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Hawkeye #6 - Six Days in the Life Of Review


It's time for some holiday cheer but with the way Hawkeye's luck been lately, he'll be lucky if he survives.

The Good

Once in a while you come across a comic issue that you can't wait to read again. HAWKEYE #6 is one of those issues. There are different sorts of comics that are worthy of immediately being read over again. Sometimes they're big on action and other times they have crazy unbelievable events. This issue is pure fun and excitement.

David Aja returns to join Matt Fraction in an issue taking place during the holiday season. Fraction takes the likable character of Hawkeye and makes you like him even more. The way Clint is depicted here is not the same as how we see him in other Avengers series. He doesn't have superpowers and we get to see what life is like outside of the Avengers. You would think that when he fights along side heroes like Thor or Iron Man you would get a sense of how human he is but it's this series were the little details can play a bigger role over any guest appearances by other characters.

What sets this issue apart from the others is it's more of a day-in-the-life look at Clint's activities only taking place over six days. Don't get the wrong idea. While we do see Clint dealing with some things in his living room, there is plenty of action with the Avengers and...others we get to see. What makes this series stand out is the dialogue and humor Fraction excels at. He manages to sprinkle in tiny subtle bits of humor that will make you crack up. We get some almost absurd moments that fits in perfectly with who Clint is and should be.

David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth bring it all to life. Whether it's Hawkeye fighting agents of AIM or having a rooftop barbecue with his neighbors, the art, layouts and colors truly enhances the little corner of the Marvel Universe Fraction has created.

Fraction also chooses an interesting way in telling the story over the six days. That alone should give you another reason to re-read the issue almost like if you've watched the movie Memento more than once. Fraction doesn't tell the story in that fashion but he chooses to avoid a strictly linear way to tell it.

The Bad

This issue was just pure fun. Nothing to complain about.

The Verdict

HAWKEYE has quickly become one of my top favorite series. Matt Fraction and David Aja deliver a comic about an Avenger that clearly stands apart from the numerous Avengers-related series. Fraction can take simple ideas, mix them into Hawkeye's world and make it a hilarious treat. David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth do their part to make the issue a feast for your eyes. This isn't the typical Marvel superhero/Avengers comic. That's a great thing. It's a combination of humor, action, suspense and pure entertainment that makes me look forward to each and every issue.

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

God dammit. Every Hawkeye review I read makes me want to pick them up. Nice I must say. Aja's art is a big plus.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Hawkeye has to be one of my favorite series of 2012. Can't wait to read this on Wed.

Posted by Almighty1Azel
@haydenclaireheroes said:

Hawkeye has to be one of my favorite series of 2012. Can't wait to read this on Wed.

i agree, this series is one of the tops of my pull list...  
Posted by Video_Martian

I haven't been able to read this yet :(

Posted by judasnixon

Yo who's the dick who already gave this book a half a star?

Posted by zackattack529

Hawkeye has definitley been a surprisingly good series.

Unfortunately im going to have to drop this series after this issue.

It's been great fun ride the past 5 issues, but my pull list is just getting to full and Image has been putting out great stuff left and right and i want to narrow down my pull and seeing how this series really doesn't have direction other than great individual issues.

Ther is just too many events within DC and Marvel that my pull list gets cramped, which is why im trying to adjust to more Image comics and finding a balance between all comic companies better comics.

I will eventually come back to Hawkeye if the creative team is still here

I wish Matt and David the best with this series and cannot wait to read issue 6 :)

Posted by RoastedRay

Hawkguy is my favorite comic out right now. Simply superb!

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

One of my favorite books to read. Matt Fraction is doing an awesome job and has definitely made me like Hawkeye that much more and he's already one of my favorites.

Posted by Mucklefluga

@judasnixon said:

Yo who's the dick who already gave this book a half a star?

Avengers #2 has 3 votes and a 0.5 rating too!!??

Posted by Mucklefluga

When's the first trade out?

Posted by Billy Batson

@Mucklefluga said:

When's the first trade out?

March 13.

Posted by Mucklefluga

@Billy Batson said:

@Mucklefluga said:

When's the first trade out?

March 13.

Cheers :)

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Wednesday can't get here fast enough.

Posted by Brazen_Intellect

The plots are somewhat weak, but it is a fun book to read. Hawkeye is proving to be a much better fit for Fraction that X-Men or Iron Man were. Kate Bishop makes this book just as much as Clint, it's nice she is not simply being used as the generic sidekick.

Posted by derf_jenkins

My friend talked me into adding this to my pull a few weeks before the first issue. He said it was going to be great and I would not regret it. It is almost like he travelled into the future and read all these issues. I was a skeptic even after reading a couple issues, but I'm completely on board now. I have read many comics over the years and I may end up saying this one is near the top of my all time fave runs.

Posted by HollowPrince665

I love this series. Been a fan since it started. Its funny, action packed, and over all entertaining. I love the art and story. I can only hope that things get even better n.n

Posted by skyjumpermike

@Mucklefluga: just some haters...

Edited by skyjumpermike

I just picked up this issue and was able to grab issue 3 as well. I wish I had jumped on board from the get-go. This comic is fantastic! I think it is hilarious and beautifully illustrated... so unique! Hawkguy is futzing awesome bro.

Posted by Gritterr

This is an exceptional series. Hard to put into words how amazing this book is

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

"Hey Hawkguy!"

"Hawk? Guy?"

"Yeah Hawkguy..."

"We! Are! We are the ninety-nine percent! We! Are!"

"No you're not. Shut up! Gahhd!

This comic was awesome and one of my favorite so far in the series. I love how it's always about a day in his life rather than him fighting super-villains with the Avengers. His problems with setting up his DVR. Matt Fraction has an amazing run on one of if not my favorite comic out now.

Posted by ivolution2k1

just read it bro was good bro 5 out futzing 5 bro

Posted by caen2911

Another review by the G-Man that caters to a middle school reading level. Simple observations, repetitive opinions, virtually no critical analysis of story, art, themes, relationships, or character. Just, ME LIKE IT. Aaaand, paycheck. Essays can be (and have been) written about this Hawkeye series. And yet what passes for a review on a "major" comics site is essentially the newspaper version, a 6th grade reading level. Is it what you're going for? Lowest common denominator?

Basic information about anything comics is commonplace now. To (try to) position yourself as an important outlet for coverage of said medium is to take a stance and have firm opinions. Love it, hate it. But TALK about it. That's what fans want. They want to find that processing plant where ideas and theories and gossip gets turned through the grinders and some sort of truth comes out. Some sage-like intelligence greets them and guides them along the path of enlightenment and what these comics are trying to BE.

In this review there is no mention of how the opening action scene AMAZINGLY mimics the classic X-MEN beat-em-up, the clever diagrams of AV connections (vs. the real world tangles), or the straightaway apartment scene set-ups that Aja is just blasting us with and work so well to compliment the simple (on the surface) life that Clint is living. All the minimalism that's going on, juxtaposed with how precise Clint is normally (him flipping open the knife, with the lines needlessly telling you the action is a great example), makes him still that super hero-minded guy but doing normal things, and that' the hook. The complexity of his life as a normal person a super hero is downplayed into this minimal viewpoint and makes him real as just a human being. Which he is.

These overly simple reviews avoid spoilers, sure, but you can analyze a good comic page after page without spoiling the dumb cliff-hanger. Like the ending to this comic was very ambiguous, sort of, but no mention. That page of Clint in front of the building with his bow was awesome for so many reasons. No mention in this review.

Posted by skyjumpermike

@caen2911: you like to complain huh?

Posted by Gambit1024

Issue 6 is my favorite book of the month. Fraction and I have never gotten along, but this issue was damned amazing. I'll be getting this monthly after this issue.

Hawkguy and the bro mafia rule.

Posted by Reignmaker

My god, I love this series. And I only started picking up Marvel with the whole "NOW" bit happening.