the next issue to see which way it goes, but consider my interest piqued.

Viners, something magical has happened. I'm reviewing an Iron Man comic that isn't illustrated by Greg Land! I seriously felt like a broken record talking about his art. Great looking armor, but odd facial expressions and every single lady is glammed up to infinity and beyond. Now Dale Eaglesham has jumped on the title and, I gotta say, I really enjoyed his work. The very first page pulls us into the universe thanks to his talented job bringing the entire environment to life. Sure, it seems like a shady section ripped right out of a Star Wars story, but it's illustrated well and I appreciate his attention to detail. The world is populated with all kinds of aliens and droids, advanced technology fills the streets, and steam billows from a rooftop. The only gripe I have is the apparent change in Death's Head's height. In the last issue, Tony seemed to be up to his thighs -- now he barely reaches his knees That said, it's a pretty trivial complaint and outweighed by the fact that Death's Head looks rather awesome. Additionally, I particularly love how the art team slightly altered the final set of panels to have it legitimately feel like an old video.

The Bad

I feel like the issue took to long to get the gears really moving. We're treated to a cameo that feels pointless at the time and it's like he's only there to wrap up the events of the last issue (isn't that what the intro page is supposed to be for?). It's almost like Marvel is trying to give us more of the Guardians of the Galaxy just because they want to get hype moving for the film. And while I appreciate seeing more of Death's Head, it seemed like too much time was dedicated to their team-up without all that much actually happening.

The Verdict

Honestly, this issue is 3 stars for most of he ride, but it hits a strong twist and the events which follow warrants a boost to 4 stars from me. A lot is now weighing on the next issue. Will it be a brilliant twist or a disaster that'll outrage Stark fans? Only time will tell, but for now, this is a good jumping on point for the crowd that gave up on this book. It's worth noting the last story won me over with its intro but went downhill with its final act. So, let's hope history doesn't repeat itself!

Edited by G-Man

Man, I love Death's Head, yes? I really hope they don't mess up his portrayal.

Posted by Extremis

Great work thanks for the review!

Wanted to get an opinion first before even attemping jumping on again. I gotta say, with all the proposed changes, I'm still very hesitant to pick this up. I'm also coming off what I can only describe as a let down from Iron Man 3. Maybe I'll wait for your review of the next issue.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Wait, an issue of Iron Man that isn't bad ?! Woah.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I read the issue and I am wanting to read the next issue of Iron man

Posted by Fenderxx

I was really excited to see more of deaths head, just like I was excited to see him fight Tony in the last issue, I just find I keep getting let down.... That said I like the twist at the end and I hope the series gets a footing, as it feels all over the place.

Agree with the reviewer 3/5 then end makes It a 4.

Posted by The_Hat

Death's Head, yes? Yes!!! I've loved this character since I was a kid back in the UK, reading Marvel UK's weekly comics. Introduced in Transformers, shrunk to human size by Doctor Who - he has one of the most random back stories in Marveldom and is 15 kinds of awesome. Strange that they have made him his original, Transformer fighting size (he was shrunk just so it wouldn't look quite so weird when he interacted with human-size characters), but I have no real complaints. He could have just played tic-tac-toe with Tony for the issue & my heart would have been just as full of joy.

Edited by PeterCSM730

I think they did that because he died after becoming human-sized so instead of retconning his death this story's just taking place before his death.