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Injustice: Year Two #16 - Chapter Sixteen: One Day More Review


Guy Gardner and his allies are heading to Earth with one difficult objective: take down Superman.

The Good

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO #16 sets up so much tension that it leaves me thinking the next issue will have an amount of explosions and action that would make even Michael Bay drop his jaw. And that seems to be the tradition in this volume: produce more and more suspense as the big war seemingly lingers just around the corner.

Yes, we know which side will ultimately win and we know which characters are still around several years after this volume, but we have no idea how it all plays out and who meets a tragic end. It's about the journey, not the destination. That's something writer Tom Taylor has consistently proven and, even though this volume has been noticeably slower and not as impactful as the first volume, it still has a firm grip on my attention week after week and leaves me wanting more. Unsurprisingly, this is yet another chapter that has me anxious to see what'll happen next week and it appears all of the teasing and buildup is about to payoff -- or so I hope. The real war is right around the corner, folks, I can't wait wait to see how it's handled.

This issue does a more than proper job piling on the tension as both sides speak out about what's about to go down and both sides prepare for the seemingly inevitable conflict. If you played the video game, then you know there's quite a few developments this battle could produce and I'm very curious to see if they'll happen here or if many will be reserved for YEAR THREE. Something tells me we'll soon see a big change for Hal, though.

Penciler Xermanico and inker Julien Hugonnard-Bert shine when we're treated to close ups and more intimate shots of the characters. There's a couple of close ups of a heavily shaded Batman which impress and many of the expressions add a proper amount of weight to the situation these characters are in. And it's the opening cosmic scene which allows colorist Rex Lokus to please our eyes. There's plenty of bright panels to enjoy as the Green Lantern Corps make their move and chase down two of Sinestro's goons.

The Bad

As I said above, YEAR TWO still has a lot of room to surprise us, but so far it has felt like buildup after buildup and honestly, there hasn't really been any major payoff. This continues the trend of setting the stage, but I'm left with mixed feelings about whether the upcoming battle will be worth the wait. That has obviously yet to be seen and I'm hoping for the best, but I'm sure those that aren't a fan of this volume's pacing will continue to feel disappointed. It wouldn't surprise me if Taylor was saving all of the big action and major surprises for what's to come, but it feels like the path getting there has been quite long.

Some of the character work was a little jarring. For example, the first appearance of Batman looks off (cowl and jaw) and there's on panel of Catwoman where she appears to have an oddly masculine facial structure.

Minor gripe: The decision Superman makes is, well, let's just say it's pretty bold and despicable. I know many of you already view him as an evil tyrant, but there's been glimpses here and there that part of him still sincerely believes he's doing this for the greater good and his personality isn't completely gone. Because of that, I would have loved to see a dialogue between Sinestro and Superman about this disgusting decision. It's clear Thaal was pulling his strings for this move, but I would have liked to see Clark have some mixed emotions about the plan before actually believing it's for Earth's benefit.

The Verdict

Okay, you've landed one heck of a hook, INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO #16. Even if you haven't been the biggest fan of this volume, this chapter basically guarantees you'll be interested enough to read the follow-up. Whether or not the upcoming conflict lives up to the hype has yet be determined, but this chapter does a mighty fine job making sure we know it's right around the corner and I definitely want to see how it's executed. Sure, I wish Superman was a little more humanizing as he continues his evil path, but this chapter really got the narrative moving full speed ahead and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Posted by The Stegman

It still baffles the mind how some of the JL can side with Superman. He is literally killing their former teammates, broke Batman's back and has turned Gotham into a police state...yet they side with him?? Hal and John choosing him (and freakin Sinestro) over the GL Corps is ridiculous.

Posted by Primebonnick

Man how long is it gonna take for wonder woman to wake up she is gonna miss the whole war. I guess this is when alfred, black canary, huntress and batwoman die.

Posted by micah

@the_stegman: I know, the JL and some other characters are acting out of character. Still I can't wait for the war to start :)

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I think he rules the rest of JL with fear and probably either they dont know BOP are working against Superman or are they preparing to take down Superman alone or with help of BOP

Posted by Master_Thief

What was the decision? ??

Posted by snarkybits

What was the decision? ??

He is making everyone wear gaudy pink dresses. It's despicable.

Posted by ShadowLife248

Where is Wonder Woman btw?

Posted by LarryAshlynn
Posted by sophia89

well superman is as good a planner as zap brannigan!

people of earth,we are being invaded,so go outside and fire randomly on the sky.(zap)

people of earth,we are being invaded,so go outside on the streets and helps us.(superman)


Posted by ShadowLife248

@larryashlynn: But she was on the JL satellite when Sinestro first came looking for Superman.

Edited by dondave

It still baffles the mind how some of the JL can side with Superman. He is literally killing their former teammates, broke Batman's back and has turned Gotham into a police state...yet they side with him?? Hal and John choosing him (and freakin Sinestro) over the GL Corps is ridiculous.

Posted by Primebonnick

@dudelicious: how is that i spoil they aren't in the game and the next title say carnage so it only right to assume they die soon. It's common sense bro don't ya have any?

Posted by Dudelicious

@primebonnick: I haven't played the game you fucking tool, nor do I want to BECAUSE I'M ENJOYING READING THE COMIC WITHOUT SPOILERS! Some people are fucking retarded.

Posted by Primebonnick

@dudelicious: oh sucks for you then bro. Plus they don't have to die next issue as i said it was an assumption you just lack common sense as we both agree on. Not your fault man.

Posted by Dudelicious

@primebonnick: They're obviously going to die at some point which you so eloquently pointed out in your first post, shit-for-brains. It doesn't matter in what issue, a spoiler is a fucking spoiler.

Posted by ShadowHuntR

How about you all calm down?

Posted by strangetales

@shinxanta: @dudelicious:

How is that a spoiler? I would call it public knowledge.

So stoked to see how the next issue plays out!