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Injustice: Year Two #1 - Chapter One: Third Wheel Review


The second volume of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US starts here! Where does everyone stand after Superman's shocking actions?

*This review contains spoilers from volume 1*

The Good

The stellar franchise is back, friends. Considering how impressive the first volume is, I of course went into YEAR TWO's debut with pretty high expectations. Thankfully, writer Tom Taylor is able to deliver us more of the same -- and that's absolutely a good thing.

Sure, the premise behind this alternate universe is intriguing, but truth be told, it's not exactly the most original one around. We've all seen Superman take more drastic actions (e.g. KINGDOM COME, RED SON), but what makes this series truly standout is the commendable writing and this opening chapter is a terrific reminder of that. Taylor does legitimately impressive work with Green Arrow and has without question turned him (as well as his chemistry with Black Canary) into one of the most charming and lovable elements in this book. With this issue, Taylor makes the understandable decision to open the book with an honestly joyous scene, celebrating the relationship these two once had while also giving us some sharp and smile-inducing lines. Then we're hit with the reminder that he's gone and it's all thanks to Superman's temper tantrum. It's a great example of how this book can offer an organic shift between tones and make the laughs every bit as effective as the emotional hits.

Series regular Bruno Redondo illustrates the franchise's return and does a satisfying job, most noticeably with the opening locations and a certain power which appears later in the issue. Redondo nails the character work with Green Arrow, Black Canary and Hal Jordan. From Oliver's smug face to Hal's dissatisfaction to Dinah's hatred, the characters look exactly how you'd expect them to in the given moments. The coloring (by David Lopez) is able to match the tone of each scene well, but it really shines in creating a vibrant city and when a certain conflict occurs towards the conclusion. Note for longtime fans: Hal's hair is brown!

The Bad

This issue leaves us with a fine cliffhanger, but the ending does come off as a bit abrupt, especially since we've come to expect absolutely huge moments from this series. It'll be cheerworthy if you're a massive fan of said character, but for everyone else, it'll just come off as a serviceable tease.

There's also one reveal which feels like it's there just for shock value and to give a certain character even more inspiration moving forward. However, this character has plenty as is. We'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

It's a tad tough to take Superman seriously when the artwork appears to make him a bit overly emotional with his expressions. It almost feels like he's an upset child instead of a powerful world dictator with a conflicted conscious. I obviously love the reactions and emotions displayed with everyone else, but with Clark, it comes off as a bit overdone (regarding his facial expressions, that is).

The Verdict

Overall, INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US makes a very satisfying return. It may not pack as big of a punch as the first volume when it comes to reveals/shock value (at least not yet), but it's superbly written, filled with heart and a great way to ease us back into this twisted world. Glad to have you back, INJUSTICE.

Yes, this is technically a jumping on spot, although I obviously recommend reading Volume 1 at some point.

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Posted by Vitalius

It is funny how Black Canary with lover´s deaths both New 52 and Injustice at same time.

Posted by The Stegman

can't wait to get this!!!

Posted by Nahuel

Maaaaaaaaaan! I wanna read this so bad!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Year One Injustice blew me away. Cant wait. As for the Superman facial expressions, ive found the most tyrannical and megalomaniacal men in power are often cowardly, whining children at their core. I find it fitting.

Posted by timelord

Really good issue I forgot Ollie was dead cries

Posted by bladewolf

Amazing issue! I feel like Tom Taylor should write an Injustice prequel at some point simply about Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Posted by dondave

@timelord said:

Really good issue I forgot Ollie was dead cries

Posted by patrat18
Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

Cant wait to read this

Posted by MonsterStomp

Seems like a popular series, I might get into it.

Posted by batmannflash


Posted by akbogert

(spoilers follow)

When I was downloading the issue, I actually thought to myself "It's a shame Ollie is dead...there will be less humor from now on" so I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was the focus of the issue.

...up until the emotional sucker punch that was the last couple pages.

(but yay for Babs)

Posted by iceslick

@k4tzm4n: I don't think your opinion makes any sense. Most evil leaders or dictators do act like upset children. Doesn't Hitler ring a bell to that example?

Posted by k4tzm4n

@iceslick said:

@k4tzm4n: I don't think your opinion makes any sense. Most evil leaders or dictators do act like upset children. Doesn't Hitler ring a bell to that example?

I'm referring to the facial expressions, not how Kal's being written. There's a few instances where his expressions were a bit too over the top for me. Apologies if that wasn't clear enough.

Posted by iceslick

@k4tzm4n: Oh I give you that. It did look overdone.

Posted by ravisher

Hal's hair is finally brown

took so long