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Invincible Iron Man #513 - Demon 4: Control Review


This isn't Tony Stark's day (or week or month...). Things have gone from bad to worse and with the Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane working against him, it won't be getting better any time soon.

Tony Stark is familiar with the chips being stacked against him. With his enemies teaming up and his suit not at 100%, he's going to wish he was still in Asgard preparing for the battle in FEAR ITSELF.

The Good

Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have been consistently great on this series. Iron Man is often portrayed in different manners but here we see him as a hero and a struggling businessman. With the PR disaster resulting from needing to get drunk in FEAR ITSELF, his credibility has been called into question. He's being attacked by the press and by the combined forces of the Mandarin and Ezekiel Stane. To make things worse, before he can fully repair his suit, an army of Dreadnaughts is attacking in China. Iron Man will do all he can to help but even joining forces with the Chinese heroes, the Dynasty, won't be enough.

Iron Man's dealt with a lot of problems in the past but thanks to the Mandarin and Stane, things keep getting worse and worse. Tony will accept help but isn't always the type to rush out and ask for it. The tension is building as the Mandarin's plan continues to unfold.

Larroca's art is complemented by Frank D'Armata's colors. The flying suits of armor shine, especially when surrounded by explosions and the thrusters of each suit.

The Bad

While there is plenty of action with Iron and the Dynasty against the Dreadnaughts and we do see more of Mandarin's plan, it almost feels like we're passing the time for something big next issue. Mandarin can sometimes come across as a little boring and I want to see him get straight into the action. There also needs to be some resolution with Tony's other problems.

The Verdict

When it rains, it pours. There's a giant poop-storm headed in Iron Man's direction. He's finally becoming aware of how bad things are getting and will hopefully start to sort everything out. Fraction and Larroca continue to tell Iron Man adventures the way only they know how. We get a lot of big action scenes here but are only seeing parts of Mandarin's plan. It's all escalating and Tony better get his act together if he hopes to come out of this in one piece.

Posted by WildValentine

This series deserves much more attention. I'm loving every issue of it, and Fraction actually makes you realise that, despite being a bastard, Tony deserves our sympathy.

Posted by Tem Borjigin

Needs much more martial arts action from Mandarin.

Posted by LordRequiem

Why is he fighting a War Machine armour on the cover? I didn't think Rhodes looked like that anymore, or that he would fight his besty.

Posted by lareeth

@LordRequiem: Rhodes got a new body (Tony grew it for him), and just wears a suit like Tony does.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

A really good issue and I'm really getting curious as to where it's all going. I agree with WildValentine that this series needs more attention, it's really really good.