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Injustice: Year Two #19 - Chapter Nineteen: Air Assault Review


Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner have an unpleasant encounter at Ferris Aircraft!

The Good

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO's long and drama-filled road has left me anxiously awaiting a big development with Hal Jordan. Well, you can only imagine my level of excitement when I first saw this chapter's very cool cover by Jheremy Raapack, Santi Casas, and David Lopez. If you've played the game, odds are you've been anticipating this moment as well and I'm so happy to report that it's handling made me do a slow clap. This is a big development for the Justice Leaguer and it definitely delivered. A moment like this could have felt abrupt or forced, but within this context, the change feels justified. A character beat prior to that felt a little sudden, but everything that follows worked well and ends on a note that allows the change to really sink in. It placed Sinestro's mentality front and center and will ultimately have you counting down the days until you can buy the next chapter. We knew this moment would come and now it's time to see where writer Tom Taylor goes with it! Something tells me some bleak moments are right around the corner. Well, something bad is always looming around the corner in this series, but Guy Gardner fans should be prepared for the worst. But hey, at least said character had some commendable dialogue in this one!

This huge character development is accompanied by a whole lot of action. Artist Mike S. Miller and colorist Rex Lokus dish out a ton of lantern blasts, explosions and all kinds of fast-paced and energetic madness. The character work fluctuates a wee bit, but that's countered by the consistently strong colors (the frequent shades of yellow and green are a delight) and exciting displays of frenetic and intense incidents. Also, Miller does a fine job handling Sinestro's expressions. You don't even require the dialogue during the final sequence to get a perfect read on his actions.

The Bad

The handling of the Damian Wayne and Catwoman fight was a bummer and even made me exclaim "awww man!" I get there's limited space with these digital chapters, but with the way this encounter was teased in the last chapter, it would have been nice to see the opening page dedicated to the final moments of the fight instead of a double page spread that immediately brings us into the aftermath.

This is an alternate universe, so it's understandable that characters will act differently. However, Hal Jordan is still treated as one of the most respected and talented ring-slingers, so it felt a little odd to have him snap so abruptly. With the Green Arrow incident, Superman has been through a mountain of obstacles and the scenario he faced was his breaking point, but it felt a little sudden for Hal to react the way he did. I understand anyone can go an extreme when someone they love is in danger, but if your longtime friend saved them, I imagine it may force you to reevaluate who your enemies are instead of violently lashing out?

Question: should we assume Huntress and the other two escaped in different planes and Batwoman was the only one left grounded? The caption of them entering Ferris Aircraft said "take the planes" so I'm assuming no one was trapped in Batwoman's vehicle when it exploded.

The Verdict

Ladies and gentlemen, INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO is moving full speed ahead and, based on the way things are going down, it definitely looks like it'll be all action and big developments until the volume's final chapter. We've seen plenty from Superman, Batman and others, but this chapter finally gives Hal Jordan and Sinestro a little more of the spotlight and the end result is an issue that's loaded with spectacle and big character moments. If you dropped this series because it wasn't moving fast enough for you, I'd strongly recommend jumping back on board because it looks like it's only going to get crazier from here.

Posted by Teerack

I love the cover art.

Posted by micah

Love the art in this series. Also glad the pacing of the story is picking up.

Posted by danhimself

I feel like Hal joining with Superman's Regime is one of the more out of character things about this just doesn't feel right that he would join Superman instead of Batman....especially with Sinestro on Superman's would think that would be the thing to put some clarity on the situation and get him to switch sides but I guess if someone murdering your best friend doesn't put some sense in you then nothing else will

Posted by Raffels

I know what your saying about the Hal charecterization but his decision in the end of this chapter was nicely done. It was very convincing and I love how everyone's actions are for a purpose. Last issue Harley was the star but this issue was Lanterns taking the spotlight…. I'm a little annoyed that we didn't get to see more of the aftermath of what happened in space but I guess they are just stretching it out. I like everyone feels in danger…well obviously not death but something tragic happening something you can't feel for everyone in DC New 52.

Posted by Raffels

@danhimself: I think worst is Flash for me considering how much of fangirl they make him out to be for Batman in other books and definently the animation movies.

Posted by i_dont_like_comics

i approve of ganthet bitch slapping some fools.

Posted by thatlad

That one panel towards the end, sinestro's expression is wonderful but it's turned golden by how they frame the ring and carol. Fantastic bit of art, I went back and looked at it twice

Posted by danhimself

@raffels said:

@danhimself: I think worst is Flash for me considering how much of fangirl they make him out to be for Batman in other books and definently the animation movies.

doesn't Flash end up switching sides in the game?

Posted by Raffels
Posted by danhimself
Edited by Raffels

@danhimself: Well that's not the point It just I haven't been convinced on why Superman' cause has swayed Flash so much considering all he's seen