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Inhumanity #1 Review


Things are changing in big ways for the Inhumans. Get on board to see how everything is changing.

The Good

Here's something that's not really a secret. The Inhumans have never been my favorite characters. I've always deeply admired Black Bolt, Medusa and, of course, Karnak but I've always thought they were just okay. It might seem odd for me to review a comic so centered around them but it lets me look at it with an unbiased opinion.

Following the events seen in INFINITY, some may be grumbling about having event after event, but the great thing is, you can jump right in without knowing necessarily why certain things happened in INFINITY. The destruction of Attilan and key events are explained easily. What we're seeing is the revelation that Inhumans have been living among humans all along unbeknownst to pretty much everyone. The destruction of Attilan has allowed the Terrigen Mists to unleash their full potential. The problem is, done in this manner and uncontrolled, the results might not be for the best for everyone.

Matt Fraction, in a story that largely sets up this next stage, grabs you and keeps you glued to each page. It's a great combination of being a 'history lesson' on the Inhumans while making it clear just how massive this could be for the populace of the Marvel Universe. And how great is it to see Hawkeye feel like he does in his solo title (thanks to Fraction)? At times it's felt as if we've had two slightly different versions but Fraction manages to merge the two

What can be said about Olivier Coipel's art that hasn't been said before? This is a great way to jump start things. Coipel's art makes this something that shouldn't be ignored.

The Bad

Considering I've never been the biggest Inhuman fan and I really dug this issue, that should be saying something.

The Verdict

INHUMANITY has begun. As a result of INFINITY, the face of the Marvel Universe is undergoing a pretty big change. It's not just the Inhumans we know that are being affected. This is definitely not an issue that should be missed. Matt Fraction lays out the groundwork for what we can expect. Even if you haven't read INFINITY, everything you need to know is here. Olivier Coipel's art makes this even better. Matt Fraction has done something I didn't think was possible - I now care about the Inhumans and can't wait to see what's coming next. With the changes coming, if you're reading Marvel Comics, you need to read this.

Posted by Bezza

Cool, maybe need to check this out. Wasn't a huge fan of Infinity, tbh, although I thought episode 4 was epic!

Posted by GrenadeFlow

The Illuminati and the Avengers were in the same room. That's weird, good issue though

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I always was intrested in the inhumans, it's great that they have a strong series NOW. You see what I did there?

Posted by War Killer

For someone who's reading Avengers, is this going to be required reading or can I enjoy Avengers without reading this? I ask simply because, with Infinity just ending, I don't know if I can afford to jump into a completely new event so soon after the last one...

Posted by Renchamp

I almost picked this up today. Looks like I am headed by to the ol' LCS tomorrow.

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Posted by Maddpanda531

Can't wait to pick this up! I've always been interested in the Inhumans, but never really read much about them. Glad to see that they're making a comeback in a big way.

Posted by Ando123


Posted by cameron83

This issue was simply awesome. In fact,I can see myself becoming an Inhuman fan. I think that (after this issue),they don't get the respect and recognition they deserve by comic book fans.

Edited by Mercy_

This issue was AWESOME. They did everything right.

Edited by Vulshock

@war_killer: I think it's explaining the new status quo (or a prelude to Fraction's Inhumanity). It is quite hard to say when we don't know what direction Hickman's Avengers titles will take though.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

Ehhh, not impressed, they are just killing off established characters.

Edited by Hawkguy

@vulshock said:

@war_killer: I think it's explaining the new status quo (or a prelude to Fraction's Inhumanity). It is quite hard to say when we don't know what direction Hickman's Avengers titles will take though.

From the solicits it looks like the Avengers from the past are coming to the present a la All New X-Men.

Posted by Noteworthington

Was a great start, bit too much of a recap, but I appreciate the need for one for those jumping in now.

Edited by dondave

Ehhh, not impressed, they are just killing off established characters.

Posted by comicbookfan93

Hawkeye had the best line ever in this issue

Gutted they've killed off Karnak though

Posted by Kelevra216

Must not be tempted! Must trade wait for these mini-series/events! Even if Infinity was awesome and Inhumanity even awesom-er.

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this was really good!

Posted by TheFirstLantern

@dondave said:

@theacidskull said:

Ehhh, not impressed, they are just killing off established characters.

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Not impressed. Perhaps i don't understand something...

Posted by Owie

Yeah, kind of a long recap. I wanted a focus on Karnak, as he's my favorite Inhuman, but maybe I got too much of what I asked for...

Posted by asjmooney

I don't read marvel books. A lot of DC, some image and a little bit of Vertigo.

Thinking about starting on a few marvel books and Inhumanity and the new Black Window title seem to be the only ones that have peaked my interest.

Will I understand what's going on without reading any of infinity?

Edited by Mercy_

@asjmooney: This issue does an amazing job of explaining what happened without feeling overly wordy. I haven't read any of Infinity (although I know the general gist of what it was), and had a perfectly easy time understanding what was going on in this issue.

Posted by asjmooney

@mercy_: i'm sure it won't do any harm giving it a go. I am worried for my bank balance if I get hooked on marvel also : /

Posted by Jake Fury

Saw the last page and put it back.

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

Nice recap for newcomers, I enjoyed it. So sad to see Karnak go though R.I.P. The line where Black Panther was like " Does it concern anyone that he's drawing on Unbreakable Wakandan crystal with his FINGERNAIL?" Had me laughing and realizing how badass Karnak really was.

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Finally got my issue and it was worth the wait. Black Bolt got me into the Inhumans and this issue was great to expand the inhuman history for a newcomer for me. Seeing Karnak as the main focus was really something for this issue sad to see what happens to him in the end I was starting to like the chracther. But we do get to see what might happen to the world and the rest of the inhumans with what he fortold in the upcoming events. I'm pumbed for Inhumanity and will continue to be getting any series involved with them.

Posted by dbatdog

too many super powered beings running around at Marvel now...I'm just waiting to see a crossover again with heroes fighting heroes