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Invincible Iron Man #511 - Demon Part 2: Exposure Review


Stark Resilient goes through a PR disaster while Tony's enemies seem to be mounting a great charge against him. How will our hero cope?

The Good

Seeing Star Resilient get back to "business as usual" definitely seems was the direction I wanted to see this book go in after the craziness that was Fear Itself. I enjoy seeing the little power struggles (and the "mole" problem) get sorted out as Tony manages the PR disaster that happened last issue.

I enjoy this mega-conglomerate of villains that seem to have amassed against Tony, as it has a very "Legion of Doom" feel to it; if there's a weakness that Iron Man's rogues have, it's that they aren't very smart. Throwing a bunch of them into a group really makes them seem more threatening, and even goons like the Living Laser become an integral part of something bigger.

As always, I expect egos to get in the way, especially with Mandarin's little insurance policy resting in the chests of all the affected parties.

The Bad

I feel like this "mole" storyline has been going on for way too long, and needs to be resolved quickly; with a company of just under a dozen people, it seems unlikely that any of the core characters are actively working against it. At the moment, it seems like none of the people suspected would have the access or the motive to betray the company like this, which will either make the reveal more shocking or lame.

The Verdict

Like I said earlier, it seems refreshing to finally move beyond the drama of Fear Itself without actually severing all ties. Things like Paris, Tony's falling off the wagon, Pepper's crying or other key events aren't swept under the rug and continue to affect the ongoing storyline. Instead of being another open-and-shut chapter of Tony's life, Fear Itself planted seeds that are taking root and growing as we speak.

I like seeing that kind of continuity in comics because it rewards the reader for sticking with a series. Too often do we see storylines disrupted by crossovers (or reboots), only to never be mentioned again: seeing Invincible Iron Man sticking to its guns makes me respect the work Fraction et al are putting in.


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Posted by RainEffect

Can't wait to pick this up. Fraction is really impressing me. 
Also, I flipping LOVE the Asgardian swearing thing that Tony and his buddy have going on. It's hilarious. xD

Posted by sparty-dbq

I think they spontaneously made Bethany Cabe a brunette just so we could tell the freaking difference between her and Pepper.

Posted by Eyz

Kyle Rayner's wearing a lot of colored rings, Tony's doing the same now... even nerds in real life' doing it too!

Posted by Iridium

Finally, something interesting in this title. Of course it has nothing to do with Fraction’s brutal attempt at writing, he has proven incapable of even being coherent let alone interesting. No, the interesting part will due to Larocca’s inability draw at a level above what an average 2nd grader can accomplish.

Since he can only draw one or two types of faces, and they never have any detail what so ever, Tony Stark and the Mandarin now look exactly alike. Should be interesting to see if we can figure out who is who at any given time.

Hey, look, in a title which has been this bad for this long, you have to make the most of it.

Posted by Radread

I'm happy that Iron Man's rogues gallery are back in the spot light with the big names and others coming up in the next couple of months.

Posted by BlackPookie

i love iron man