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Indestructible Hulk #12 - Agent of T.I.M.E., Part Two Review


Hulk is in the wild west. With dinosaurs. Need I say more?

The Good

Sometimes covers are incredibly misleading and the story within doesn't deliver on the excitement captured on the front. INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #12 isn't one of those issues at all. The latest chapter from Mark Waid quite literally tells you everything you need to know about this comic before flipping to the front page. Hulk? Check. Dinosaurs? Check. Cowboys? Check. A lot of ridiculous fun? One massive check. Okay, maybe Hulk doesn't ride a T-Rex like a boss, but he does slug one in the face. Close enough, yes?

Waid has been impressively consistent with this book, delivering sharp, concise and over the top entertainment in every single issue. The previous team-up with Daredevil was far more grounded in its premise yet still reached for the stars in terms of sheer amusement. Now, Waid gets to have some completely wacky fun messing around with time jumping and the end result is every bit as cheerworthy as you'd hope. Sure, you could probably question why people in the past wouldn't just run away from or shoot at a floating and talking robot and a giant green goliath, but come on, you've read the premise of the story, right? It's over the top fun and Waid totally brings the goods in that regard. The course of events is totally absurd and out there, but in Waid's capable hands, he's able to make it so great. Yes, the villain is handled in a rather simple fashion, but everything plays out in such an enthralling and exciting manner that I just can't find it in myself to hold it against the issue at all.

Truth be told, this ridiculous ordeal wouldn't be nearly as fun without the incredibly talented Matteo Scalera and Val Staples. The duo brings so much vitality to every page. Scalera's pencils are filled with intensity and are always delightfully animated. Meanwhile, Staples continues to do a more than thorough job with the colors. This time around there's a lot to play with as we're hit with numerous muzzle flashes and all kinds of energetic and vivid effects surrounding the time travel devices. I'll be blunt: it's an awesome looking book.

The Bad

The three cowboys were shot and then totally fine?

The Verdict

Somehow, Waid simplifies the complexities of time travel and spins it into one insanely good time. The man has been absolutely killing it with this book's script and Scalera and Staples are more than able to breathe an overwhelming amount of life into the crazy scenarios thrown their way. You're reading Marvel wrong if this book isn't on your pull list.

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Posted by jwalser3

Hulk is in the wild west. With dinosaurs.


I don't even like Hulk and this looks awesome!

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Excellent issue, excellent art, the cover is epic!

Posted by HollowPrince65

I'm actually surprised by how much I loved this issue. I read the solicits a while back and was scratching my head a bit, but now I really dig it. I'm convinced Mark Waid can do no wrong.

Edited by Cap10nate

So I was reading this story thinking that it all seemed too familiar before I remembered that the Avengers went back in time to the same year (1873) old West in Avengers Forever where Kang released dinosaurs in Tombstone and the same three cowboy heroes were in it. Looking at the footnotes of the Avengers Forever collection, it says that the original story of that happening was in Avengers 142-3.

It's neat that Waid is referencing the story but showing that time is messed up by changing it some with the different villain as opposed to Kang.

Posted by kid Apollo

i love this series

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Nice I'll read this up later.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Nice. I'll read it up later.

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Posted by m0r053

that right there is some good cover art, even if the scene isn't portrayed in the comic

Posted by Om1kron

this book is so damn good. I was going to drop it as soon as the artist changes every story arc came. But the writing and story have been ON POINT and I really like the direction of the book. It feels like an acid trip version of the tv show where everything is in continuity but on a whole nutha leva