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Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 - Hawkeye vs Deadpool vs Crime #1 Review


Two knuckleheads in one book. Who knows what to expect?

The Good

Hawkeye and Deadpool. Both can be considered heroes, of sorts. Both can be a little clueless at times. They also manage to get the job done when it comes to dealing with the bad guys. In a collision of two worlds, Gerry Duggan seamlessly combines the two characters' worlds. It's Halloween and through a series of events, they meet up and eventually try saving the same person. This brings them up against a foe bigger than they might have imagined.

As with both series, HAWKEYE and DEADPOOL, we see the characters as actual people Duggan naturally captures the feel of both series with plenty of humor and action. Obviously he's had a bit of practice with Deadpool but Hawkeye's portrayal does fit in with what we've seen recently in his own series (living in his apartment building, losing his hearing, etc).

Matteo Lolli's art is interesting for this issue. With colors by Christiane Peter, we get a pretty detailed story. You'll want to take the time to look closely at each panel. As it's Halloween, there's a lot going on in the backgrounds. Even the art feels like a combination of both characters' series. There are moments of light-heartedness, as in HAWKEYE, along with some more straightforward action, as in DEADPOOL.

The Bad

The story gets a little wacky at times. It's to be expected but when there's moments such as Deadpool and Hawkeye talking to police detectives, you start to feel the story going in a more serious route despite the fact that Deadpool is involved, trying to expel bullets from his body. It's almost a strange combination but it can be easily overlooked because of the fun you'll have reading it. The combining of the two worlds worked nicely for their first encounter but the way they're both pulled into the main action felt a little too convenient.

At no real fault of this book, I wasn't really clear where this fits in with the recent events in SECRET AVENGERS #7, which featured both Hawkeye and Deadpool.

The Verdict

Hawkeye and Deadpool both have successful and humorous comic series. Combining the two is a no-brainer. Gerry Duggan does a great job bringing the two characters into the same story and brilliantly executes comedy and action, as we've seen many many times in DEADPOOL. The art by Matteo Lolli and colors by Christiane Peter also combines the feel of an action-filled and comedic comic book. These two are both loose canons and having them on the same case is a dangerous idea. If you want a story filled with mystery, action, and humor, you won't want to miss this.

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Posted by micah

Reading it tomorrow.

Posted by BlazingNova

This was a fun read. Having just read Deadpool Merc with a Mouth and Hawkeye being one of the favorite ongoing, this was the perfect pairing. Also, nice to see that they are incorporating elements of each character's books (Deadpool's daugther and Hawkeye hearing problems).

Posted by Maddpanda531

I really wanted to get this, but getting yet another $4.99 title this week just isn't something I could afford.

Posted by thenexusrebound

Is it just me or did Preston gain a kid and her son's name change? Other then that this was a lot of fun to read. I love the ASL aspect so much.

Edited by Fenderxx

This was very fun, i love deadpool but skip alot of the side books , this is worth reading , in my opinion.

Posted by Krypton-115

That cover is amazing, but where does the VS. part come in. If Hawkeye and the Pool are both trying to save the game person, why fight?

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

Have not read it uet but will tomorrow these DP VS books are so fun!!

Edited by J_HickmanIsGod

read it late last night.

amazing. definitely agree with the 4/5 stars. the humor parts came so naturally and the cliffhanger was enough to follow thru to the next issue.

cant wait!

Posted by StarBrand1

hope its better than dp vs xforce

Posted by SuperiorBeast

Adored this issue. Specifically the magic Mike joke.

Posted by Hayden86

I really enjoy the cover and it's a fun read. Can't wait for the next issue. Hawkeye would buy fun size...

Posted by The_Titan_Lord

Sweet issue.