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Indestructible Hulk #15 - Agent of T.I.M.E., Part Five Review


The Chronarchists have messed with Hulk's origin and now Hulk Squared is on the loose. Good luck with that, Banner.

The Good

"Agent of T.I.M.E." has been an absolute blast, but this finale mostly casts aside the big action/adventure and puts a strong focus on Banner's mentality. By now, it should come as no surprise that Mark Waid's a fantastic writer and, as always, the script is mostly sharp and engaging. The turn of events may not have the same joyous and wacky atmosphere as the previous issues, but it's still a pretty intriguing ride as Banner's problem solving abilities are put to the test. As one story ends, Waid of course traps our interest by throwing us a teaser for what's to come. And, in true Hulk fashion, there's a strength feat in here which is sure to please fans.

Waid's script presents a lot of hectic moments and Kim Jacinto is able to do them proper justice. I still think some of the facial features on humans tend to be a bit too bold or jagged, but, with Val Staples and Lee Loughridge's coloring, the panels are full of energy. Even though he doesn't do all that much, Hulk Squared is ridiculously scary thanks to their visuals -- it's definitely a character you'd never want to see in real life. Simply put: it's an awesomely vivid book.

The Bad

After so many thrilling issues in a row, it's tough not to feel letdown with this finale. Time travel stories can often turn into a total mess and attempt to over complicate matters, and to some degree, we're hit with that feeling in this final chapter. Up until this issue, Waid successfully dodged that bullet and the crazy events taking place weren't overwhelming -- they were fun. Seeing as this issue introduced Hulk Squared, it's shocking there wasn't an overly exciting action scene to compliment Banner using his brains (mostly) to solve the dilemma. Instead, we have Banner literally shoving a Chronarchist. These foes have been the product of some fun moments, but they've been so easy to write off and the villains have been the weak point in this book. Now having Banner able to contest with one physically and even take a punch really doesn't help make them feel like intimidating fiends, either. Also, I'm not the only one who's feeling mostly clueless about what happened with them, right?

Hulk Squared was such a cool concept, and seeing as we had Gladiator Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom in the last issue, can you really blame me for wanting more from that character? He received so much praise in captions, but then his actual display of power was basically knocking around a few troops and vehicles. Needless to say, it doesn't stack up to what Waid has shown us in previous issues.

Lastly, Banner has an epiphany when everything begins to hit the fan and makes a very drastic decision. We're all human and he's absolutely earned the right to have selfish desires and dreams, but given all that he's endured and experienced over the years, I couldn't help but feel like this was also out of character for him.

The Verdict

Using a time travel story to dive into Hulk's origin holds the potential for retcons and big changes, but thankfully, Waid moves the Green Goliath through the complex experience without implementing any lasting alterations. Instead, he uses this finale as an opportunity to open the door to his next story. Ultimately, though, the excitement this arc has offered is toned down in this issue and this winds up being an alright end to a very wild and out there story. Despite not being head over heels with this conclusion, this storyline is still well-worth reading.

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Mr Waid (the best writer ever) got a 3 star review??? This is like when Lisa Simpsons teacher gave her a B on her report card.

Posted by Kerrigan

I've loved Waid on Hulk. Really do feel both Marvel and DC have long since overplayed both their altering time and their alternate reality cards, though.

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I absolutely agree with everything you just said. My main problem is that if Waid didn't plan on using the new Hulk, why create him in the first place? I mean, didn't Waid realize that bringing in this character would most likely have fans jumping with excitement for some cool actions scenes? While I like an interesting story as much as the next guy, there are some specific moments where there has to be action. THIS was one of these moments. Waid had so much potential in his hands that he could have DONE anything. But instead we got and underdeveloped, weak, uninteresting villain and a wasted potential. Why not have Khotto bring in some reinforcements? or Why didn't Khotto get amped from the Gamma radiation? Why couldn't we have a HULK VS HULK fight? The last Chronarchist can control time, how hard was it to do something useful with it? Also since when was Banner ever this selfish? He has always been a selfless hero who struggled to maintain control, and while he had been happy to rid himself of The Hulk, he would NEVER, EVER put his personal desires above the well-being of others, that was simply out of character. The issue was fun and it was great seeing hulk break through the time barrier once again (He last did it 50 years ago), which gives me hope that we'll see more of hulk smashing in the future. But that doesn't change that this was very disappointing, even the cover says "Time To Smash" so it really upset me that there was barely any hulk action.

Also, how the hell were Khotto and Zarrko defeated? They seemed to have just vanished into thin air.


Posted by mtrakos
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@mtrakos: Brubaker was the name of lisa's teacher?? Thanks, I didn't know that!

Posted by moviegeek17

@mtrakos said:

@lifeboy: ahem thats Brubaker

I'm assuming you meant brubaker and if that's the case I shall second that!

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Posted by MideonNViscera

I tweeted Waid last week wondering why the Hulk can now survive the gamma bomb, when it's what killed the Maestro. Still wondering.

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i don't know about review but i liked it. i didn't understand some things but still it was enjoyable but the most delightful thing was. hulk punching threw time stream. Man that was one hell of a feat

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I somewhat agree with the review but I have it a 4 on comixology. I would've liked to see Hulk Squared more but seeing Bruce assert himself and tell Gen. Ross off and Hulk pulling a SBP and punching through Time made up for it.

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@mideonnviscera: I believe it was because Maestro was sent to the center of the blast while Hulk was in the exact same spot he was when he came into being.

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@grimoire said:

@mideonnviscera: I believe it was because Maestro was sent to the center of the blast while Hulk was in the exact same spot he was when he came into being.

Totally ridiculous, but an explanation nonetheless. I'll take it.

Posted by secretstuff9000

I phking hate Mark Waid's take on the Hulk! Please bring back Pak!