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Injustice: Year Two #21 - Chapter Twenty-One: Crashing to Earth Review


Hal Jordan has sided with Sinestro and Ganthet isn't very pleased. Meanwhile, Superman continues to brawl with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Good

YEAR TWO has a lot of pieces moving around, but the chapters tend to quickly address what happened with a previous group and then focus on moving forward with another set of characters. It's a good way to give the wide variety of characters proper focus, but now that everything has hit the fan, this chapter finds organic links to move us from group to group. It doesn't strike us with any particularly powerful developments (then again, it would be tough to top the way the last issue ended) and instead goes for a little bit of character and a lot of madness. Seriously, there's a lot of explosions, blasts, and all kinds of general chaos. We have Ganthet firing two blasts (one gets a double page spread and rightfully so), explosions and a vicious amount of heat vision. Oh, and there's a little something at the end that concludes this chapter on a thrilling note, but you don't expect me to spoil that, do you? Needless to say, the gloves are off and everyone and everything is unleashing.

All of this fighting and craziness gives artist Mike S. Miller and colorist J. Nanjan the chance to show us what these characters look like when they're livid and/or hurt. Aside from one bit with Barbara and Ganthet's "I'm unamused" face, there's a whole lot of frustration and rage stemming from these characters and it sells these brutal conflicts very well. Aside from one panel where Superman isn't looking at the Lantern he's gripping and prepared to punch (the angle has him looking to the side, not at his target), the art team made sure all of the action was every bit as intense as it should be. The green blasts and the toll they take on characters was savage and the panel of a certain someone being struck by an explosion did a fine job making us fully aware of the speed and force of the attack. And the final close-up really pulls you into a major match-up and allows you to appreciate how both of them feel in that very cinematic moment.

The Bad

I know I should just accept the fact that Superman is now a super jerk, but I'm still left feeling a little taken aback whenever he does something drastic without even a moment of hesitation or showing any signs of internal conflict. So, when he gives a stern look and has no gripe dishing out a beyond lethal dose of heat vision, I can't help but think about how uncalled for it is. Maybe if Taylor had more room to address Superman's situation we'd be more understanding of his downward spiral, but in this volume, it just seems like we just need to accept the fact he's beyond redeeming (use innocents as cover? Sounds good!) and move on. But that's still a tad difficult for me, especially when there were still some signs of goodness lingering in him during the last volume.

Also, when Ganthet has no problem obliterating characters, it seems a little odd to have him spend several seconds telling Sinestro that he won't waste any more time with him instead of spending half that amount of time just eliminating him from existence with another blast or two. We could chalk it up to poor decision making or arrogance, but it came off like "I won't kill you because, well, you're playable in the game. So here's a verbal smackdown. Bye!" Lastly, Hal Jordan was a "terrible mistake"?! Personally, I think saying he's disappointed in Hal and what he's done is irredeemable may have been more appropriate.

The Verdict

While the last chapter thrived because it had so much heart, this one works because it's over-the-top madness. We're not just getting a glimpse or a tease or the big battle anymore -- we're being yanked right into it and getting a front row seat to the Michael Bay level of explosions and brawls. That said, the chapter isn't just shallow, popcorn entertainment. There's some good albeit short character beats thrown in there and I'm left wondering what this will mean for everyone when the dust settles. Sure, there's still plenty of physical conflicts that have to be resolved and, based on this book's history, it'll likely be a thrilling ride, but when a certain side has won and the other needs to lick its wounds, will the character dynamics be the same or will there be some drastic changes? Even though we know where everyone stands in several years from now (which is where the video game begins), this is a series that consistently manages to grab my interest and keeps me guessing. Yes, I'm very anxious to see what happens after this cliffhanger and witness more of the battles, but I'm especially anxious to see what'll go down as YEAR TWO wraps up the massive battle and shows us the aftermath.

Posted by micah

Finally some combat :)

Posted by danhimself

awww man I really hope what I think is going to happen in the next issue doesn't happen....I honestly gasped when I thought that it happened this issue

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The worst thing is that I know that Alfred is going to die.

Posted by soldierofel

I'm proably one my own on this but i want to see superman start to throw down. We're basically talking about a morals off superman and he's been shafted for most of this year. And by the way, are we really supposed to believe that black canary's scream can literally turn superman into a whimpering baby? We've seen him take on sonics before and power through the pain and your expecting me to believe that he can't shake off black canary. And i agree with this review superman has had little to no character development this year when we're supposed to be seeing his transition from flawed hero to tyrant. He's made some decisions in the series that would need for him to be pushed into insanity to make. I mean human shields? He really should be starting that after he's devolved more. All i'm hoping for now is that he beats everyone next week and it ends well.

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I have the feeling black canary will be killed next chapter, by Hal no less. The overarching theme of year two seems to be about Hal's Anakin-like descent into darkness, and him killing her would officially cement his fall from grace.

Posted by dondave

Ganthet is BAMF.

Posted by Zackisme

@havoclink: Yep. That's exactly what will happen I'm afraid.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

That fight scene at the end was intense! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Posted by i_dont_like_comics

@soldierofel: she took the super pill. her cry is 10000x stronger. think before posting.

Posted by Romthelegionaire

I wish Ganthet was a playable character in the game. Maybe in Injustice 2.

Posted by Primebonnick

Black canary stole the show for me

Posted by LarryAshlynn

Dammit canary don't die D:

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by HandOfPrometheus

The sad part is that we might now what happen to some characters from the game.

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@soldierofel: no dude. We've already witnessed Supermans decent. You think he needs to decend more before using human shield? He killed Green Arrow by punching him to death. Green Arrow....a man with no superpowers. Not one punch too many. There was blood spraying everywhere and he kept punching. And don't tell me he thought his parents were in danger that's BS. That scene was supposed to be Superman going over the edge. Superman can't even see the edge at this point.