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Injustice: Gods Among Us #36 - Chapter 36 Review


This is it, Injusticers. It's the final chapter of the digital series... for now.

The Good

Chapter 35's jaw-dropper left us all speculating what could happen next. I've heard plenty of interesting theories and had a few of my own, but as far as I can tell, no one predicted what Tom Taylor had in store for us. In a book full of shocking moments, this one is disputably the very best. Being as spoiler-free as possible: let's just say it's something that needed to happen and was delivered in a totally unexpected manner -- a manner which will likely make you gasp, smile and possibly even clap when all is said and done. To elaborate any further would potentially ruin the surprise and it's definitely something you want to experience with all of the context. There's been an immeasurable amount of build up and tension in the series and this was a fantastic way to wrap things up (for now, at least).

Meanwhile, Taylor continues to craft Superman into the despicable and weak-minded man we see in the video game. In a twisted way, Kal's decision in the last issue did have some logic behind it, but his response upon discovering something in this chapter just goes to show the Superman you love and respect is dead. There's even a short yet powerful blurb to let that point really sink in, too. It's seeming more and more likely Taylor wanted to deliver that feel-good Superman story from the past right before he made the iconic character completely irredeemable. It's unfortunate who the Man of Steel becomes, but this series has done a remarkable job making him walk a path that could indeed justify his drastic transformation.

Sometimes Mike S. Miller's facial expressions can come off as a bit too exaggerated, but in this case, they do a fantastic job bringing the raw emotion front and center. Disappointment, anger, pain... each expression is crystal clear and truly brings these shocking moments to life. Without giving anything away, there's a superb sense of motion and power behind the action sequence and the colorists choosing to make certain backgrounds vivid was an excellent decision. These bold backgrounds in key moments really sold the scenes and gave them a great amount of intensity.

The Bad

It only applies to two panels, but Hal Jordan's hair is still black! Also, the heavy use of large panels and splash pages makes this a very quick read, but that's okay since you'll probably want to read it all over again once you're done.

The Verdict

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is this is the last chapter (annual aside) until 2014. Tragic, I know. However, the good news is that Tom Taylor and everyone else involved left us with a beyond stellar issue that'll make you want to cheer. This chapter also serves as a brilliant way to further the divide between Bruce and Clark. What occurs could have easily been treated as the series' conclusion and we'd be left assuming 5 years transpire before the game begins. But no, we're going to get even more in January and that, my friends, is very awesome and absolutely something worth looking forward to.

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Posted by IheartZombies92--defunct

@ovidkid said:

Got to admit having Alfred give Superman a bloody noose was oh so epic that I read the part over and over.

I swear... Alfred is the most badass thing I've ever seen.

"Clark Kent..."


"I am so disappointed in you..."

He is currently tied with Gandalf.

Edited by 9dragons


it's not far from the truth. Anyone on super strength on par or close to superman can seriously harm him if he's no careful. Think of it as another kryptonian slugging superman in the face It'll hurt. Superman does not fight people in his weight class on a daily basis. So when someone actually steps up he gets blindsided. He's not batman running around at night taking on guys that probably can bench as much as he can or close to it. Plenty of Olympic/veteran level thugs in Gotham, but handful of superman level thugs in metropolis.

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