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Hawkeye #2 - The Vagabond Code Review


Why settle for one archer in this comic when you can have two? Hawkeye teams up with Kate Bishop to take on thieves.

The Good

There's so much I love about this comic. I've always rooted for Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe and it's great seeing him in his own comic once again. This isn't a Hawkeye comic like any other. A large part of that is obviously due to Matt Fraction's direction on the series. Even though he's so implanted in the rest of the Marvel Universe and Avengers, this title has such a separate feel. And that's a great thing.

Seeing Clint and Kate together in a teacher/mentor role is wonderful. She has more than proven herself in the field and as co-leader of the Young Avengers. There is a reason for her to be here besides the fact that they both use bow and arrows. This adds another layer to the book.

We also have Clint not in his actual costume. I'm a fan of the original even though it's not a very practical look. I am warming up to his newer one and dug the touch of purple we saw last issue. David Aja's art and Matt Hollingsworth's colors give this comic such a distinct feel. I wouldn't think a comic with so much purple could look so nice. You get sucked into this world and it's so easy to forget about every other Marvel comic while you're reading.

Of course the many times Fraction sprinkles in his subtle humor make it so much better. It's to the point where I now don't want to see anyone else write the character.

The Bad

Even though Clint and Kate face a bigger threat in this issue compared to the first, surprisingly I enjoyed the fight against the evil landlord over those here. I can't quite place my finger on it exactly. I think it was the overall vibe and tone of the first issue really blew me away. Because of that, I had high expectations for this issue. This is still one of my favorite new series. There are definite repercussions from this issue waiting to happen. Maybe we just need an appearance by a character that was absent here.

You also get a tiny sense of trouble that hopefully Clint will be able to steer clear of.

The Verdict

I've never loved purple as much as I do when I read an issue of HAWKEYE. Matt Fraction and David Aja (with Matt Hollingsworth) have created a great little corner of the Marvel Universe for Clint to hang out in. Having Kate Bishop appear is a great mix and adds a different dynamic. I wasn't completely thrilled with the 'villains' in this issue but I definitely welcome the repercussions that will result from this fiasco.

With this creative team, I feel I could read this comic all day. But I won't actually attempt that until there's more than two issues, of course. Now the bad part is having to wait another month until the next issue.

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Posted by kingjoeg

Loving this series, would recomend it to anybody. What's suprising is that I never like Matt Fraction except when he's teamed up with Aja.

Posted by RedQueen

Yes! Kate Bishop :D Definitely picking this up, that last issue was excellent.

Posted by garlyle

This is going to be such a petty nitpick of a comment, but the "bad" of this review was just that; a petty nitpick. It's troubling to see so many reviewers, not just here either, take off points and justify their decision because "something wasn't right". By all means, share with us your feelings, but don't subtract off the rating because of some indistinguishable feeling that you aren't even able to put into words. Rant over.

Posted by G-Man

@garlyle: Okay. I loved the first issue. I gave it a 5. I didn't love this one but really liked it. It got a 4. I didn't like the circus villains. Who Clint and Kate fight is sort of the main part of the book. So if I didn't like that battle, you would still expect me to rate it higher?

Posted by CombatSpoon86

It's been awhile since I've been excited for a Matt Fraction book. Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

The comic shop ran out of HAWKEYE #2.

Posted by feargalr

Great issue, I actually thought it was better than the first

Posted by sora_thekey

I loved the first issue... but because it was a standalone story I figured the second might not be good. It's good to read Tony's review and know it is a solid new series.

Can't wait to read it!!!

Posted by daredevil21134

I think it was much better then the first issue,but Clint needs to stop getting his butt kicked

Posted by G-Man

@daredevil21134: That's part of the charm. He doesn't have superpowers. It's sort like Daniel Craig as the current James Bond. He takes a helluva beating but is able to equally dish it out. Seeing Clint with a bunch of bandaids was great.

Posted by daredevil21134

@G-Man said:

@daredevil21134: That's part of the charm. He doesn't have superpowers. It's sort like Daniel Craig as the current James Bond. He takes a helluva beating but is able to equally dish it out. Seeing Clint with a bunch of bandaids was great.

I'm gonna have to disagree with ya on that.I read Hawkeye and Mockingbird and Clint Barton was still fun and charming without getting the snot kick out of him by normal street punks.Somebody who has been trained by Captain America shouldn't be getting beat up by normal street thugs

Posted by longbowhunter

AHHH!!!! I love this book soooo much!!!! This was a perfect issue. Two Hawkeyes for the price of one. Kate Bishop owned in this issue. I can't even form full thoughts. Bye

Posted by BushidoBlack

This was much better than the first issue. Easily one of the best new series coming out of Marvel and DC.

Posted by sparty-dbq

This book almost feels kinda like a Wes Anderson movie: It's stylish as hell, but sometimes it's hard to tell what people are trying to say. Seriously, what the hell were they talking about in that kitchen scene?!

Posted by Cooke76

This is officially my new favorite book. Realized this about half-way through.

Posted by iLLituracy

I wasn't sure with the first issue, which was a solid issue, but this one really sold me on his solo title with his recent minis and title with Mockingbird being mostly miss.

The art is fantastic.

Posted by Mutie199

This more realistic version of Hawkeye in this book made me like the character. They have done a great job!

Posted by slvr4surfer

Did anyone notice the song recommendations at the end of every issue :-) ? I lauv eet...

Posted by kid Apollo

anyone else think fraction is gonna be the head honcho over at marvel in a few years? i like him as a writer, and even if you don't care for him you have to admit that the dude is everywhere in marvel these days

Posted by Gatman50

I wish more marvel titles would adapt this kind of realistic feel to them. Love it so far

Posted by garlyle

@G-Man: @G-Man:

The way you laid it out for me in your reply, thanks for replying by the way :), makes it clear that your problem was definitively with the villains. Though you hinted at that in the verdict section of your review, you said you "weren't able to place your finger on it exactly". As I said in my comment, that didn't feel like a substantial reason, which prompted my miniature rant. Thanks for clarifying; I loved this issue, and am very excited for the rest of this series.

Posted by NVX4444

I really love this series. It has so much potential

Posted by McKlayn

@NVX4444 said:

I really love this series. It has so much potential

what he said, and Yes I think Faction is getting mighty big in Marvel