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Injustice: Year Two #22 - Chapter Twenty-Two: Canary's Revenge Review


Black Canary has been waiting for a chance to hurt Superman. Now she finally has that opportunity, but will she be able to take down the Man of Steel?

The Good

The moment we've been waiting for is finally here: Black Canary vs. Superman. Dinah has every reason in the world to loathe the Kryptonian and Superman... well, no one can really fully understand what's going on his head nowadays, can we?

Writer Tom Taylor makes this conflict full of heated and gripping dialogue and we get a proper reaction from both of these characters in this tense encounter. This gives the writer a chance to finally show us that there's still a little bit of good left in Superman, but it's twisted beyond repair and there's just no going back for him. It's a fitting response given why Dinah hates him, too. You can tell he feels guilty about what happened but it's his messed up way of attempting to justify his actions without actually saying "sorry." While many of us will see the basics of the outcome coming a mile away, I can pretty much guaranteed none of you will anticipate how it occurs. Unfortunately, it isn't as compelling as it could have been, but it produces a very promising and exciting twist. It's sure to have you thinking about the possibilities.

The issue isn't all about Superman and Black Canary butting heads, of course. Taylor also jumps to the massive space conflict -- giving him a chance to hit us with some crazy spectacle and pure fun -- and chimes in on a few of Batman's allies. They're brief scenes but it successfully give us a good look at what's going on and it's paced well. The battle is still 100% spectacle, Harley Quinn's bit was twisted yet adorable, and Catwoman's remark to Damian had me smirking. Nothing here is necessarily significant, but it's a nice little update that gives us a bit of humor and we don't stray from the more substantial part of the story for too long.

The Bad

The moment many of us have been expecting finally happens and honestly, it's quite abrupt. Now, swiftly hitting us with Black Canary's death is obviously intentional and intended to shock, but instead of giving us time to let this moment truly sink in, it's followed-up by something that's seriously cool and leaves us thinking about that development more than Canary's demise. It's one of those moments that'll make you want to exclaim "awesome!" instead of reflecting on the horrible incident that just went down. The way the double page spread is laid out attempts to balance these two developments, but seeing as so many of us expected Canary's death and didn't see the other one coming, the development with Supes overshadows her death, unfortunately.

I like a lot of Tom Derenick's work with the franchise, but some of the character work -- most notably facial expressions -- came off as a little too exaggerated. That said, the angles do a fine job keeping us immersed and Rex Lokus' coloring is consistently strong, but some of of the expressions were a bit distracting.

The Verdict

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO #22 gives a satisfying and action-heavy look at Black Canary's story. While it isn't quite as emotional as it could have been, it's still a very well-written and totally absorbing experience. The tension has been building for quite some time between Canary and Kal-El and their confrontation was mostly worth the wait. And the end will most definitely leave you wanting more. Usually fans of the video game can predict deaths and some of the twists, but this is a completely unexpected treat and I'm really anxious to see how it's handled.

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Dammit Hal and Kal , why did you kill her? She was a swell gal.

Posted by SuperiorBeast

Someone spoil this for me please.

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Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

@oscars94 said:

Dammit Hal and Kal , why did you kill her? She was a swell gal.

lol, that was corny but good

@the_kidd said:

@superiorbeast said:

Someone spoil this for me please.

Holy Sh!t

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Nice review

Posted by danhimself

so sad :(

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"Kal El of Krypton, you have the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps" <3

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Love this series.Getting this Tomorrow.

Edited by Oscars94


Posted by HavocLink

I'm speechless...

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@oscars94: Hal killed Dinah!?! I believe you but that hard to picture.

Posted by johnny_blaze

Oh please. Like she stood a chance lmao!!!

Posted by Vitalius


Well she used the "superpill".


She could become a White Lantern, healing herself and destroy Superman and later revive the dead heroes and heal the others.

Posted by JoshuaDBr

I'm not reading this, but green Guy vs yellow Hal? AWESOME!

Posted by radstockboy

Baby-killer Superman. Clark, you're a jerk.

Edited by HolySerpent

Did Hal or superman kill black canary?

Posted by dondave
Posted by radstockboy
Posted by micah

Baby-killer Superman. Clark, you're a jerk.

Don't worry he'll get what's coming to him in due time.

Posted by dondave

@radstockboy: She wasn't. She gave birth to Connor before the battle.

Posted by radstockboy
Posted by The Stegman

I have never hated Superman or Hal Jordan more than I do right now....this series keeps pissing me off, but I love it at the same time, lol.

Posted by Chronicjihad

Yellow Lantern Superman means we're going to probably get a Green Lantern Batman. Should be awesome!

Posted by Romthelegionaire

@dondave: Speaking of Conner, who's going to take care of him now?

Posted by errin

@the_stegman: Alfred was already speaking everything for me now. lol

Posted by The Stegman

@errin said:

@the_stegman: Alfred was already speaking everything for me now. lol

Alfred speaks everything for me all the time, lol.

Two other thoughts:

1. Shame what happened to Dinah, that's such a waste of a nice booty

2. Ganthet is more bada** here than he has been in mainstream continuity in years. Telling Shazam to hush was priceless.

Posted by errin

Yellow Lantern Superman means we're going to probably get a Green Lantern Batman. Should be awesome!

I'm gonna die for that.

Posted by LarryAshlynn

Gah I really hate Superman and Hal in this series. What assholes. It's like Superman is an evil dictator in every universe except for the mainstream one.(and earth 23)

Posted by SuperiorBeast

@the_kidd: thank you! And holy shit!! I stopped buying these when they hit he GL arc for literally no reason. I hope to get them all eventually. It's the only DC I've been reading. How is the Corps holding up?

Posted by The_Kidd

@superiorbeast: the Corps is holding up surprisingly well, but that is mainly due to Ganthet bitch slapping everyone around.

Posted by kivatt

I have so much hatred in my heart for Superman right now. It's unfathomable.

Posted by Zackisme

Does anyone think the mainstream Justice League will make an appearance later down the line? I'm only going by what I've seen in the game.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Ganthet has been more badass here than he has been for years,he actually FEELS like a guardian as opposed to the sissy Johns made him,WE HAZ NO EMOTION.

Posted by Techherofan

Love this series.What truly makes this the best series around is that anything can happen feeling that the main universes can't offer for obvious reasons.

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Posted by dondave
Posted by Claymore1998

The one thing i took from this issue is Guardians are badass.

Posted by kivatt

@entropy_aegis: Oh My God! I know right. Ganthet has been molly whopping everyone left and right. He's much more of a person to not be fucked with now.

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I kinda feel like the game's ending for this Superman is too good for him... He should've died a horrible death.

Posted by Dredeuced

Amusingly, a spinoff comic for a game has the best written Harley I've seen in years. This in spite of the fact that DC has pushed Harley as feature in their comics pretty heavily for quite a while now.

Posted by CapeLibra

I'm so addicted to this series. It's probably the best Superman storyline I've ever read.

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@capelibra said:

I'm so addicted to this series. It's probably the best Superman storyline I've ever read.

I think it's one of the best alternate realitiy stories I've ever read in a while

Posted by Primebonnick

dang Kal why you gotta be so mean (but i love it). Still Dinah should have known better come on we all know Kryptonite only works well on superman when your batman, she should have made sure he was subdued see how she paid for it.

Still i can't wait for the next issue i see the bodies piling up now muhahahah.

Posted by Lanstar

One of the best issues in year two. I realized how much I had come to despise Superman when Canary was kicking his ass and I was beyond satisfied. My guess... Superjerk - now Yellow lantern Superjerk is going to fly up and have it out with Ganthet driving him away from Earth or outright killing him. That will end the Green Lantern corps. interference of his psycho plan of a new world order. I still am having trouble that Shazam backing up all this. I know he looks up to Superman as an idol and the rest of them, BUT he is suppose to have the wisdom of Solomon...hmmm..doesn't exactly seem so wise to me. All in all, a great issue!

Posted by RemColonyBrown

Amazing issue. I agree the second twist overshadowed what would otherwise have been the big spoiler. But I wanted to buck the trend and chime in on the Good rather than the Bad. Catwoman to Damian was great, and so was Harley. Tom's is pretty much the only version of Catwoman I can stand outside of Cat-Tales, and I'd do just about anything to see him do a Bat-Cat partnership like this in a decent pre-52 and Damian-free world. Ditto some Harley before she became skank-psycho rather than quirky and fun. In short, Tom Taylor should be DC's answer to the incessant complaints that the boy's club shaft female characters. They CAN do right by them. Tom's Selina is the woman I fell for reading comics 20 years ago that DC hasn't delivered in a decade. Please, make this man king.

Posted by Batman-Hush

@remcolonybrown: Someone who dislikes Pre-52 and Damian. I think I've found my spirit animal.

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Odds are that Ganthet is getting it next. Even though he is suppose to be immortal.

Posted by Jacthripper

Need to read this series