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Injustice: Gods Among Us #32 - Chapter 32 Review


Captain Atom and Superman are at odds. It's kind of like Clark's game of chess with Flash, but now they're using their super-strong fists instead of their minds.

The Good

There's no denying the fact that INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US has been a massive success due to writer Tom Taylor. From the gripping plot twists to the super sharp dialogue and characterization, it's ultimately his solid script which has consistently impressed us. The art, however, has been more sporadic. Every now and then we're treated to some terrific pages, but for the most part, the quality has fluctuated a good deal. Chapter 32, though? It's one which finally thrives because of its truly magnificent art.

Jheremy Raapack, David Lopez and Santi Casas have created terrific visual ride. The team has done wonders with Taylor's script, crafting an epic and absurdly impressive battle between Superman and Captain Atom (told ya not to jump to conclusions with the last cliffhanger!). This series has delivered a lot of moments that'll make your jaw drop right away, but there's a panel in here which absolutely floored me. It's not a twist, it's not an emotional hit -- no, it's far more simple than that. It's merely Captain Atom slugging Superman in the face. We've seen plenty of punches thrown in this series, but this page is really something special. Everything from the impact on Clark's cheek to the shattering impact and momentum behind the strike is beyond commendable. There's so much energy and intensity thrown into the final turn of events, too. Raapack, Lopez and Casas deserve a round of applause for turning a fairly simple fight into a legitimately cinematic experience.

Now, this of course isn't to say Taylor is slacking in this issue -- not by any means, really. The bits of dialogue during the brawl certainly amuse, breathing more depth into this universe's version of Captain Atom and he of course grants Green Arrow a moment to let his personality shine through. Additionally, the plot plays out in a manner which will leave you counting down the seconds until you can purchase the next chapter -- especially if you've played the game's story mode.

The Bad

It's basically one big brawl between two powerhouses presented with praiseworthy visuals. What's not to love?

The Verdict

Sure, this chapter essentially boils down to one extended fight (with awesome artwork), but Taylor still does enough to move all of the pieces forward when it comes to hitting us with the big moment that's sure to come. If you're a fan of the game, odds are you know what's around the corner, but just because we know the end result doesn't mean we know how it'll play out at all, does it? This is something the book consistently proves to us and I'm excited to see how they'll handle the next big scene inspired by the game's narrative. In the meantime, this is yet another issue which doesn't fail to impress. It doesn't dive into the heavy morals or feels the universe has to offer, but it does present plenty of super-powered punches which look fantastic and are hugely amusing.

Posted by evilvegeta74

Captain Atom, be nice if were in the game!

Posted by batmannflash

awesome issue! Go Captain Atom

Posted by TheFirstLantern

So I don't have the game and I stopped reading after the issue in which aquaman first appears due to school. One question: Superman beats up every super strong character on Batman's side huh?

Edited by TheBlackHood

So you know how sometimes an issue or story really makes you like a character that you didn't have any love for previously? This issue is the one that made me a Captain Atom fan. Just another fantastic issue.

Edited by tensor

Man it was really good even in the end when superman crush atom hand he was talking like that is nothing

Posted by DCVibe

Extremely happy Captain Atom had a spotlight! Now put in him the game!

Posted by Rick475069

FU*K FU*K FU*K!! Where is issue #33 already? Captain Atom probably got taken out temporarily and Supes stands once again.

Posted by Jeevanjacobjohn

This issue was simply superb :D I am just glad that they didn't make the fight between Batman and Superman (I am a Bats fan, but I really wanted to see a showdown between Captain Atom and Supes - and I got what I wanted). I wanted WW to die (instead of Supes :P She seems to be blindly encouraging him). But, we all know how it will end up. Waiting for the next issue!

Posted by Rick475069
Edited by mrpandopool

I keep hating wonder woman in this comic, she acts with no strategy and ignoring knowledge of the enemy come on!, Captain Atom was in the justice league before the metropolis and supes thingy happened so I find hard to think that another top leaguer as herself did not know about captain atom´s suit and the consequences of breaching it. The only thing I say in favor of this wonder woman is that in the comic she does look like a woman and not like in the game, there she looks pretty wierd to me. But looks aside this is also one of th things I like of this comic.

Edited by batsymyplaything

Mann, I don't know what it is, but I'm hating WW more than ever in this comic book. Maybe because she's a nuisance everywhere she is, or her thoughts don't consist any logic. It's like the old Greek Mythology stories, where sometimes a woman is the dark seed in the field of good man.

As for Superman vs. Captain Atom, GO Captain Atom !

Posted by Saren

At least Captain Atom got some respect. More than I can say for a few other characters.

Posted by ColaNicole

Who wins the fight?

Edited by Alak

Mann, I don't know what it is, but I'm hating WW more than ever in this comic book. Maybe because she's a nuisance everywhere she is, or her thoughts don't consist any logic. It's like the old Greek Mythology stories, where sometimes a woman is the dark seed in the field of good man.

As for Superman vs. Captain Atom, GO Captain Atom !

I share the same sentiment. Taylor makes it almost too easy to hate Wonder Woman. She seems so irrational and barbaric, unlike the main universe WW we all know and love. I suppose we need a true villain to despise, though. Superman is more of a fallen hero while WW is the one dragging him into darkness.

Posted by silverJuggernaut

Im buyIng thIs cuz of captaIn atom

Edited by McG

Am I the only one dissapointed? After the last issue I thought more would happen... like Superman tearing the shit out of Batman for one...

Posted by CODYSF

Damn why Captain Atom had to die noooooooo!!!

Posted by CODYSF

Take out Scorpion and put Captain Atom in the game

Posted by Vascillator

Never really cared for Captain Atom, but after this issue i think I've become a fan.

Posted by superior_prime_maybe

Captain atom was never so cool to me!

Posted by stevencarver_

Holy crap, this blew my mind. This is another turning point in a series that has slowed down a little in the last 6-8 issues. It feels like they are gearing up for ending the series in the next 10-15 issues, to put it up to the beginning of the game.

I don't buy many DC trades (especially since the New 52 hasn't been worthy of anything beyond a library check-out), but I'm pretty sure I'll be buying this one as the volumes come out.

Edited by hamlet33


I like Captain Atom, but no matter what I see him in (Justice League Unlimited, Injustice, Firestorm) he ends up getting a tear in his suit, then flies up into the sky to explode so he doesn't hurt any one. I'm sure his other stuff is good, but no matter what I see him in it usually ends with that.