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Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #17 - Chapter Seventeen: Absolute Freaking Carnage Review


The Green Lantern Corps are coming to take down Superman and they've brought a big gun with them: Mogo.

The Good

The big war is finally here! Well, sort of. Writer Tom Taylor has brought Guy Gardner and his army to Earth and they're finally staring right into the Man of Steel's eyes. The battle technically does begin and it kicks off with one hell of a note, but once again, this issue's all about bringing the anticipation to a boiling point. The war is absolutely underway, but we're again left wondering "but what happens next!?" It's a tactic that's sure to bother some, but if you find yourself thoroughly invested in the characters and storylines in this alternate universe, it's sure to have you looking forward to the moment when you can buy the next chapter.

As always, Taylor's able to sprinkle in a bit of levity, even in the moments right before a war that will determine the fate of the planet. Harley Quinn's cameo made me smirk and there's another decent line or two thrown into the mix, as well. Then there's the cliffhanger. Honestly, it comes as a bit of a double-edged sword. Based on the video game, we have a good idea about what's to come, but, obviously, we've yet to see how it's handled and history has proven this book is more than capable of surprising us, even when we know the outcome. And the way the coloring changes to represent her rage in the final page? That's a great note to end on.

Artist Mike S. Miller and colorist Rex Lokus make the cosmic pages standout by far the most in this chapter. There's two praiseworthy double-page spreads of both sides preparing for conflict and you can't help but gaze at them and take a moment or two to stare at each individual. And, when it all hits the fan, they do a solid job hitting us with the motion and force behind Superman's actions as well as a certain blast that you certainly won't miss.

The Bad

I get we're two years into Superman's change, but seeing him even a little torn over these decisions would be great. Even though we know where he ends up and what he'll eventually do, I can't help but feel like we should be holding onto a sliver of hope that maybe -- just maybe -- the version of Superman we love is still somewhere in there. It now feels like that part of him has been completely swatted aside and he's happily speeding towards "evil jerk" mode.

Like I've said before, I like a lot of Taylor's work and I have plenty of faith in his abilities, but there has been so much buildup at this point. It seems like we're constantly waiting for the next big thing to happen and we're instead hit with another way of building the hype. Here's hoping there's some major payoff around the corner!

Minor gripe: some of the facial expressions came off a tad stiff.

The Verdict

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO #17 is yet another chapter that leaves me hooked and waiting until next Tuesday for more. The slowburn approach is beginning to take a toll and I wish we'd see a little more humanity in Kal-El, but I'd be a total liar if I said this issue hasn't left me curious and anxious to see where these plot threads will take us. The massive space battle has begun, Batman's forces are finally in motion, and we can expect to see more of the always fantastic Harley Quinn. So yeah, you can bet I'm sticking around to see what comes next!

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Posted by Master_Thief

Tell me mogos fate as well

Posted by micah

I love Year Two, but I really want an all-out war/fight issue. Please let it be next issue, I want to see Carnage between all these forces sooooooo bad.

Posted by SaintWildcard

At some point I really should start picking up the trades :/

Edited by micah

@saint_wildcard said:

At some point I really should start picking up the trades :/

I would suggest wait for Year Two to end (theirs only a few more issues) and grab both Year One and Year Two trades, there should be a break before Year Three hits, so you should have plenty of time to read them both.

Posted by ShadowHuntR

@thecheesestabber: In one of the last panels, Mogo launch a blast at the Sinestro Corps and it looks like he killed a lot of them. We'll know more in the next one.

Posted by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

Calling this issue (and previewing it last week as) "Absolute Freaking Carnage" is such a ripoff. I'm still really hating year two of this. But I keep buying it! Oh well.

Posted by danhimself

is Black Canary dead in the game? I really really really don't want her to die....I think that I've liked the character more in this book than in most of her other appearances...or maybe it's just the interactions between her and Harley

Posted by iceslick

@danhimself: They really left that in the air in the video game. We never knew if she lived or died in the game and she wasn't even mentioned. So, I guess this is why the story in Year Two is focused on her, so we know what happens to her. I think they didn't want to spoil this series. So, they never mention her at all in the game.

Posted by patrat18

Nothing happens to Mogo.......Yet.

Posted by New_World_Order

Superman is probably going to fly through Mogo, lol. I really see that happening.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Based on past treatment of beloved Green Lantern Members, and Superman having been known to shatter planets in his publication doesn't look good for MOGO. I can't wait to see the final battle play out

Posted by 8008S

Titles supposed to be jabs at Marvel aren't they? Last issue was "One Day More", this one's "Absolute Freaking Carnage" LOL

Honestly, I never thought I would root for Guy Gardner, of all people. Color me surprised.

Posted by LarryAshlynn

I feel so damn pissed at this Superman. What an absolute douchebag.