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Harvest #1 Review


Doctor Benjamin Dane is a a surgeon who enjoys drugs and alcohol. This leads him into the world of black market organ trafficking.

The Good

I had no idea what to expect while reading this book, and was delightfully surprised to find a book about something I've never read before: black market organ trafficking. With a first issue, you get a lot of set-up, but the opening pages here really set the tone for what the book may be like from here on out. This book is dark and gritty, and deals with an idea we all have heard about but rarely seen in comics.

I love the main character of this book, Doctor Benjamin Dane. The guy is a mess and seems he's about 3 minutes from completely self-destructing. He comes off as a lost cause with an incredible amount of talent. This is a character I'm interested in, and I want to see this guy "rise from the ashes." Writer A.J. Lieberman does a great job of building this character up well, and keeping it feel natural, in this first issue.

The book takes place in Chicago. There's tons of books based on the east and west coasts, and it's nice to see the mid-west get some love.

The art and the writing work so well together here. Artist Colin Lorimer does a wonderful job of keeping each page fresh and unique, while staying in tune with the darker tone of the writing. There's a few highly-detailed, amazing pages that really stand out in this issue, including one of a close up of Benjamin in his scrubs as he bleeds from his mask. It's a haunting picture that will stick with you, in a good way. What a fantastic creative team.

The Bad

A bit of a slow start here. I found myself really trying to piece the puzzle together since I wasn't sure who I was supposed to be following here, but by the end of the issue, I was pleasantly surprised, even though I wasn't entirely sure how this book was going to play out, aside from the prior knowledge in the solicits.

What's going on with these kids in the book? They're real, but at the same time, they're not real? I'm a bit confused here. I wouldn't call this aspect of the book bad, but I want to know more.

The Verdict

I loved this first issue. What a great start to a new series. Image has done it... again, and no, I'm not tired of writing that. I love the story thus far and the mixture of set up and mystery with this world is perfect. Colin Lorimer's art is dar and beautiful and Lieberman's writing is stellar here.

On the small downside, it was a tad hard to follow at first, which can be the case for a lot of new series, and I was a bit confused with a couple characters and their appearances.

Overall, I highly recommend this comic. It's brilliant.

Posted by NuclearLife

Sounds like a fresh new idea, might have to pick this one up

Posted by G-Man

I really liked this title. Lieberman is also the crazy genius that gave us COWBOY NINJA VIKING. Great to see this completely different as was TERM LIFE.

Posted by kerosene

I just can't get tired of all the great new indie books being put out, and this one does not disappoint. Lorimer does an amazing job on this issue, his dark and gritty art really goes great with Libermans dark story about black market organ trafficking. 
I thought the kids were a bit strange, like the ending, what was that all about, hopefully the questions the readers have will be answered in issue two. Solid 4/5.

Posted by Queso6p4

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and this review outlines things very nicely.

@NuclearLife: It's definitely worth it if you can deal with it's darker theme and some of the scenes are pretty intense.

@G-Man: I'll have to look those up. Thanks.

@kerosene: Yeah, the kid part had me scratching my head too.