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Inhuman #4 - Part 4: A Thunder God In Attilan Review


Ryan Stegman joins the title and wait until you see the Reader.

The Good

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not the biggest Inhumans fan. I've mentioned that before but I'm am intrigued by this title. There's a lot of world building going on as Medusa tries to pick up the pieces from the Inhuman city being destroyed along with the arrival of NuHumans, former humans that had traces of Inhuman DNA in their bodies activated by the release of the Terrigen Mists. This means we're seeing new characters with no history. That makes aspects of this title completely new-reader friendly.

With the arrival of Ryan Stegman as artist, he and writer Charles Soule show us another new character, the Reader. He makes for a great visual on the very first page of the issue. For those craving more familiar characters, the action quickly cuts to New Attilan. Thor is visiting Medusa because the Avengers are concerned with what is going on in the city. We get to see Medusa's outlook as she rules over this new city and the new citizens.

Soule keeps the action moving back and forth. While we still have the series establishing all the characters, the action scenes, wonderfully illustrated by Stegman and colored by Marte Gracia. Simply put, this is a good looking book.

The Bad

My main problem is the pacing of the issue. There are two, almost three, different storylines going on. That isn't really a problem but the sudden shifts back and forth. Some shifts work nicely to build up the suspense. Others moments became a distraction as you're trying to follow the action.

I'm still trying to become attached to the new characters. Most of the issue focuses on the scenes with the Reader and those with Medusa and Thor. We then see Inferno and Lineage show up. I still need to see more of these and the other new characters before I can decided if I want to become invested in their stories and adventures.

The Verdict

There's a lot going on in INHUMAN. We're seeing the Inhumans build a stronger presence for themselves as New Attilan is being developed. Charles Soule is balancing bringing in new characters along with some familiar Inhumans we would expect to see. The pacing between scenes in this issue feels a little frantic as it jumps back and forth in the middle of the action. Ryan Stegman makes his debut on the series and, along with Marte Gracia, it all looks really good. I'm still not 100% sold on delving further into the world of Inhumans but I am definitely intrigued with what is going on.

Posted by joeshock

I haven't read past the first 2 issues but are Black Bolt and Maximus still only in New Avengers? An Inhuman book without them seems like a bad idea.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Seriously these Inhumans comics aren't really that good.

Posted by ZoddGuts

This Inhuman comic isn't worth bragging about. It's been rather mediocre. All the hype for this series had died with the first issue which is surprising because it wasn't any good.

Edited by Boynerdgeek

So Marvel plan to make Inhumans their next big franchise like Guardians of The Galaxy fail after this inhumans comics never get any love like GOTG comics

Posted by StarBrand1

im in love with this book. I really dont get peoples hate.

Posted by J_HickmanIsGod

i think Soule is doing the best any talented writer can with what he has been given.

no black bolt
no maximus

With the restraints Marvel's higher ups has on the writing and plot, Inhumans aint to bad.

i'll keep reading and supporting.

Posted by CTG

The only thing hurting this book is it's inconsistent release schedule. It's incredibly difficult to get invested in anything with huge chunks of time between issues.

Soule is doing great job despite the lack of Black Bolt and Maximus. He's taking the opportunity to elevate Medusa as well as introduce new characters, who thus far have been pretty interesting.

Posted by muskokajoel

Yeah I have been enjoying this book too. Don't understand all the downers. I guess that's the internet. The people that like it aren't out there screaming they like. Unlike the haters. I like the characters thought Lash was cool, and Readers powers a wicked. Pacing is a little off but all in all good book. Will continue to purchase.

Posted by Teerack

The art in this is so good. I LOVE Medusa in this series. At first I thought this book was meh, but now I'm starting to love it.