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Infinity: The Hunt #1 - The Hunt Review


Because there's so many new and young super-powered kids attended schools and academies, it's decided they should compete in friendly competitions.

The Good

Despite the current AVENGERS ARENA, the idea of so many different superhero schools existing in the Marvel Universe hasn't really been explored. It's decided by Hank Pym, Wolverine and others that these kids should compete against each other in order to build some camaraderie amongst each other. Learning to use their abilities against different opponents and under supervised situations is a great way to ensure their learning and survival. This idea acknowledges the different characters and academies and creates a possible fun atmosphere that AVENGERS ARENA does not contain.

This book opens up the mixing of different characters that likely wouldn't never meet up in their current titles. The idea of friendly competition is even appealing compared to some of the unfortunate deaths we've seen some of the younger characters go through. Even if you are not familiar with all the characters here, and we do see some new ones, you will find out who they are and what their abilities are.

Steven Sanders has the task of depicting all these different characters, each normally drawn by other artists, and fit them in here. The newer characters need to have their own unique look as well. Seeing the newly redesigned Avengers Academy was fun as well.

The Bad

This book falls a little flat. Many of the characters do not have the right feel. Hank and Logan are much too cheerful, even as Wolverine tries to explain that the kids may not go for Hank's presentation. There seems to be some limitations in characters being used or selected from each school, which felt strange considering the 'games' haven't even started yet.

The characters are each introduced in a way to let new readers know who they are and what they can do. The presentation of this feels a little clunky. It's hard to tell if the descriptions were given to the characters watching or were done that way for readers.

Perhaps it will become clearer later but I have absolutely no idea why this has INFINITY attached to it. It seems to have nothing to do with that event, aside from the possibility based on the cliffhanger at the end. If that's the case and that situation leads to all the schools banding together, this issue's set up really was unnecessary.

The Verdict

The idea of the younger heroes in the Marvel Universe competing against each other in a friendly fashion had some promise. There is the possibility of some interesting confrontations and clashes with some of the characters present. Unfortunately as a first issue, this does not quite sell the idea of this miniseries. The fact that this is meant to be an INFINITY tie in is pretty much not clear in this first issue. That means the direction from what is set up will be drastically changing, again making it peculiar what we're supposed to get out of this issue. I may still pick up the next issue out of curiosity to see where this might go but I'm not quite sold on this miniseries.

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Thanks again for all the reviews you guys did. It really helps me make decisions. :)

Posted by G-Man

I'd be curious to see what others think.

Staff Online
Posted by Saren

Hated it; checked it out solely because Kindt's name was on the cover, and it wound up being 22 pages of exposition.

Posted by MatKrenz

I flipped through it at the shop and im guessing this series is gonna be like Avengers Arena without the killing. The alien is gonna be impersonating the kids and they'll fight each other. Also the designs for these new students from around the world seemed bland to me, none as cool or evocative as the ones Hopeless and Walker created for Arena.

Edited by BR_Havoc

Matt Kindt is already burnt out and its showing. He writes to many books a month and you can tell what ones are after thoughts first Harley now this I am going to avoid him at all costs.

Posted by Herokiller12344

For a story you gave a 2/5 too, the "GOOD" section seems a bit too large. You know, G, I wouldn't be upset if you decided to thrash on the book.

Posted by Maddpanda531

Aw man...I was really looking forward to this one, too.

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is Infinity an event or the number of titles Marvel is trying to release a month?

Posted by BattheMan008
Posted by LCazT1996

is Infinity an event or the number of titles Marvel is trying to release a month?


Posted by Ando123

I liked this issue, but i felt that something missed.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@g_man: more low ratings than usual. I LIKE it!

Posted by Noteworthington

There were some good parts and bad, so flat is what I would call it as well. Some dialogue was good, if only because it was in character ( The Moloids ) and I'm left just a bit confused about what's exactly going on or why.

That said, it looks like it fits in to continuity with the Destruction of Atlantis being depicted at the end, the mention of where other characters are atm, and so forth.

I'm happy to see Meggan though, so I'll take that as a positive sign for the series and for the future!

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Honestly, Avengers Arena is the big elephant in the room.

I mean, how could they put on these smiles when so many kids are dying? Hell, even Striker seemed unfazed that he and Finesse are the only Academy kids there!

Avengers Arena has done something more than killed my favorite characters, it permanently destroyed my enjoyment of teenage Marvel Heroes. And that depresses me to no end.

Posted by bladewolf

is Infinity an event or the number of titles Marvel is trying to release a month?


Posted by akbogert

I am just a little nonplussed that the company that is publishing a book which suggested there were "too many young heroes" in Marvel's stables decided to create NEW ones despite the fact that they could easily have done a book like this entirely with existing ones.

There's no excuse whatsoever for that, and the response I've seen across the web to the lackluster nature of the newbies doesn't help their case at all.

Posted by Ashr

I skimmed through this title during my weekly visit to the comic shop and quickly passed. Thanks for the frank and honest review Tony, it's appreciated.

Posted by Billy Batson

@br_havoc said:

Matt Kindt is already burnt out and its showing. He writes to many books a month and you can tell what ones are after thoughts first Harley now this I am going to avoid him at all costs.

He just burned himself in this month. He's a great writer otherwise.


Posted by The_Titan_Lord

It's not that great of an issue. But who knows hopefully the next issue won't be the same as this.

Posted by kid Apollo

which schools are highlighted?

obviously Avengers Academy and im assuming the JG institute and maybe the Braddock Academy. Any others?

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My main problem with this was the fact that the moloids were the only ones who had any clue that something was going on, right up until everyone decided to look out the window. You would think that by the time things had gotten to that point, someone would've contacted Ant-Man or She-Hulk, let alone Wolverine. Also, I really don't see how this fits in with the other titles, since it's been shown in at least two books that Wolverine and his students were all at the Jean Grey school when it got attacked.

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@cafeterialoca: Try reading it again and paying more attention this time. They mention a couple of times that there are a lot of truancies. From their point of view, the kids just haven't been turning up to school, a pretty common thing in all schools. What is a little strange is that there are still a load of other students that could be there but aren't. They're not all with Arcade.

Posted by nappystr8

Okay, first of all, anyone who has read Avengers Academy knows that they have already interacted with the Jean Grey School on multiple occasions. So that's a really weak pitch (even if you add in the Future Foundation). Second of all, how is Avengers Academy still a thing? Pretty much everybody but Striker are off in there own little sectors of the 616. there's no tie in to Infinity at all? Fourth, why is it called The Hunt?

Matt Kindt's not having a good week.

Posted by Perfect 10

great issue, a four stars for me. meggan is back!! and love that we are getting to see all these other schools that have been only hinted at before

Edited by Perfect 10

@nappystr8: its still a thing because you dont close a school down just cause some students left. at the end of the series a bunch of new students joined and they are still on the look out for new students as well.there is katie power, striker, finese, and that kid from the x-terminators to new a few. there were also others whom names i dont know. when avengers arena ends some if not all of those will go to back to their schools and most are from avengers academy. i only remember one occasion when they met up with the jean grey school for a football game so this will be their second meeting.

Posted by Jimmie_Hudson_

which schools are highlighted?

obviously Avengers Academy and im assuming the JG institute and maybe the Braddock Academy. Any others?

future foundation, a wakandan school, and a school in asia. i do not know their names

Edited by Praetor_fenix

Totaly unnecesary, boring and full with out of character moments, the only thing i liked on the whole issue was Quentin Quire's noose tie, that's the only real highlight of the issue...