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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #2 - Rage: Part Two Review


It’s up to Danny Rand to journey back to K’Un Lun to stop an attack. But of course everything isn’t going to go according to plan.

The Good

After the first issue’s crazy attack, Danny Rand needs to go back to K’Un Lun. K’Un Lun is a mystical place that can only be entered from our world once every ten years. You would think that would be a problem for Iron Fist but that will be the least of his concerns. In K’Un Lun, we see treachery is afoot. An attack is on the horizon but that shouldn’t be a problem for a city full of immortal weapons, right?

Kaare Andrews cranks up the action but also takes us back to witness Danny’s past. We saw the moment of his father’s death and get to see more, including how he first arrived at K’Un Lun. Andrews’ visuals sets this book apart from other Marvel titles. There is a serious and ominous tone bubbling under the surface. The flashback scenes are incredible as well.

It’s sometimes a little hard to be happy for a book that gets a little dark at times but that serves to remind us that we actually care about the characters. Characters, especially superheroes, need to face great odds at times and get knocked down so we can see them rise stronger than before.

The Bad

Aside from things getting a little dreary, this is a fantastic new series.

The Verdict

You might think life is fun and sweet for Iron First but that isn’t the case. As a character that has gone through some rough and dark times, the tone of this book shouldn’t be a surprise. Seeing Iron Fist in action against a horde of ninjas is an incredible visual. Kaare Andrews is hitting all the marks with the script and art. This may not be the most upbeat comic you’ll read as some of the events are like a punch to the gut. You will appreciate the great storytelling and visuals. This is the sort of comic that makes me thankful I’m reading comics.

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Posted by consafo80

I really enjoyed the first issue and look forward to reading this. Love the art especially the flashback scenes.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I hope she isn't dead

Posted by frozenedge

Man that last page was something else. Wonder how Danny is gonna handle all of this by himself

Posted by SmashBrawler

"What are you, special needs or something?"


Posted by Wolverine08


Posted by Wyldsong

This series freaking rocks.

Edited by G-Man

I'll be recording a podcast with Kaare tomorrow morning if there's any questions.

Posted by dondave

Sweet issue.

Didn't want Davos to revert his old ways though

Posted by Owie

Is there anything that explained the transition from K'un Lun during the AvX storyline and what's going on now?

Posted by BlazingNova

The cover is fantastic, Ill read it and get back with actual thoughts about the content once I'm doing studying.

Edited by feedonatreefrog

Hmm...who to trust.

G-Man gives it 10/10.

The other reviews out there are 4/10 and 3.5/10

Posted by BlazingNova

If it's Wendall then I'm just going to be crushed.

Posted by eamon542000


Posted by KnightofSteel

This isn't the kind of Iron Fist series I expected. Although the book is not totally deviating from previous renditions of the character, it definitely has a unique approach. And that's what comics these days should be about....go down different paths, try new things -- I love that.

Posted by BuNKiTZ

That last page...

I'm really enjoying this series so far though. Not such a big fan of the art, but the story's really interesting; I was a bit worried that it might be too much on the vengeance angle but it's good so far.

Posted by G-Man

@feedonatreefrog: IGN gave it an 8.2. Read my words. And if you know what I like and don't like in comics, you might be able to use that as a gauge.

Posted by ffstrat

Awesoms!! The highlight of this weeks releases!

Posted by Spideyfan3160

I was iffy on this series but that last page has me sold on the story

Posted by Ms-Lola

Even knowing what was going to happen, my heart was in my throat when his mother pushed him towards the bridge and stood there...(tears up again)

The gag about getting the reporter's name wrong (and her cooking abilities) annoyed but didn't ruin it for me. Plus, that last page is indescribable. Just wow.