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Hulk #4 - Who Shot the Hulk Part 4 Review


Can Tony Stark save Bruce Banner's mind or is it damaged beyond repair?

The Good

It's clear Hulk is outclassed by this new version of his longtime foe, the Abomination, but when his friends are in danger, you can bet the titan will rise to the occasion to take on any obstacle. Mark Waid hit us with an exciting cliffhanger in the last issue and I'm happy to report it's given a fairly awesome follow-up. Mark Bagley (pencils), Andrew Hennessy (inks), and Jason Keith (colors) create a splash page that's sure to make most Hulk fans cheer -- I know I sure did. It's a great compliment to the last issue's final page, and the rest of the madness and destruction is where this visual team really shines. They do a proper job letting us know how vicious and chaotic a fight between these characters should be. The panels are never laid out in a creative way, but the fight never feels static and flows well from hit to hit. It's impactful and downright brutal in a few moments. Truthfully, there's some panels which feel a little rushed compared to the rest (mostly when there's several characters involved in a mid-shot), but the visuals are consistent for the most part and I'm an especially big fan of how the hero in San Francisco is brought to life.

It's a shame this is Waid's final issue, but he leaves us with a cliffhanger that's loaded with potential and will set the narrative in a whole new direction. It may not make your jaw smack the floor or leave you speechless, but it's a development that should most definitely have you speculating what'll come next. It's a bummer he won't be around to see it through, but Gerry Duggan's a talented writer and it's my understanding the two discussed the upcoming story.

Not a negative or positive but worth noting: just like with the last issue, the cover does not represent what occurs in this issue. So, if you're picking this up just because you think the Green Goliath will battle the Avengers, I feel obligated to let you know that doesn't happen. But hey, at least it's a pretty exciting cover, right?

The Bad

There's been a fair amount of build-up with this plot and this seems like a pretty abrupt resolution. It almost feels like the dilemma with Abomination is swiftly resolved in order to move on to the twist for the next big plot. While I'm obviously excited to see what happens next, this gave us no real sense of closure with the villain's side of things or even boosted our interest in his role.

Personal gripe: I know this new Abomination is a powerhouse, but part of me really wanted to see Hulk step up a little more instead of just seeing more of him getting absolutely demolished. Sure, he gets two hits in, but then it's back to the status quo of him getting smacked around. After seeing him beaten over and over, watching him take the edge a little longer would have been a great dose of fan service.

Very Minor gripes: Considering there's a pretty detailed recap page, it's a little disappointing the very first page feels like it's there just for new readers. Considering I've been reading Waid's Hulk since the first issue of INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, this felt redundant and I'm a little surprised they couldn't just added this part in the recap page. Also, as someone who's very behind with the current volume of IRON MAN, it was a little jarring as we jumped to Tony's world and supporting cast.

The Verdict

Waid leaves Hulk's world on a note that's both exciting and intriguing. The brawl is swift yet riveting and the second half of the book opens the door to unlimited possibilities. Basically, this issue's a double-edged sword. It's a shame Waid's saying goodbye to Banner, but he's leaving on a note that's fun and paves a new and legitimately attention-grabbing path for the title. Thanks for the good times, Waid. Duggan, you're up!

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Posted by Maddpanda531

Should I read Indestrucdible Hulk before reading this new series or can I just jump in?

Posted by k4tzm4n

Should I read Indestrucdible Hulk before reading this new series or can I just jump in?

The next issue will put the book in a whole new direction, so if you're looking to save money, I'd say just jump on when #5 drops.

Staff Online
Posted by The_Kid_Lantern

Poor Sunspot, picked the wrong time to be an Avenger on that cover LOL. Should've just brought in the Human Torch instead of putting two similar characters like Sunfire and Sunspot on the Uncanny Avengers and Avengers respectively...


Posted by GraniteSoldier

I've been a fan of Waids Hulk since Indestructible, and although his hasn't been a full of action and unfathomable strength some other Hulk writers have had, I've enjoyed it. Hopefully Duggan amps up the action but keeps a good focus on Banner asa character.

Posted by Fabled

I'm still trying to understand how Abomination emitting gamma radiation is making Hulk weaker...

Posted by dagmar_merrill

This was okay.

Posted by Maddpanda531
Edited by 8008S

Wait, so, the arc finished without revealing the identity of the would-be killer/s? Isn't that a bit anti-climactic?

Posted by WarlordEternal

@fabled: I would assume that he is not only emitting it but also draining things of radiation around him.

Edited by Fabled

@warlordeternal: how do you emit and absorb at the same time? wouldn't they cancel each other?

Posted by rinzler44

I just got number one of this series, I guess I am late to the party. I understand that the writer will not write anymore but will this series continue ?

Posted by WarlordEternal
Posted by k4tzm4n

I just got number one of this series, I guess I am late to the party. I understand that the writer will not write anymore but will this series continue ?

Yes, it will. Gerry Duggan will take over starting with the next issue.

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Edited by rinzler44

Thank you K4tzm4n I am looking forward to see where this series goes.